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  1. I would definitely be interested in a cart!
  2. Just sent payment...looking forward to getting this controller!
  3. I had ordered this game soon after Al made it available in the AtariAge store, but saved it for today. What an awesome game...just enjoyed playing it for about an hour or so! Thanks so much for developing this game Bob!!!
  4. If there is a list...add me...
  5. I am unable to make it this year. I hope everyone that does has a great time. Looking forward to seeing the pictures of the AA booth!
  6. Upon further review, I see what your spreadsheet is indicating...nevermind!
  7. Trebor-Xevious can be played with a 2600 joystick. The button fires both the zapper and blaster at the same time.
  8. Battlezone was last on the FB4. It is my understanding that they lost the license for it as it was not on the FB5 either.
  9. I looked at Dollar General first, but they didn't have any. The Family Dollar unit is the standard 100 games.
  10. Just picked one of these up at Family Dollar today!
  11. Ditto...much appreciated!
  12. Looks great!!! Count me in, if more are available!
  13. Ditto for me...awesome work!
  14. Imagine how long this list would be if not for Bob, Ken, and the other 7800 programmers. It is great to see that 7800 basic is starting to result in several great games being developed!
  15. Looks as awesome as the game!!!
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