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  1. Lots of you, like me, are excited to get some of these new games.  While it has taken Al much longer than planned, I want to give some perspective.


    I have helped Al a couple of times at the PRGE.  One time, I helped him assemble boxes and insert the cartridges and manuals into the boxes.  All I can tell you is that to do the kind of job that Al does with this is that it takes a lot of time and patience.  Never mind the cleaning of the shells and programming/soldering of the circuit boards.


    I really appreciate all of Al's efforts as well as CPUWIZ and BATARI for their work to provide the circuit boards!

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  2. I spent some time playing this tonight.  Really nice job!  A couple of things stand out to me:


    1.  In game voice with no game stoppage, hesitation, or slowdown

    2.  Controls are well done for the 5200 w/analog joystick


    If you intend to do a 5200 cart release, you might want to consider implementing difficulty levels, added lives, or some type of game variations.


    Thanks so much for your work on this, it is a great addition to the 5200 library!



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