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  1. Some here don't like him, but did you try Hozer Video ?
  2. Ok everything is fine ! That resistor is indeed hot, but far less than when the capacitor died ! Thanks for your help : )
  3. Yes it's the R203. Do you mean that the heat at the resistor is normal, the smoke just coming from the capacitor ? Or that 7.80v is too much and we should expect 5v ? If someone can confirm ? I'm sorry, I'm not used to the 800 board. Top voltage regulator seems ok. Could someone show me some points where to check the voltage ? Or point me to some ressources on 800 failure trackings ?
  4. Hello, Last time I plugged my 800, I smelled a nasty smoke... it was still working but I switched it off quickly. I opened it, and located the source of heat : a resistor. I also noticed that one of the 4700µF capacitors was puffy. So I ordered 2 capas and replaced them. But that resistor is still getting very hot when powered... Edit : there is 7.80v on that resistor. Any idea someone ? Thanks for reading !
  5. My contribution to the activision patch contest a while back :
  6. I personally use Hammer fat : https://www.wfonts.com/font/hammer-fat
  7. I don't know... I hadn't any problem drilling or grinding the case of this jr. When I did this, nice pi cases were quite rare, maybe today I'd get a megadrive or snes case.
  8. For my RaspPi, I found this case far cooler 😉 https://cambouisdelatari.wordpress.com/2016/04/28/la-2600jr-passe-a-3-14-voici-la-pi-junior/
  9. Just use your standard UK adapter. Any console, be pal or ntsc, needs 9v and doesn't care from which voltage it's been converted ; )
  10. Besides the price, I’m sorry to tell you that I find this very ugly. Just my opinion, no harsh intended.
  11. If it can help drawing a bigger picture, mine does show JR. I guess it was a PAL one. Got it non functional, now hosting a rasp : )
  12. A bit late, I confirm the same codes on my Buck Rogers cart and box !
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