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  1. Here you go: http://www.edladdin.com/ Use code 'AtariAge-Gull' to get the $5 Atariage discount
  2. Best has Ballblazers with damaged boxes for as low as $7...not sure how many Brad has left...either of these have the added bonus of getting a cart shell to reuse...
  3. My copy arrived and I saved it for today...justed tested it on my 7800...I know what I will be doing this afternoon!
  4. Bob-I am also willing to pay more for the Pokey version, but I will buy whatever version you put out!
  5. Would love a cart of this and Froggie!
  6. Just picked up an Intellivision Flashback. $30 today at Dollar General!

  7. A Stargate/Defender 7800 combo/Pokey cart would rock! (Pun intended!)
  8. I ended up exchanging my unit as the will it or will it not boot was too fustrating, My replacement unit works great. I also picked up a second one for a friend. I hope that they sell enough that we get a CVFB2 next year with 75 games and improved emulation!
  9. Picked up a CVFB at Dollar General yesterday. At first I had the issue with the screen not loading and I had to turn it on and off a few times to get it to work. After some time, it now appears to be ok, Will spend some more time playing it today...
  10. Wow...I have been looking for one of those for my son in law who lives in Cape Town!
  11. Moon Cresta is a fun, but difficult game...one of my favorites!
  12. It would be really cool if someone made up some manuals!
  13. Kevin-my vote is for the right hand screens.
  14. Almost first on the scene of a horrible accident today. I will spare everyone the details. Be sure to tell your family that you love them and enjoy playing Atari...

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