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  1. It's coming! Wish my budget would let me get the box too. Thanks, Al. Been waiting patiently to get my hands on it. Definitely a piece of gaming history.
  2. Sale Update: The Superman game sold for $1200. I believe the person who offered the highest amount is a "serious" collector. Ergo, finding itself in the best possible home. The pictures I posted are most definitely not "shopped". Kinda hard to do when they're on your rec-room desk or kitchen table & you got a 7 month old baby nearby to watch. I really did get this at a local pawn shop for free. I came to you all for help & to check value. Thanks again for the assistance. Hopefully hearing from the horse's mouth will set the record straight & give some guidance should another Sears Superman pop up someplace else. Guaranteed I'm on the snipe hunt!
  3. where can i get Halo 2600 to buy?

    1. OldSchoolRetroGamer


      Look in the HALO PRE ORDER thread in the 2600 subsection to get on list to order from ALBERT. Many are waiting.

    2. greencoman


      I asked that same question and never got an answer.

    3. OldSchoolRetroGamer


      greencoman well now you both have the answer. Searching Halo 2600 should of lead you guys to the thread.

  4. yea... and all it would have done at my house is sit in the basement. i <3 Superman, but i think it ought to go to someone who will love it more / better.
  6. Yea, take a look at the pics I put up. I'm not screwing around with this. Serious about selling to a serious collector.
  7. I'm pretty serious about selling my recently acquired Atari 2600 Superman cart labeled with the Sears Tele-games logo. Photos attached are of the cart. Serious offers only, plz! I hold the option to refuse all proposed offers, close the offer, and keep the cart for myself; no offense to any interested parties. I would prefer to NOT go through any auction sites & have them rake me over the coals with fees & whatnot. I will accept payment through PayPal only! No other method, please! (Just want to ensure everyone gets what they want.) I have received a few offers already, just want to open it up to as many collectors as possible since this appears to be a diamond in the rough & in all fairness, everyone deserves a chance.
  8. Damn, I wish I could do quality clay work like that. We were shocked to get the SMB3 to print and not smear. Didn't know anyone else did this. I'm jealous. http://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&source=mog&hl=en&gl=us&client=ms-android-att-us&tab=wi&q=clay%20video%20game%20consoles&sa=N&biw=533&bih=320
  9. Look, I have a FB page. Look me up. Joe Wade. That console was made by my wife and I in 2008. Thanks, hater.
  10. And several shots showing all angles in case anyone wants to see all sides. May help.
  11. Here are a few extra shots. I can't find my all-text copy. I have more for those interested.
  12. I have no reason to mess with anyone. I have the red Atari text version of Superman & I have a few Sears games, so I had to question when I noticed other versions of the game that said "game cartridge". I have some Taiwan Cooper games in my collection. Again, I had to question it since I know repros sell on ebay. Assuming it's real, I'm glad you guys/gals were able to assist.
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