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  1. Ha you are correct! I only found 4 screws the fifth was covered with a video game exchange sticker! I am not worried about removing that. I could tell when I was trying to separate the halves there was another screw in the center, I felt a dimple under the serial number and assumed it was there. Now I got it open I have found it is indeed a single chip. My next question is how rare are these? A part of me wants to attempt Bens work but he made it sound like they were just insanely rare. Are they more rare than a heavy sixer? I got one of them too and felt like I struck gold when I found it. I actually traded a 4 switch for this. The guy just wanted the same 2600 he had as a child. I wonder if I should feel bad... Its CIB too.



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  2. Hey I  was watching Ben Hecks portable single chip Atari video. He showed a brief image of the bottom vents with a couple sentences on how to spot it. I got curious and started looking at my Jr. It kinda looks like his image... Im not sure it wasn't great instructions. I was going to open it but its never been opened before and I don't want to pierce the serial number label. Anyone got a sure way to spot one without opening it. Perhaps certain serial numbers, or physical differences in the casing or labels. Let me know if any of you have knowledge of this.

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  3. Some sweet finds at value village today. I have had an ereader for a while. I never cared you see them all the time but I've never seen the cards. I guess you could say they are complete in box...




    And these are a fun little oddity I didn't even know existed.




    Look at the first page "2005 AD" and the Swordquest ad on the back.



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  4. I have had a couple of dos laptops from the 90's. You're going to be hard pressed to find one where the screen is any good. Also the battery won't hold a charge anymore, and you probably won't find any new old stock that still works so you'll have to make a pack. I've gone down that rabbit hole. I'd do emulation if I was you.

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  5. Ohhh I like this topic. I will be watching. 3rd party controllers is like a collecting fetish for me especially when they suck. I'm going to show off a little here and also give you some ideas for material




    This is so weird you can program button combos.






    Blockbuster remember them? L and R are buttons that's so convenient!






    Quickshot Flight stick never a good idea for consle.




    Turbo touch SEALED! Never tried it but I bet it sucks!




    Basic knockoff SNES. High Frequency... Does that mean good?






    The owl pad... Oh I see it looks like an owl.... That was shot with a shotgun. That's not a six button controller it has TURBO!






    I love Wico for Atari. This is literally unusable.




    Quickshot "for professional players"... actually not to shabby.




    Another Quickshot basic NES advantage knockoff.




    Another Quickshot another flightstick why did they make these?






    And my most favorite of all the reality quest. Because the n64 needed a power glove. I love the reality quest. it's so bad. See what I did there.




    Sorry I know that was a lot of stuff and I don't want to hijack your post, but it's a topic I'm passionate about.

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  6. Well here is the thing I never thought I was a completionist. Perhaps I'm wrong. Define completionist. My biggest gaming interest is NES. I don't have the time or money to get a complete collection. I've always just got my faves and I play them all. But there are the obvious sets I try to complete. Mario, Megaman, Ninja Turtles. Heck I have even began to think of some things as sets that aren't really sets... Actually That gives me an idea for another topic I want to post.


    I have begun to analyze the mental hoops I jump through with this hobby and I find it fascinating. Here is an example. In the early 2000's I found all the megaman games at thrift stores for a couple bucks with the exception of 5. It was this gaping hole in my Megaman collection that was always on my mind while I looked at game stores and thrift stores. And I even saw it a few times but it wasn't the price I wanted to pay... You see I do enjoy the hunt and a steal of a deal is a good kill. Eventually my girlfriend got it for me as a gift. I put it on the shelf between 4 and 6 and it was complete... and it was great. But nothing changed. I just focus on a different hole. Now I focus on Turtles tournament fighters and such. NES Megaman is my favorite franchise. From a collection standpoint I think I actually enjoyed having the empty spot. I'm going to explore the idea of "tantric collecting".... oh I like that phrase don't steal it.

  7. From time to time I make a long winded train of thought post. This is one of them.


    From time to time you will see the post about someone becoming overwhelmed by their collection and loosing the passion for it. This may help explain the deeper meaning of those posts, but I must start by saying that has not happened to me.


    I have many different collections as do many of you. Today I stumbled across The Last Jedi soundtrack on vinyl for 9 bucks on clearance at Target. I scooped it up. I already had episodes 4, 5, and 6, soundtracks on vinyl. As well as Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi story albums on vinyl. I wasn't collecting them I just stumbled across them, or inherited them. This new one changed that. Suddenly it became a collection! But the collection has a dark side. It's the negative space. You see I realized as soon as it became a collection it disappeared. My thoughts wandered to dwell on the ones I didn't yet have. Its always been this way but I had just now seen it. When I would get invested in my collecting it didn't so much matter what I had, because I could only see the holes. I focus so much on the holes that the holes in my collection are the collection. I'm not trying to acquire items to complete a collection. I'm acquiring items to dispose of a collection. In a way I'm just getting rid of the games, albums, trading cards that my collection is missing... I think that last sentence made sense... That's kind of dark in a way... That's how this can become a sickness... I don't care I'll embrace it and I still love it.

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  8. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:387953


    I would happily buy a 3rd party converter. But the 3rd party ones are not 100% compatible with whole nes library.

    That one does work, but I feel it needs a handle if your using the frontloader. I printed that first, but when you grab your game out it often stays in, and its still hard to grab in the first place because the game and the adapter are smaller than an nes game. That's why I made this one.


    I'm currently printing a full scale r2d2 so my printer is tied up for months or else I would do a run. 3d printing is cool but there are definitely more hackish solutions out there. This is not my work but if I didn't print this is likely the method I would have used. I've used methods similar in the past for other projects. Honestly it's going to work as good as a printed case. A printed case may look better but it still doesn't look like a production product. A printed case is only slightly less hackish.



  9. So no idea on the price.

    Not quite sure what your asking. If your wondering how much it cost me to make, well that's hard to quantify with 3d printed items. The plastic used cost me less than a dollar. But I did pay $600 for the printer a few years ago. Once you factor in power, time to design, time to print, and so on well than it's probably actually kind of expensive. But it's a hobby.


    If you were asking how much to make you one, I'm sorry but I just don't have the time to make and sell, neither does my printer it's always working as it is.

  10. Honestly all the fakes I have seen have been somewhat easy to spot. I have seen enough games where things like the gloss of the label or the precision of the cut tend to make fakes stick out like a sore thumb. Even when they are very good after seeing literally millions of games you will look at a fake and see something is just not right. I could definitely see this as a problem for those who are new to the hobby and come in ready to drop a lot of cash, but it's not something I wory about myself.


    I once spotted 5 bootleg GBA Pokemon games at half priced books. They were pretty good and even the patina was there cuz they were probably bootlegs from the actual time those games were new. The color of the plastic was ever so slightly off, the reflection on the foil label was just not quite right. These two minor details made it jump right out at me and made me look even closer, and then even the smaller details became more obvious.


    In their defense when I told the employee he pulled them all from the shelf. He told me although he is not a gamer he collects vinyl, and bootlegs are something he takes very seriously.


    So yea the store got fooled, and they were put on the shelf where the buyer could have been fooled. But I'm a collector it's my job to be able to spot them. I see it as buyer beware. I think most of us will be able to spot them. And if your not a collector and you just want to play the game then who cares if you got fooled cuz you can still play the game. In situation of very expensive bootlegs if you get fooled that's on you. Only serious collectors are going to drop that kind of money on games, not someone who just really wants to try playing stadium events. If you're dropping that kinda money and you don't know what to look for then too bad so sad, but I don't have a ton of sympathy for you.

  11. Well this is kinda weird. I just posted a topic on this before seeing yours. I was in the same boat as you not too long ago. I was not pleased with the thingaverse options So I made my own solution. I also 3d print check out my "Bumble" here.




    Not to toot my own horn but I feel it's much better than the thingaverse options. I tried one and even though it worked I ended up having to fish games out of my toaster.

  12. This is such a great idea! It looks really nice.

    Which program did you use for the 3D design?

    Autodesk 123d. It's free software but it's sadly no longer supported. It's very powerful and simple if your a novice. I still use it to whip up something very quickly. Now I mainly use Autodesk fusion, and inventor. That software is much more powerful with a little bit of a steeper learning curve.

  13. Well a little while back I finally came across a Famicom adapter but I needed a case for it. I 3d print so the solution was simple. Unhappy with what Thingaverse had to offer I designed my own. It is clearly inspired by the honeybee, and the game genie for the handle. I would like to offer it to anyone in this group who 3d prints to do with as you please. I hope you enjoy!




    The image with Super Mario Bros. 3 is inaccurate. The label should be facing down to work. I'm not sure why I did that for the picture. I know better then that. :(


    Also if you download you will notice 2 versions of the top and bottom. One with support and one without. Support should not be necessary, but I was having issues with the part flexing during the print and it would come out warped. I added a sort of scaffold to the parts to prevent this. I believe this issue was due to old filament and high humidity in my area. I would recommend trying the files without support first and if you encounter issues try the other with support. In either case have your slicer set for no support because the support is built into the piece.






    Bumble stl.zip

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  14. Have to agree with that and don't forget RAMPAGE too. :D


    The only one being a pompous ass around his circle is that douche from the Fast and the Furious movies. Dwayne got a better role and came in later, and the dude who has been there the entire time is showing some serious butthurt and whines he won't be in another if the Rock there gets his own spinoff movie.

    I actually kinda like The Rock, and I was never really into wrestling. I don't make a point of seeing his movies but even if the movie sucks it never seems to be his fault.... Speaking of fault anyone see San Andreas? I thought for sure it was going to end withe him pulling the fault back together... That may have actually saved that movie.

  15. Sadly nothing.... I work in retail and while moving some shelves in the back I saw this. I got really excited because I thought I may have found a box of NIB Pokemon blue. My store likely would have sold them as repackage for a few bucks each. No such luck but hey the box is still kinda cool. I'll store my Pokemon 3ds collection in it. And kinda cool it had sat there for 20 years or so waiting for me to find it.


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  16. Seen a lot of mention of the original ds and I got to agree. Not only did it look bad but it always felt cheap to me almost like a mass production prototype although I didn't realize that at the time. I actually realized that when the first generation 3ds released. I specifically remember thinking "this reminds me of the ds gen 1 they still got some work to do to get this right." To a much lesser extent I feel it with the switch also.

  17. I want retro gaming neutrality. I'm sick of the fact that certain games and systems that I want are out of my price range or simply not available in my area. They should all be the same price and available to all...


    I'm sure there is something the government can and should do to fix this problem of mine.

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  18. Iceman


    I'm just hearing a lot of me! me! me! from you. I actually do know someone who moved because the local internet services could not meet his buisness needs. People are moving right now so they can live somewhere they can smoke pot. Others are moving to get away from potheads. The scenarios you are describing are purely recreational. The idea that you think your scenario warents government intervention is ludicrous. If you want to make a convincing argument do not argue your personal circumstances.

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  19. I must say I am enjoying this debate very much. The most interesting thing is seeing every person's view and why they feel that way. However the parts I enjoy the most are the least useful. This is an issue that is too far reaching to base an argument off of your own circumstances. It is truly no more than an argument of the role of government. An argument can be man on both sides on that premise alone. Your circumstances are irrelevant. No matter what your isp options are or how you choose to use the net does not matter. Why? You literally have infinite options. Some may seem very radical but they are there. You can move if you don't like the options where you live. You could even boycott the internet if you so choose. To say that laws must be passed because you want to play video games on the internet is rather silly.

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  20. RS232 was the standard means of connecting a modem to a computer for, like, ever.

    Same serial connection was often used for printers.

    Could be used to communicate with a scale, a cash drawer, darn near anything. Could talk to a Christmas light controller, an alarm system, etc.

    A better question might be, "What do you want to do with it?"

    That makes sense. I was thinking this may be for something very specific. I was hoping there might be a way to emulate a floppy drive that I missed. I didn't even know if it was for a c64 when I picked it up. I just started checking my vintage computer collection when I got home. I stopped when I got to my c64 cuz it fit.

  21. Take the name of any bill the Government passes and figure out what the opposite is. That is what the bill really is. When the government gets involved it is never in the interest of making anything better it is always in the interest of control. 99 times out of 100 when the government gets involved things get worse.

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