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  1. I bought it for my VCS, it's a great game. By far the best thing in the VCS store.
  2. There really wasn't a 8-bit home computer crash per se there were just several companies trying to compete over the C64's table scraps and Jack Tramiel forcing a price war to further make the competition's life miserable until most all had to eventually give up and liquidate. The Adam did not have a chance at all, It was like a Greyhound bus trying to race a Porsche at Lemans.
  3. We can all think what we want to about the actual worth of something but the reality is that things are worth whatever people are currently willing to pay regardless of the perceived value.
  4. A very insightful reply I think, I have thought about this as well. I think a lot of the stuff on ebay comes from picker idiots raiding storage lockers and estate sales so I think that is actually starting to happen now. Maybe when it comes time, I will dig a giant hole somewhere and bury everything and leave a riddle to its location. 🤔
  5. I've noticed a lot of these crazy prices are put up by the chaos-creating garage sale raiders or what I refer to as "picker idiots". The problem is that some of these people throw some crazy price up to see if it sticks and since so many of us GenX folks are hoarding huge amounts of this stuff in our garages in order to one day open our own fantasy computer museum and the obvious fact so much classic stuff ended up being discarded or recycled, there just is not enough of these items for sale at lower prices in the ebay marketplace to offset these people from setting and in many cases getting these prices. I've seen ebay go from feast to famine with regards to availability of this stuff. When I started collecting 30 years ago, everything was so cheap that I was able to build up a very diverse collection. That's pretty tough to do nowadays both due to high prices and difficulty in just locating the stuff to buy. I remember balking at paying $250 for a Falcon but when I saw them routinely selling for over $500 I figured it was time to stop effing around and pick one up and yes, I was bitching and moaning about paying that much but now they go for what $1500+? I hate to be the one to break the news but the days of easily picking up an Atari 1200XL for $50, on ebay are long gone.
  6. There is no physical cartridge plugged in. I am defining a cartridge based XEX as a game that was originally a cartridge such as Berzerk, Defender, Donkey Kong, Centipede, Missile Command, Star Raiders, etc. I haven't tested everything but those don't work for sure. Some other XEXs do work fine that were not originally cartridges such as Canyon Climber, Salmon Run, Pacific Coast Highway, etc.
  7. When PBI is enabled, it just shows boot error. When disabled I was able to see that it is apparently ignoring the Loader setting for Basic which is disabled and still booting Basic. FJC said the loader setting should override the firmware setting anyway. I was just making a note of the toggle behavior by disabling PBI but that's really not the main issue I am having.
  8. Yes, I am using a XEL-CF adapter. I have Basic disabled in the loader but also disabled PBI and SpartDOS in the firmware and it is indeed booting into Basic. It is also a little strange to me that when I disabled PBI, it disabled the Basic state toggle in firmware and will only allow Default. I have attached an image to show this.
  9. Yes, I have it disabled in both places.
  10. Hello, I am using version 3.10 firmware on my 1088xel. I have set BASIC to disabled in the SIDE loader but I can't load any cartridge-based XEX games. When I select them, either I get a blue screen with the cursor in the upper left corner on some games and garbage on others. Other non-cartridge games load and run fine. I have tried disabling basic in the firmware, tried with and without 8k cart rom enabled, with and without SpartaDOS enabled. It seems almost like the basic cartridge is still enabled even though it is disabled in both setup menus. I have had this issue before and somehow got it to work but now it isn't working again. Any ideas? Thanks
  11. Has anybody posted this on the Intellivision forum?
  12. I'd be up for both a left and a right version.
  13. Oh OK, totally cool. I just wasn't sure what to expect. Thanks!
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