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  1. OK, I would like to see these go to good use,rather than be recycled. $8 shipped for Desert Falcon or Dark Chambers. PM me, if you are interested. R/mark
  2. Plant Smashers and Fatal Run are sold!
  3. Over the past couple of years, I have bought up collections of 7800 carts to recycle for Al, Bob, CPUWIZ, etc. In the process of doing so, I have some duplicates of a few not so common 7800 carts. Below is the cost of each cart shipped (wrapped in bubble wrap and mailed 1st class in a protective mailer) in the US. If you want a box and Priority Mail, add $3 to these prices. No international shipping for these as they are all NTSC carts. Alien Brigade-$15 Planet Smashers-$15 Fatal Run-$15 Motorpsycho-$10 Dark Chambers-$10 Desert Falcon-$10 For all of these carts, the labels are intact, but they are not perfect. I have tested these carts on my 7800. PM me, if you want any of these. r/mark BTW...I travel almost every week, so shipping will be at the end of the week...when I get home...
  4. Trebor-many thanks...I will try again tomorrow...when I get home!
  5. Has anyone tried Crazy Brix with paddles? My stand alone cart works fine, but I can't seem to get the multi-cart to work with paddles.
  6. Great experience this week for me as well. E-mailed Brad on Monday and had my items on Thursday!
  7. Change the left difficulty switch...that will enable the audio
  8. I have had the good fortune to travel to San Jose and meet Brad in person. He has always been helpful to me as well!
  9. I finally out my thoughts together on this topic...http://retrogameguy.com/2014/07/05/atari-7800-missing-classics/
  10. Just tested this...works well on my 5200...THX!
  11. Glad to see that you got your 7800 working again!!!
  12. My thoughts...http://retrogameguy.com/
  13. The Atarimax cart is $129.95, plus shipping. It is well worth the money as there are a number of 8-bit games that have been converted to run on the 5200. http://www.atarimax.com/5200sd/documentation/index.html
  14. Just tested with my un-modded 7800. The results were the same for SI & MC. CPUWIZ, sorry for the bad luck here...I know Bob, Trebor, REVENG, and yourself worked hard on this effort. Hopefully, this will take some of the edge off of it: Perry made me a copy of Donkey Kong XP with your versaboard. I played it for hours and hours this weekend. That wouldn't have been possible without your efforts! Thanks so much!!!
    1. RickR


      I always enjoy your blog posts. Thanks!

    2. RickR


      PS - I didn't know the CX40 single button works on the 7800 version either. I need to go give that a try.

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