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  1. 22 minutes ago, playsoft said:

    Mark, that explains why it's not going right (98 < A4). From the Caverns of Mars 3 topic, Ken used the same thresholds in Beef Drop so you shouldn't be able to go right in that either.


    Ideally you should get 00 for left/up, 72 for centre and E4 for right/down. Not many old controllers will be perfect, but your values are a fair bit out. I think you might need to adjust the POT inside your 5200 console to calibrate the controllers - have you ever done that before?

    Paul-no, I have never tried adjusting the POT

  2. I am going to help Bob and take PayPal payments for these cartridges and then send him a check once they've been collected. However, he'll need to work out the shipping for everyone so we have a total for each person.




    Thanks Al!

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