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  1. Bob-I picked up a 4 port 5200 at a retro game shop near Concord NH last year. As expected, the controllers were shot, so I bought two from Best Electronics and got the Atarimax SD multicart. It has been great to have all of the recently converted games. Be cool to see your maroon 5200 when you have it all fixed up!

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    The full range is 01 to E4 with a centre around 70 - like ON gets with his Wico. Standard sticks tend not to be as good but have more range than yours.


    I used Kenfused's joystick code in Laser Hawk (it was better than mine) - you need a value of A4 or greater for right/down but you are only getting 90/9A.


    I guess you could try calibrating the 5200 pot or I can send you versions of C3 and LH adjusted for your sticks.


    PM sent!

  3. Plays really well! The original Caverns game was created by high school student Greg Christensen in 1981 as part of the Atari Program Exchange. He took arcade Scramble and made it a vertical shooter. He wrote a sequel that is a clone of Scramble but it wasn't released for years. He wrote a third game called Phobos, Caverns with better graphics, as well. There's an Atari 2600 clone of Caverns called Conquest of Mars.


    Also, see my blog about Caverns here: http://retrogameguy.com/2014/02/16/caverns-of-mars/


    I may have to update it to include Caverns 2!

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