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  1. Where is your Target. I work in wi. Just curious if I should be expecting ours to go into the compactor any time soon
  2. Funny you posted this. I work at Target also. I was in electronics about 6 years ago and we had these come in for christmass. I got the fun job of assembling it to be a display unit. When Christmass was over they put it in the break room. It's behind me right now. The next christmass we got one with all the Konami sports games but they decided to sell that display. It's pretty cool it has a cart slot for adding games too.
  3. I loved that game many memories of playing it on my gramps c64. I haven't found a clone yet but it would be amazing if someone were able to port that over.
  4. Thanks for posting this I never new this app existed. I'm gona try this one out. Not to be mean or nothing but If you can't get Bubble Bobble your probably not ready for this quiz. Maybe spend a little more time studying (playing NES) and try again.
  5. WOW so much hate for the game boy classic. I agree with every fail mentioned in this thread, but it was 1989 when that thing came out. I think we may be asking a little much to say it should have had a back lit gba screen back then. Yea it ate up batteries like crazy but that was easily solved by hanging that awesome battery pack from your belt. I also had no problem with it not being back lit cuz I had the light boy with a magnifying glass. You could hardly even notice it sticking up about 4 inches above the game boy screen, plus it only used 2 more double a batteries! I could pack all that into my briefcase sized game boy carrying case and I had a sweet little portable gameing setup. Yea yea that was all mostly sarcasm but seriously it was 1989 what did you expect. Other gaming systems that had the features that are being mentioned (game gear) still sucked cuz the tech just wasn't there yet. That classic game boy was my first gaming machine. I loved it pea soup screen and all. I now own nearly every nintendo handheld (excluding game and watch, gba micro, and I haven't upgraded to the 3ds xl yet). Just 2 weeks ago I decided to play through metroid 2 again. I had to do it on the GB classic..... That was just pure nostalgia but why hate so much I still think it was great for its time and there were so many great games!
  6. Steve Jobs would have cared!! I just think that's a funny comment. I read the Steve Jobs biography and there is a funny little story about how he made his engineers redo the main board of the original mac because he didn't like the way the traces on the main board looked. They fired back saying "who cares what the traces look like, no one will ever know what the traces look like. You made sure of it by using screws that the average person can't remove!" His response was "I care. I will know what they look like" When the first one was completed he had everyone involved autograph the inside of the shell and he said "your names will be on the inside of every mac. No one is going to see them but you will know they are there." Don't take that as a shot at your work. I think you did a fantastic job and I would love to own one of those. I just really liked that story and thought it was kinda funny after reading Osgeld's comment
  7. As of right now none are working other the unregistered ape. I have learned that this laptop will not boot from cd without a bios upgrade. I will need to do the upgrade from a 3.5 inch floppy, which means ill have to get a floppy drive for this thing. I'm confident it will work it is however turning into a bigger project then I intended.
  8. I use serial for my win95 machine. This thing actually predates usb. The annoying thing about winape is that is much slower then aspeqt.... I guese this may be a symptom of it being a much older pc then my dell. It still seems slower then it should be. Also I hate the wait at the splash screen.... I Suppose that would be a cost issue. Here is a link to all the spec if anyone is wondering. http://www.cnet.com/...7-30533581.html Thanks again for all the tips I actually never knew there were so many options. I really like the idea of the boot disk. Since all I want to do with this laptop is use it as a floppy drive It would be cool to have it boot to an os that does just that and nothing else.
  9. Just to let you guys know this video got me interested. So I read a little more on the game and ended up paying the $3. It's very addictive I've played for about 2 hours and got a high score of only 28 seconds. Very difficult but even harder to put down.
  10. Thanks guys. Im gona give atarisio A try today I actualy havent heard of that one yet. Everyone on here seems to talk about aspeqt and win ape all the time. I do love aspeqt mainly because its much faster then win ape. I'm assuming I should be able to run atarisio under the linux mint partition on my dell here. I'm gona give it a try and if It works I'm gona goto work installing debian 6 on my toshiba. Thanks for all the good info guys.
  11. Well I got sio2pc working awesome. It's set up for two different laptops one fairly modern dell and an old old toshiba. Idealy I want to take my dell out of the mix all together. Reason is I use my dell constently in the living room and I dont like moving it back and forth to the game room. Although my old toshiba does what I want it to do its far from ideal. The main reason is I have yet to get Aspeqt running on it. Now this laptop is very old its running windows 95. I have no problem running winape on it other then the fact that winape is kinda anoying. I did try to install Aspeqt on there but I get a message saying its missing a .dll file. I have not experimented any further then that. Before I open this can of worms my question is can I even run Aspeqt under win 95 or am I just gona run into another problem after I install the .dll file? Next question Id kinda like to get rid of win 95 altogether. Is there possibly some legacy version of linux that I could run Aspeqt under on a pc this old? And finaly would I be better off just giving up on the old toshiba all together? Id realy like to put it to some use and I think using it as a dedicated virtual drive for my atari would be sweet. So I thought id ask the gurus if this was possible or just a pipe dream. Thanks for your help.
  12. Was it from COMPUTE! by any chance? I remember typing in a cartoon maker from an old copy of COMPUTE! back in the 90's. Can't remember if it was named A.R.M. or not.
  13. Hmmm I looked some of these up and they are bidding prices not buy it now prices. It doesn't seem right though. I got munch man II and super sketch in a lot of 16 games for $12 about 6 months ago. Granted no boxes or manuals but these prices seem way too high to be real. Could someone be bidding on their own stuff to drive up prices or something? In my experience 99/4a stuff doesn't even seem to move on ebay and when it does its almost given away...... With the exception of PEB's of course.
  14. I'm a little sad the original NES showed up so many times. It's very utilitarian and I kinda like that. It looked like it belonged right next to your beta max. Other systems look like kid toys to me. My NES looks like an entertainment machine for adults........ I guess that sounds kinda dirty but you know what I mean. Although it had some very negative effects on performance I like that its not a top loader cuz I can stack my genesis right on top. I keep mine very clean and It works nearly 100% of the time. Open it up it's beautiful too there is so much going on in there. I don't like the Genesis It just looks and feels cheap to me. Open it up it only gets worse. I also like all the atari systems with the exception of the XEGS for the same reason I like the NES. They are very utilitarian also.... I guess I'm in the minority though.
  15. Wow good eye Torr. I work in retail and I'm almost positive your right on that. I'm gona watch for that this Halloween.
  16. Yea what he said read the thread linked on here sounds like your right where I was abou 6 months ago. I was asking all the same questions and that thread is a record of my walk through this experiment.
  17. Not sure If it's fair to include bootlegs in this topic but who has seen some of the asian Famicom bootleg carts. There are some that are so stupid and weird it just blows my mind!
  18. Sory but I wish I had arcade cabinets for you to be jealouse of. I just collect consoles no room or money for any cabinets. I was commenting on jmccorm comments on arcade cabinets. If I did collect arcade units and treated it with the same amount of OCD that I give to my consoles Id have some real problems.
  19. hillariouse topic there are so many. I always laugh at iron sword. Thats freakin Fabio Is that a game or a ramance novel
  20. I could not agree more with this statement. The "physical presence" is the main reason I collect real consoles. The importance of physical presence is multiplied when refering to arcade cabinets. That is why I have a hard time making mods that affect the appearence of my consoles. I feel as if some of that physical presence is lost. I was not in any way saying that emulation is a suitable substitute. I was saying the opposite. From my perspective if you want to mod the heck out of a machine then I think physical presence is not that important to you. If thats the case then just use an emulator to get the results you want. I would also have to say modding a cabinet for 96 pac man variants is pretty sweet. As purest and a collector (and OCD) my heart would tell me to collect all original cabinet and game variants, but that would be just insane. So a 96 in one cabinet is realy the only feesable way.
  21. I think the reason for this is because back in the 80's these machines were nothing more then a computer. They served a purpose and buy modding them you could potentially make it do that job better. Now these are more then just computers they are collectors pieces that remind us of what things used to be like. And also if you want an insanely tweaked 800 you can do that with an emulator no reason to cut up the real thing.
  22. I totally understand your point of view. I do enjoy the hobby of modding my toys but I've got some rules. I never do any mods unless I have a second machine, and I mod the uglyest one. I avoid changing the appearance at all cost. I for a second considered doing my sio2pc internally. But the idea of taking a drill to my 800 made me want to cry. Modding is a hobby of mine and its been very educational but I honestly do feel a little dirty doing it. I think vandalism was a good way to put it.
  23. Well now I feel rather stupid and embarassed. I'd like to offer you a sincere apology for thinking you were a scammer. I watch the news and I'm very skeptical of craigslist. When I found out how rare this game was I figured it probably wasn't real. Anyway I didn't know how rare these things were when you sent me the list. Am I correct that you didn't know either? Congrats though it sounds like you got some real collectors pieces....... Oh and if you ever want to make a quick $30 bucks my offer still stands LOL.
  24. Thats awesome. Im extremely jealouse. As for the practical use I think undertaking the project is the practical use. I realy want to build one of the apple 1 clones one of these days. I was reading a message someone sent to the Woz once about wanting to build an apple 1 clone. I thought it was funny cuz he assured them it would be much more practical to build and apple 2..... I see his point but it's funny to me me cuz its like he didn't seem to get it. Although an apple 2 would be far more usefull the real point its the journey into history. As the creator of the apple 1 I think he just saw it as the flawed older brother of the apple 2. I like that its a piece of history flaws and all. It's like saying why restore and old mustang when you could work on something more modern and practical. Like you said you spent nine months having a blast... When it comes down to it there are not many ways to get nine months of fun for 620 bucks. I think that is a very practical use of time and money. Well done sir.
  25. No he didn't provide a pic he didn't even list the games he had in the post. His post didn't give any details he said he was selling magic the gathering cards, D&D books, and atari 8 games email me if interested. So I told him I was interested in the atari games. He sent me a list of about 25 games. They seemed mostly common although many I dont own. I actualy mailed him a few times and I couldn't get him to give me a price.... I thought he may want to haggle which is another reason I tried lowballing him. I have since deleted the email with the list. I didn't know enough to know lifespan was a proto. I know if this dude was being legit he had no clue lifespan was something special because he basicaly said just that. I am very skeptical of craigs list perhaps this dude is a scammer cuz if you had a proto I would think you would know it. Maybe he is trying to lure in some nerds with rare stuff cuz he thinks they will be an easy target to rob and murder. Now Im hopeing that is the case cuz I'm kinda regreting not knowing this was so rare and grabbing it. Maybe I'll ask him about the magic cards if he's a scammer I'll bet he tells me he's got a black lotus or something.
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