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  1. I've been too busy to post for a little while. I work retail and the holidays are tough. Every time I see my grandfather I love telling him of my hobby. He was a Commodore man back in the 80's. He has always been a tinker and interested in amateur electronics. This Christmas he gave me something of his that he bought brand new in 1966 for $130. It took my breath away when I opened it. It is a computer by definition but not what comes to mind when you think of a computer. It is the Curta calculating machine model II. He bought it in 1966 when him and my grandmother did rally racing. My grandfather is meticulous by nature so it is of course CIB. It has the calculator, travel case, manual, a poster that is a quick reference for the different functions, and the original box. This is easily my most treasured possession. It is a marvel of mechanics and seems almost magical to me when I try to wrap my head around how it works. The story of the creation of this device seemed almost mythical when I found out it was largely engineered while it's creator Curt Herzstark was in a concentration camp. This little invention of his literally saved his life. I've posted a short video I found that gives a quick look at the device and it's history to anyone who doesn't know about it. Also some pictures of mine. To me this is one of the most beautiful objects I have ever seen. It is so much more special that it was his and not something I stumbled across while hunting in the wild. Thanks Gramps!
  2. I am also curriouse I work for Target and I haven't seen this deal.
  3. I really really love these. I've made a custom n64 just painting it green making it kinda look like a turtle. This stuff is truly art. I'm now working on a star lord mask using bondo. The results so far are pretty good. If it turns out as good as I hope I think something like one of these will be my next project.
  4. My copy of Keystone Kapers was bugging me. The label was on there way crooked. It was falling off a little too. I figured I'd peel it off and glue it on centered. The ink kinda flaked off. I wanted to just try to print a new one and maybe a few more for some other games. I kinda thought there would be a source for these images but cant seem to find one. I just found scans of the cart and the end. I was hoping for an image I could just print, snip, and stick. Is there a source for this that anyone has found?
  5. I'm unfamiliar with a QI console. Is this the beige console with the old firmware that allows atarisoft games?
  6. Is this right I've. Never heard of such a thing. Is this a mistake and its an atari computer or something I've never heard of.
  7. You can take the whole pot apart that is the more "professional" way to restore them I have done this and its not as hard as you may think. Just be careful there are some thin copper tabs that may bend and break easily. You could even replace the pot altogether, just a little, soldering required. If those seem like too much work spray a little contact cleaner into the crack where the solder points exit the housing. I did that and I thought it was the lazy way of doing it and id have issues in a month. 3 years later they still work great! There are only 2 differences in the paddles. An atari logo on the sticker and a different pot inside. The pot in in the heavy sixer paddle seems to be higher quality. Not sure why there really aint much to a pot. But then again I've also never had to open up a h6 pot.
  8. This worked on 4 sets for me. Or find some heavy sixer paddles. Mine have always worked perfect.
  9. Been trying to think of what a plot line could possibly be. This is all I can come up with.... Aliens send remote controlled block shaped space ships to terraform earth. We have to hack the controls and stack the blocks in a solid formation so we can start an explosion that will cause a chain reaction blowing up all the blocks. Not a good plot but I can't figure out what the hell else they would do.
  10. This looks amazing. I'm itching to try it. I'm using a Galaxy S5 right now. It seems others are having success with android devices. But I cant get it to receive input from my virtual keyboard. I even downloaded a special keyboard that I can force to popup. I feel this is just a noob mistake. Any suggestions?
  11. What kind of epyx is it? I picked up a 500xj a little while back. It does have some nice clicky micro switches. I like the stick a lot buts its still a hand cramper even though they tried to make it very ergonomic.
  12. I know nothing about 2600 and cassettes. How does it work? Does the cart have a line in on it?
  13. Check out this thread it is a catalog of my experiments and solutions when I was searching for the answer to the same question your asking. You will need an 410 or 1010 I don't think there is a way around that without some serious hacking. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/210630-atari-cassette/?hl=%2Bcassette+%2Bdripfree&do=findComment&comment=2767662
  14. Love the game but this is a really stupid idea. Id rather see hungry hungry hippo's or Captain Crunch the movie. I also feel like this is just another hoax.
  15. Damn that looks sweet. I have not bought a single home brew yet. Ill be watching closely for this one. I assume it will be a small run with a lot of interested people.
  16. This is true for many consoles of that period including the 2600. Not for a keyboard in this example but you did have to use the switches fairly often. The sad thing about it is many children would also use the console as a table for their joysticks! The O2 in particular didn't handle this well. Most I have seen have a lot of scratches on the keyboard and the silver paint mine included. Looks like Omega came across a rare gem. That thing looks NICE!
  17. I have thought about this topic also but along different terms. I figured that in my doomsday scenario I would simply have no chance of preserving my treasures for my self. I figure that people will be forced to become nomadic for survival. No way I can bring my collection along. So if possible I'd try to create an airtight lead coffin to bury my things in. And then create some kind of treasure map so that a future generation can rediscover these things. This scenario could also be a sweet Nick Cage movie! Edit... I've been giving this whole treasure map thing a little more thought. It would probably take you across the country finding clues in things that would make little sense to a generation that had not experienced these games. Maybe a shrine of sorts with a ? block that you have to jump and punch to have the next clue pop out. Sort of like an Indiana Jones quest, Or a Davinci code type thing.
  18. That makes sense. I feel a little foolish that with all the different systems I own I kinda thought I was avoiding rf modulation with that thing. Now here is another stupid question what is the deal with the little rf modulation switch box that all these old systems use? I have a whole drawer full of them for all my machines including my O2. All they seem to do is introduce static to the picture. When I use the little adapter it becomes clear. If it's the same type of signal why did they even exist? And why is there so much going on inside them? Were they just for the old tv's with the 2 screws on the back?
  19. I'm curious what the rca sockets are? Are you planning a composite mod? The Image I had posted offers a direct coax connection and works very nice on all the systems that use it with. I had thought that that was not considered rf modulation because it doesn't use a rf modulation box. Have I been wrong about that? Anyway if you are doing a composite mod kudos to you that is surely the best way to go. I never have the stomach to mod a system until I have 2 of them. I would also recommend making the sticks removable while your at it. They can get annoying being attached. I think there is a way to do it so you can use an atari stick. Or you could probably use the one you made for your 99/4A.
  20. If you can find a radio shack still in buisness stop by and get one of these. Its all you need to hook that thing up to coax. I use it on my O2 and 2600. http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fi.ebayimg.com%2Ft%2FAtari-RF-TV-Adapter-Direct-Connect-2600-7800-5200-Intellivision-Colecovision-etc-%2F00%2Fs%2FMTUwMFgxNTAw%2F%2524(KGrHqRHJCwE90pZQ9WCBPfgLpTn3Q~~60_35.JPG&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.racketboy.com%2Fforum%2Fviewtopic.php%3Ff%3D17%26t%3D38965&h=300&w=300&tbnid=4PiZg-TPFLOIBM%3A&zoom=1&docid=e44ikhM4DchG7M&ei=UWEgVOCGOcShyATLlYLgBA&tbm=isch&client=ms-android-sprint-us&ved=0CB4QMygBMAE&iact=rc&uact=3&page=1&start=0&ndsp=11
  21. I did just that with my light sixer. Sharpie makes a paint marker that is an exact match. I seriously doubt an expert would notice it was a repaint unless they tried to scratch it off with they're fingernail. I cosidered doing it with my heavy sixer but I haven't found an exact match for that mustered yellow. But now I have decided against this. I want to keep my heavy as original as possible even if it does have a few blemishes.
  22. Totally off topic but the pic made me laugh. I've got my 1702 sitting on the same switched power supply. Does it ever bug you how the monitors feet are just barely able to sit on it? The slightest bump and one side falls off. I do a lot of cable switching so it is always happening to me.
  23. Gave away my apple IIgs when my parents got us a pentium 100. I actually missed the apple very quick. I could finally play Doom, Quake, and Duke Nukem like the rest of my friends. I never felt connected to a computer the way I did to that apple. I honestly think I took on this hobby to get a piece of that back.
  24. Wow awesome story I love reading stuff like that. My cousin suffered a stroke at birth. She lost most control of the left side of her body and had no use of her left hand. Once when she visited me and her brother were playing Mario 3. She asked for a turn. I was curious how it was going to work when I handed her the controller. Sure enough she popped that thing in her mouth. At first I was totally grossed out but then I was just impressed cuz she was really good. Later we switched to genesis and she did struggle with that. I think the controller was too big for good control with your teeth. I would have thought controlling a game this way would be impossible with modern controllers but I guess not.
  25. Well good news I found a heavy sixer for $20 at goodwill today. I was pumped till I got it home and started it up. Nothing but a black screen! Well I tried all the obvious stuff. Still nothing so I opened her up... No obvious problems. After a few hour of tinkering and checking voltages I decided to pull out my light sixer open it up and 1 by 1 I swapped out the socket'd chips. Bingo the little one in the middle fixed it. I didn't want to swap out the guts completely cuz I figured then its just a light sixer in heavy sixer clothes. But my light sixer is mint and the heavy sixer looks good but the wood grain has got some marks and the orange trim has definitely taken some wear. Now im considering swapping the tops. I know I cant fool the experts but I think it would make me happy to make my heavy sixer look perfect... But then again it wouldn't be perfect because I'd be cheating. What would you do?
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