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  1. Bob-looking forward to seeing the results! I am lucky to still have a non-HD LCD TV, but it would be nice to play on a larger screen!
  2. This is a really cool project, I would definitely want to get one!
  3. mmervine


    I am beginning to wonder if Bob ever sleeps!
  4. I would want one of these as well!
  5. It is really amazing to see how many games have/continue to be developed for the 7800. A big thanks to all of you!!!
  6. mmervine

    Get Lost!

    John -great work...like everyone else, looking forward to the finished product!!!
  7. I continue to be amazed by Pac-man-red and Pacmanplus! Great work guys!!!
  8. Bob-looks like another great game...keeping my eye on the AA store!
  9. I will be keeping an eye out for it in the Atariage store!
  10. Watched the video that you posted on YouTube...really amazing work!
  11. Just getting back into Atari after a long absence...would like to get a copy of Moon Cresta as well!
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