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  1. I have had no issues with any cart on this 7800. I have both the stand alone SI and MC carts and they play flawlessly...
  2. The system that I tested this on is an 'early' 7800 with the Best Electronics AV mod. I am going to test it on my other 7800 (late model, un-modded) tomorrow, but my guess is that some of the EPROMS are suspect. Too bad, of these 8 games SI and MC are my favorites...
  3. Fail Safe and Meteor Shower seem to work ok as well...
  4. Scramble and Pac-Man collection seem ok so far...will continue testing...
  5. Looks like Moon Cresta also has issues and does not play correctly...
  6. My cart arrived today as well...unfortunately, I have the same problem with Space Invaders...crashes after a few minutes of play...bummer!
  7. Bob posted this morning!
  8. Paul-the fixed worked great on my Atarimax cart...thanks!!!
  9. Bob-looks pretty awesome!!!
  10. These are cool...I will have to build a set for my 5200!
  11. Choplifter seems to have the same problem on my cart, but Xevious seems to be ok. Still love this cart!!!
  12. Bob-I picked up a 4 port 5200 at a retro game shop near Concord NH last year. As expected, the controllers were shot, so I bought two from Best Electronics and got the Atarimax SD multicart. It has been great to have all of the recently converted games. Be cool to see your maroon 5200 when you have it all fixed up!
  13. Hard to describe, it just seems a little different. Once you have played for a few minutes, you really don't notice it anymore. I say go ahead and get your paddles!
  14. See my review of the FB4 here: http://retrogameguy.com/2012/11/21/atari-flashback-4-a-review/ In the review, I mention the response of the paddles.
  15. If CPU is unable to make these multi-carts it will be a real bummer...I was really looking forward to these!
  16. I use the Best Electronics light gun for my 7800 light gun games: http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/quickguide.htm
  17. Awesome...I will take one please!
  18. Kevin-awesome...a little work and PP2 could be amazing! Maybe synthpopalooza can do the 'Prepare to Qualify'!
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