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  1. Looking awesome...count me in!!!
  2. I especially enjoyed playing Deluxe Invaders...I think this version is much better than the original 5200 version...thanks Paul!!!
  3. Awesome...I will be trying these out later today!
  4. Try the Best paddles with 'super pots': http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/cx30_paddle.htm
  5. Yes, Bob intends to include Pokey sound on the cart!
  6. Paul-thanks for the help...it is great to have these games working on my 5200!!!
  7. Paul-here is my data: L 01, R 90, U 01, D 9A, Center 51 47
  8. I have a similar problem with Laser Hawk as I did with Cavern's 3...I can not move the ship down...tried two different joysticks, so I don't think it is a calibration problem (all other games are fine).
  9. I tried a different controller and still have the same problem, Must be the inter-action between my Atarimax cart and my 5200. I have the same problem with Pole Position.
  10. Anyone else try this on a real 5200? The reason why I ask is that I can not get the ship to move right...only left, up, or down...
  11. Also, see my blog about Caverns here: http://retrogameguy.com/2014/02/16/caverns-of-mars/ I may have to update it to include Caverns 2!
  12. Visited The Final Stage Video Game shop near Concord, NH today & picked up a mint copy of Gravitar!

    1. chas10e


      that place is awesome !!!!

    2. Piggles


      I used to buy from them when they were in Hillsboro. Excellent shop. How much did Gravitar go for and did they have any more?

    3. mmervine


      $7, but it was their last copy...they have several mint 2600 and 7800 games!

  13. I really want to thank CPUWIZ for the development of these boards. I know Bob was concerned as he developed BB that there would not be a board available to release the game on. Now Bob will be able to release BBXM and, hopefully, a small run of a BB "special edition' that will have Pokey sound without an XM. Of course other games, such as Perry's 'Pokey Kong' can also now be available, if the developer chooses. Fantastic job CPUWIZ and many thanks!!!
  14. I downloaded and a have been playing RC7 on Prosystem...this game is destined to become a 7800 classic! Bob, my only comment is that you could shorten up the warning for the laser temp so that it doesn't stay on the screen as long. This is really a nit....awesome game!!!
  15. Bob-just gave this latest build a go on Pro System...looks and plays great!!!
  16. Finally got a chance to download and play this today...really awesome Bob!!! Can't wait for the cart run!
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