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  1. found alien brigade at the flea arket for 2 dollars woo
  2. changed heading a bit still need zero kamkiazie squirrel for snes cib and mean 18 golf and ikarai warriors loose
  3. i was thinking of selling my 7800 collection. i dont have tank command or title match pro wrestling. but i have the boxes to all the other ones, pretty much dead mint, and carts minus one or 2. any ideas on what it is close to being worth.
  4. looking for the box and manual to 3 ninjas kick back and oscar. ninja warriors cib hurricanes box incantation box prehistork man box twisted tales of spike mcfang box war 3010 box willing to pay handsomely for the first 2
  5. ooking to buy 3 ninjas kick back for super nintendo complete or box and manul
  6. looking for either game cib or the box and manual
  7. You have a lot of great stuff there. It's sad to see when someone who has been collecting for so long to give up all of their collection at once. I kept all the atari released games and all the activision, imagic and parker brothers. after this group ends ill have a bunch more up. sega, us games 20the centry fox and others. I never play the ones im selling so i didnt see the point in letting them collect dust.
  8. I thought about that but I thought i would sell them individually so people could fill in holes. I figure with a flat rate box someone could buy 10 or 20 and get them all shipped for 7.95. shipping has started to become a pain anymore. everything that goes west of the mississppi has got to be weighed and measured. so its easier to sell single games anymore. actually when sending something to the west coast the size of the box is becoming more important than the weight.
  9. seems to be what every single person selling on ebay is charging
  10. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=270215583773
  11. selling a lot of my stuff if anyones interested http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...E:IT&ih=017 selling my odyssey, jaguar and bunch of other stuff. I will be charging actual shipping. way the post office works its to hard to get a acurate quote without taking it to the post office with it boxed and labeled
  12. they were playing basketball on the atari 2600 on airplane
  13. A buddy of mine and myself bought most of his collection several years ago. He only kept his atari 2600 stuff. I belive he was moving onto other things.
  14. I think he quit Atari collecting to concentrate on NES stuff What Well if that is the case, those games are worth $50 all together and you should sell right now. Im still plan on keeping all the games I like to play and my 7800 collection. But Ive just come to the point I just dont see much sense in letting the games just sit when someone else may enjoy them. the only tigervision game i actually liked playing was jaw breaker, same goes for a lot of the others. im for sure keeping all my activision games , imagic and a good many atari releases. Im more interested in the nntendo wii because my whole family likes to sit and play even my wife who cant stand video games will play the wii for hours. So Ive just come to the point where I look at as would i rather have games that we will be playing daily or ones that just sit on a shelf downstairs. and the best thing about the 2600 most all the games that are fun to play are the least expensive ones
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