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  1. Did you notice the 64 there is packaged with an NES rf adapter. That aint gona work so well. I kinda figured out the reason you don't find the good stuff at goodwill anymore was goodwill.com. Also when you do see good stuff in the store now its price usually matches the going rate on ebay. Its too bad I used to pick up nes games there for like 50 cents now there usually 5 bucks at the lowest. I get it, it is a charity so I cant be mad at them for just being a money hungry corporation. Also I see people in there that are making a business of just reselling on ebay. You do get lucky from time to time. I did get a nomad there for 20 bucks about a year ago. I seem to have the the best luck at the salvation army here. I hate it cuz its dirty and there is crap all over the floors. But they put everything they get on the floor with seemingly random prices that usually work in my favor.
  2. Ok this may be one of the dumbest questions asked on Atariage but I'm curious. It was a few years back me and a friend had struck out at the bars. We went back and played a game of RBI baseball before crashing. Within the first inning the game began to glitch. Anyone with an NES has seen this glitch I think. Different elements of the game become numbers, letters. The game was still playable so we just kept going. Before swinging, the bat was always replaced by a 3 digit number. It never seemed lower then 200 or higher then 900 if I'm remembering correctly. The batters with the higher number seemed more likely to get a hit. I'm not sure if that was the case or if we were just wasted. Do you think the game may have been displaying the code that determined the batters batting average? Or were we just a couple of drunk dudes making sense of random numbers? I was curios if anyone else had experienced this type of glitch, and if it were possible to reproduce this glitch in a way that could be useful in other games?
  3. I think you should buy it and sell it to me.
  4. I just marvel at the time people waste a making these hoaxes? It seems like there is so little to gain. I do like the one he did for the apple Pippin it's just funny cuz the music and the girl are so far off from anything apple would do It's like a banner for a crappy porn site.
  5. Although I hate to admit it there is a part of me that enjoys the idea of people tossing consoles and games into the trash just cuz every time that happens mine become a little more rare. I think that may apply to these little games more then others. They just seem so disposable
  6. I hadn't seen that AVGN episode, I liked it allot. It's cool that there are others that collect these things too. The Tiger games are just kinda funny to me I only had one growing up, soccer. Once in the middle of the night it just went nuts and started screaming and beeping, so I smashed it. I thought these things sucked even as a child. I had a friend who had a whole bin of them, probably about 20. I tried them all and got bored after about a minute on each of them. Now I love collecting them. Notice I said collecting them. Some of them I like to turn it on just to marvel at how much it sucks. However some can be kinda entertaining. I've found the better ones tend to be the older ones. The ones with the more square corners, and were not trying to be an arcade game or a console game. I think at first they tried to make games that worked as good as they could with the technology they were working with. Later on they just made poor attempts at mimicking other games in an effort to fool parents and kids. The ones I like to play from time to time are bowling (the AVGN just didn't know how to play), mouse maze, and paperboy is kinda the exception to my previous statement. At the end of the day I think I'm really more of a collector than a gamer, so even though Shaq Attack Monster Jam is horrible I love having it in my collection. I collect allot of other handhelds too. I've got Entex, Coleco, variouse led football games, Simon and more. I really like the Tiger games though with the cheesy animations on the front they feel almost more like a trading card then a game to me. Since they are usually priced at around 50 cents I got no problem picking up another crappy one when I see it. However space is becoming an issue for my collection so this may change in the future.
  7. Ahhhhh not Doritos, and pizza is so greasy. I'm feeling a little panic attack coming on. I think I better just leave this thread alone. It's just too much for me to take.
  8. Not true. Take some of these foods that don't leave residue eat them with your bare fingers, then play a game on your iphone or ipad. Take a close look at the glass and then tell me that food has no residue. That residue is building up slowly in every little nook and cranny on your game pad too. I would be ok with little baggies of nuts if I were just pouring them in my mouth and not touching them at all. I'm not trying to argue for real. I'm just explaining why I'm so anal about my food rules. I am literally kinda ocd about this stuff. To be honest I usually have to wash my hands before playing any games just because. The no food rule is also for computers, phones, and tv remotes. Yea I'm probably nuts but my stuff looks real nice.
  9. Well I had to go and get this. I don't have a saturn but I got a hacked PSP. So I downloaded the salamander pack. Only just tried it for a couple minutes and I freaking love it. Probably gona spend alot of time with this one in the near future. The real challenge is gona be finding the real thing. Now I just got to have it.
  10. I've never played this game but the idea that it even existed is hilarious to me. I was watching Pain & Gain today. Funny movie and I actually like Mark Wahlberg as an actor. It's funny for me to think he used to be Marky Mark. It's even more funny to see him in this....
  11. I usually have a beer or something. But the no eating thing is a big rule of mine. Two words "cheeto fingers" I want to scream just thinking about it. I let a friends son play my NES once. I didn't realize he had a bag of fire hot cheeto's. When I saw how my controller was slimy and red I almost punched a 6 year old... Not really, but it took a lot to control my anger. Any type of snack thats covered in flavor powder is not allowed in the same room as my game systems. I've bought used systems that had controllers with years of flavor powder buildup in the grooves and buttons. It requires a complete disassembly of the controller and a scrub with a toothbrush. It's so gross to think of little kids eating cheeto's, licking their fingers, and grabbing the controller..... I am a little OCD so maybe thats just me.
  12. I was curious if any one on here was a collector of the old tiger handheld lcd games. I know these things aren't really worth much, and most are not even that fun. But I love finding these things and adding them to my collection. I found two more today. I've never paid more then $1.50 for one. For some reason I always get real excited when I find another one. I'm up to 15 now and I was just curious if I'm alone with my fascination with these silly little games or if anyone else on here collects them also?
  13. So this thread got me thinking about my Konami space shooters again. Back in the day me and my buddies would go bar hopping and when we got back we would pop in Life Force or Gradius and see who could get the furthest, keeping in mind we usually had quite a bit to drink. I decided to pop some in today and give her a whirl completely sober..... It's not like riding a bike. I was never great at these games but I know I was never this bad either. I'll have a few beers during the packer game tomorrow and give it a try after that maybe I'll get drunk recall or something.
  14. Nes lifeforce is brutal Id probly punch my tv if I played anything harder then that.... Konami made some insanely tough space shooters. Me and a buddy beat Gradius once using Game Genie and the Konami code. I've seen video of people beating it before without codes but I almost think its fake. Has any one on here beaten Gradius without cheating. There are points that are so insane that I almost think its gona crash my NES!
  15. Wow I also love lifeforce only played it for nes though. I had never heard of the salamander pack so I checked out some vids. Looks amazing I realy need to get a saturn!
  16. Only cable like that I can think of is the Vectrex. If the coils are that important perhaps find a really long straight db9 cable wrap it tightly around a wooden dowel or something that will give you the proper coil diameter. Then heat it for a while with a heat gun. If you do it properly the wire should retain the coils when removed. It will probably have to be a very long cable to get the length you need because once its coiled it will be much shorter. Not sure if this helps but I thought it may be an option. Mind if I ask what your making?
  17. Just thought of Bible Adventure for NES. It's funny just that it's kinda a Mario 2 clone. Whats really funny is the part where your trying to save baby Moses. Your Moses's mom, and you run around holding baby Moses over your head trying to avoid enemy's. If you get hit you drop baby Moses but he's ok just pick him back up and keep running. Sometimes the best strategy is to just throw baby Moses as far as you can and then run down there pick him back up and chuck that baby down the screen again. It's such a weird idea for a game and a great way to learn about the Bible....
  18. I remember renting sports talk football for sega genesis when I was young. I really knew nothing about football at that age, I just rented it cuz I had heard it was a big deal from some friends. The announcer would talk in weird sentences that were pieced together form a data base of words. it sounded very odd cuz the speech had weird unnatural pauses. I kept punting on first down cuz I just didn't know any better. I remember he kept saying "The kicking team comes on. It's......... first down and.......... I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" I'll think of that sometimes when I watch football now and it still makes me laugh.
  19. I see the PS1 all the time. Funny story I was at the salvation army and I saw a N64 reality quest glove in a show case. I asked to see it. When the lady pulled it out it was stuck to a PS1 with boxing tape, and priced at 10 bucks. I explained that the two things don't even go together. I said I wanted the glove but told them they could keep the PS1, I didn't even want a discount I just have no interest in the PS1. The lady wouldn't sell it to me without taking the PS1! I guess they have a hard time getting rid of those things.
  20. Back when I got my first computer an apple IIGS I used to get up in the morning and start loading world games. I'd go upstairs and get myself a bowl of cereal and some milk. Then Id head back downstairs and I was good to go. I do the same thing now but instead of cereal it's a cup of coffee, maybe mix a bloody marry, or just grab a beer. I've never really had a problem with load times.
  21. Thanks for the quick response Bob I didn't realize that. I had just done a general search for info on this and I guess what I read wasn't Atari specific. Too bad cuz I got a bunch of these disks. I got an old PC I'll use them on but it just doesn't see the action that my Atari does.
  22. So I got a bunch of 1.2 mb high density disks. I keep stumbling across them at thrift stores. I want to format them to 500 kb so I can use them on my Atari. I know this is not recommended because they can be unreliable. That does not concern me because I have an SIO2PC. The thing is with my setup it's actually easier for me to load from my 1050. So I want to get some stuff on these disks if it does fail over time ill just put it back on again. Problem is I can't seem to figure out how to format them down to the lower density. I've tried a few different DOS'es and they all seem to give me some type of error. I even tried formating to the lower density on an old PC with no luck. I think it's got to be possible because I found a lot of places recommending against it, but no where that tells how to do it. If anyone knows how to do this some instructions and pointers would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Painting is a tricky issue. In my opinion if its not perfect its crap. I have done an n64 and I think it turned out awesome. The downside is you got to treat it like a baby, you drop a cart on it or even get it a little too hard with your fingernail your gona scratch it and its ruined. krylon makes a paint that touts a molecular bond with plastic thats the best way to go but its still not great. I've seen some amazing jobs done by people who use auto painting equipment. Thats the way to go if you can but for most that isn't an option. I've painted 2 consoles and am happy with the results but I would say unless your console is in very very bad shape don't paint it at all cuz your really just ruining it. But thats just my two cents good luck.
  24. Yikes this is getting off topic. Sqoon I think that article you posted was harsh and does nothing positive for this community. The best thing about this site is that even though we may be separated by oceans or ideological differences we all come together to discuss and help each other with a passion that we all have in common. That being said keep the videos coming Ashley. There are many people doing classic video game reviews these days but I think you found a good niche. I like to see reviews on the Saturn, which like most Sega consoles never got the love it deserved. I don't have one myself yet but it is on my list. Also I wouldn't mind seeing a review on your Samsung gxe either. I think that thing is just crazy sweet!
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