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  1. Mine arrived today. Installed an SD card with some games on it and it worked great. Thanks so much for making this available!!!
  2. Great to see the 5200 getting some new games!
  3. Great work! I would definitely be interested in one from your next batch.
  4. Headed to Funspot today to play DK with Robbie Lakeman!

    1. ClassicGMR


      FUNSPOT!!! My happy place!

    2. mmervine


      Just got back. Got to watch Robbie do a DK 'kill screen' and also met Brian Kuh!

    3. ColecoGamer


      Hope you have fun! I love it there.

  5. Off to see King of Kong and meet Robbie Lakeman!

  6. Mine arrived last week. A special thanks to Phil for making these!
  7. Spent some more time testing RC6 last night...again, no issues...I think you are all set for the release this weekend!
  8. Just spent some time playing RC6...no new bugs...this is a really awesome game!
  9. Just spent some time playing RC5...no new issues for me...other than my wrist hurts!
  10. Just spent some time playing RC4...did not identify any new issues...will try to get some more time in tonight.
  11. Just spent some time playing your latest posted build. Looks and sounds great to me! Will try to give it some more time tomorrow.
  12. Darrell-glad to hear you are ok! I had a chance this week to play the last build that you posted (on my Harmony Cart) and this is an amazing game! I have been watching the coverage on TV and the amount of rain is the Houston area is really incredible. Stay safe!
  13. Looks great...looking forward to getting some of your games!
  14. Nice work...looks great!
  15. That would be an awesome multi-cart!
  16. Thanks...even though it is a 2 player game, I just tried it on my Flashback portable and it seems to work fine with 1 player!
  17. Just picked one up a my local Bed Bath & Beyond with a 20% off coupon. Will build an SD card for it in the next few days. Gave a few of the onboard games a try...this is much cooler than I expected!
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