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  1. Ha bike tires that s funny cuz I had the scale way off when I was looking at it. I actually thought it was a table top game like the original pong devices. Funny cuz I thought it was just named king pong cuz it sounded cool.
  2. Ok That was a great video 1:20 into it the dude is hammering around on his joystick which he has buried in his crotch! The lady walks in and says "it looks like your enjoying yourself". Did they not notice what that looked like when they filmed it? A little later he explains he was "trying to work up a thick head of foam". They show the screen which is telling him to waggle his joystick. I thought that was kinda hilarious. It took me a little while to realize the whole thing was a just a big joke.
  3. I always completely disassemble my controllers an clean them completely with rubbing alcohol and goo gone using Qtips. Ive had lots of controllers that were used while eating Cheetos. It's soo gross and that caked on Cheeto dust can get way in there. You might have a bigger issue if you got loose buttons. That sounds like it may be that something is physically broken. Anyway you should just open it up and check it out.
  4. I was a little sad to see it was missing some systems. I haven't gotten volume 2 yet but I think it fills in a lot of holes. I also enjoyed reading about the system that weren't as big in the US.
  5. I'm wondering the same thing. That is truly a beautiful piece of hardware. The outside ring on the paddles look like it may be tires for like an rc car or something. Am I way off or do I see treads on them. I think it was a project cuz I did an image search for king pong and I didn't see any more of these. At any rate if it was someones project, they did an amazing job with it.
  6. I pretty much figured that was the situation. Thanks for the response now I can glue that label on it will be sealed forever.
  7. I'm fairly confident that this is just wishful thinking on my part. Picked up Zaxxon today for 2600. The label looked normal but it had completely peeled off. I'm just gona glue it back on. out of curiosity I opened it up just cuz the screws were exposed. I'm not used to seeing so many chips in a 2600 game. But I also never opened a coleco 2600 game. I assume all coleco games look like this, but I did see a pic of someone who claimed to have a turbo proto. The board looked the same as mine. Just thought I'd post a pic and get an expert opinion before I glue the label over the screw holes forever.
  8. That spectrum version seems significantly easier looks like you can almost bring the plane to a complete stop. I also kind of feel like any version without the activision logo at the bottom should be disqualified.
  9. I just picked this up from Barnes and Nobel. It's pretty cool, but I did find it was missing some systems that I wanted it to have. I just searched It and found out there is a second volume that had some of the systems the first was missing. Thought it was kinda cool so I posted it so anyone else who may be interested would know its out there.
  10. I remember playing these weird math games on the apple II in middle school. You would go around and talk to different people and they would give you stories that contained numbers. You would sort of collect the numbers from the people. Once you talked to all the people that had the numbers you needed to solve the problem you could plug those numbers into equations and solve the problems. You would then go on to another mission. There was at least couple different games that were all very similar. I remember it had some very basic wire frame graphics with white lines, and those green and purple lines you would get with the apple II. The movement created a pretty good first person 3d illusion. I remember really enjoying these games and I was wondering if anyone else remembered it so I could look them up again?
  11. You will find a fringe group of cassette guru's on atari age that still use their cassettes. Its a good thing cuz when I got started on my atari I was using a 410 and I needed quite a bit of help. They were very helpful. I didn't have my sio2pc at that point and the 410 was my way of getting games off the web. That whole process did get very cumbersome, now that I have my sio2pc and 1050 my 410 doesn't see much action. But I will never let it go I still fire it just to hear it go and play a game of bruce lee from time to time.
  12. The buzzing is normal that hum is one of my favorite parts of the vectrex not sure why. It seems as though the vertical deflection of the beam toward the top of the vectrex is good but not the vertical deflection towards the bottom. Also the horizontal deflection to the right is good (that is right from the vectrex's point of view). Horizontal deflection to the left also seems to be an issue. Hopefully it is something that controls that magnetic coils and not the coils themselves. Thats all I can tell you I don't know too much about vectrex circuitry just a little bit about crt's.
  13. I would love to see an app like that. I don't even think it would have to be gaming specific. Just software that let's you define your own catagories and sub catatagories. Lots of people collect different things you could sell this app to Gi Joe and hot wheels guys to. You might be able to actually make some decent money with a good app like this. That's kinda why I thought it would already exist.
  14. I usually have a pretty good memory about my collection. it's only happened a couple of times but I have bought a couple games only to get home to find out I already had it. So I took a few pics of my collection on my phone so I could look at the pics when I'm out to determine what I already have. I then decided it would be a good idea to actually inventory my collection. I checked the app store to see if there was any good inventory apps. None of them seemed quite right for my purposes. I was curious if anyone else had looked into this and found a good solution? The perfect app would be able to break your inventory down into sub categories. When you get down to the specific Item you could list different characteristics of the item, like weather of not I have the manual, or case, ext. This type of software seems like a no brainer to my and I was kinda surprised I couldn't find anything like that. Was I just missing it?
  15. I feel you don't need a break but you do need to pace yourself. You will go broke quick if you try to get everything you want at once. You will also never stop coveting new things. As soon as you get your vectrex you will be consumed with a new obsession. That's how it has worked for me anyway. Learn to enjoy the hunt. I had been obsessing over a vectrex for probably 3 years. Then when I spotted one while driving by a yard sale for $15 it was so much more satisfying then had I just dropped $200 on eBay. Not because I saved money but because it was a drawn out but successfull hunt.
  16. Wondering if any one on here with knowledge of old chips might know anything about this cpu? I was Striping and old teletype I got at a thrift store for parts. It had a the Intel M80c31f chip and I did a quick google on it. I found some specs and read that it has an 8 bit architecture. I was just curious if any old 8 bit computers used this chip and if it was worth saving for anything?
  17. I'm kinda hoping this has happened to someone else. Every now and then I'll search Ebay for "Adventure Vision broken" or "Adventure Vision parts". I've gotten pretty decent at fixing different types of electro mechanical devices and at fabricating parts. A busted Adventure Vision is probably the only Adventure Vision I could afford but I probably won't even be able to afford that......... Maybe some day I'll see a busted one by the curb on the way to work. The Vectrex Is the perfect combination of obscurity and playability. When someone walks into my game room they are instantly drawn to my Vectrex. They have usually never heard of it and when I start it up they have never seen anything like it. I feel thats all you'd really get with an Adventure Vision. The fascination doesn't end there with the Vectrex cuz It's game are actually fun too.
  18. I see what your saying. The device your describing would be the perfect Atari peripheral. I believe If someone were to devote a lot of time to writing a custom os and hardware interfaces the pi could become what you describe. At the end of the day the pi is just a low end hacky pc, and its very good at being just that. I do see some advantages to the pi being a full on pc. One being that the pi can surf the web and download any files you could ever want to send to your Atari. If you code on the Atari your can do the job much easier and faster on the pi and test it under emulation before you ever send it to your Atari. This may not be agreeable to some purists. In some ways I am a purist and some ways I'm not. Even though I do use Aspeqt and Ape quite a bit I still copy all my favorite games to floppies just so I can hear my 1050 hum.
  19. This can and has been done. Here is an old thread on it. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/209010-sio2pi-raspberry-pi-as-a-floppy/?hl=%2Bsio2pi&do=findComment&comment=2777570 I was actually working on a pi for just this purpose for a a few weeks now. Here are the parts I ordered for it. Logic level converter. 7" lcd screen. Remote control style keyboard and touch pad. I must admit that since starting this project my original vision has evolved quite a bit. I've decided to not use the keyboard or the lcd screen I bought. I've spent the last week gutting an old teletype from the 80's and making an interface to use the teletype keyboard with my raspberry pi this was actually the hardest part (the teletype is obviously not usb). I now intend to use a 5" color crt and make my pi an all in 1 vintage computer emulation station that also has the ability to emulate drives for my Atari using aspqt. Changing the pi's function can be made as easy as swapping out an sd card. The teletype and crt are just effort to make it so my pi doesn't look out of place next to my real vintage computers. I'm actually hoping to finish this project this weekend!
  20. Technical support all the way for me. I bought my 800xl on a whim without even knowing how to load a program. During a google search for info this site kept showing up, so I had to become a member. One of the best things I have ever done. This community is amazingly friendly and helpful. I've made a bunch of hardware for various machines thanks to the community here. I honestly believe Ive gained almost as much knowledge here as I did in high school. Before I joined this community my electronics knowledge was good enough to splice a few wires. Now I'm creating my own original Ideas with Integrated circuits. Every question I've ever posted gets a quick response from someone who has the information I need. AtariAge is like a giant throbbing brain of information on vintage electronics. I still got a lot I want to learn but AtariAge really got the ball rolling for me.
  21. Adventure vision is my new holy grail. I love the weird way it operates, and I feel like I want it bad enough that one will just fall into my lap someday. Yea I know thats nuts but It has a way of happening to me it seems. Thats how I got my vectrex and a bunch of other weird shit. I see videos on line and I get kinda obsessed. Then eventually I see an old lady selling it on her lawn. It's like you can will them into your life. Thats the method I recommend for acquiring systems as rare as that cuz god knows I cant pay current market price for stuff like that.
  22. Very much possible, and works very well.
  23. Well for a long time when I used to go out t o the bars I would come home and I would not goto bed till I beat Super Mario 3. A while back I got a Vectrex and since then I've been going for a scramble high score before I goto bed. I was wondering who else had a drunken favorite?
  24. I remember my dad getting a 1 gig hard drive and saying "It's all you will ever need it would be impossible to fill that". It did take years but i did prove him wrong! I also remember the school librarian having a drawer full of mouse balls to replace the ones that were constantly getting stolen. Anyone remember cleaning the little wheels in your mouse or better yet trying to use a paint program with a dirty mouse.
  25. I'm still sporting my data link! Mine is the ironman top row second from the left. I'm a little ashamed to admit I found it on the floor in a mosh pit at a Limp Bizkit / Kid Rock concert. I never need to program it anymore cuz anything It could do my cell phone does better. It did seem so cool when my monitor would flash a bunch of lines and then all my friends phone numbers were in there like magic. I know Timex made an accessory that was for people with flat screens. It was a small device that would plug into your pc you would hold your watch up to it, and it would some how achieve the same effect as a crt. Might be able to find one cheap on ebay these days.
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