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  1. I had a chance to see and play this on real hardware today at the PRGE...way more impressive than on Prosystem. Kevin was there today and was able to show us some of the things he has learned from playing BB and the hidden level. Really awesome work Bob!!!


    BTW, the new cart board is coming along and should be ready soon. Hopefully Curt continues to make good progress on the XM. The test unit ran all day today without any issues!

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  2. I have a couple of nits:


    1. When you kill Crazy Otto in Frenzy, it is hard to understand the voice..can you slow it down slightly?

    2. I still think the highest pitched voice in Berzerk is too high


    I know time is tight and these are minor...that's my only feedback after and hour+ on Prosystem (other than I need a lot of practice)!

  3. Ok, did some testing of the latest A78 this evening. I noticed that there is a problem with the voice in Berzerk when you have cleared all of the robots and exit the maze. Sometimes the voice is slow and low pitched and sometimes it is fast and high pitched (to the point where it is almost incomprehensible). I didn't find any other issues, but I will need to practice to get to the point where I can play for more than a few rounds.


    Anybody else found any issues?

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