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  1. I wonder if that program is out on the Internet somewhere or if anyone knows Bob, would be nice to add to the Coleco Library.
  2. Keep going, that looks great!!! So is it too much to ask for expansion support =P
  3. I just bought four items from Topdog and the experience was great!!! Fast shipping and wonderful to deal with!
  4. Awesome, Thanks! Digging around now for my transfer cable!
  5. Thanks for the update! I was looking over the Internet for the Adam Demonstration Cart by Coleci and not being very lucky, anyone have a link I can use? Luckily I do have the 128 in 1 cartage! Craig
  6. Hello everyone! I have my Adam up and running next to my main Windows computer and l love it turned on. However, not much is going on. I was wondering if anyone knows a program like a screen saver I can run? Right now I am using Fortune Builder as it has a small demo. Thanks ahead of time! Craig
  7. Rey, I just saw this!!! I hope things work out well! Sorry to hear these bad things happening to such a great guy!
  8. Yurkie, Have you tested this out with the 2600 adapter? I doubt it will work since it does not with my F18A modded Adam, but I thought I would ask anyways. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the responses! Dmitry, that is what I want to do my Adam soon (program), I am looking to move soon, so it will be after that, but I really do love that system. Atari 800XL with VBXE card sounds like the way to go. I was doing some more research and what does everyone think of the 130XE, that was the last 8-bit computer from Atari correct? They are a little cheaper on ebay (blah) and if they are move powerful or better to upgrade, maybe that would be the way to go? Paul, thank you for pointing me to your website now, I am looking at what you have to offer!
  10. Hello everyone! I am a regular to the Colecovision Adam (the computer I grew up on) here at AtariAge, but now I am looking into getting into the Atari Computer side of the house after collecting for the 2600 and just getting done with the book Atari - Business is fun (wondering if Business is War will ever come out =/) I have been doing some research but I thought I would ask the experts on their opinion of what I should look for. As of now, I am between the Atari 800 and the Atari XL Series. While I never had an Atari Computer when I grew up, I knew a few kids that had the 400/800, never even seen the XL version though. It would be nice if someone can also point me to any upgrades (modern) to these computers as with my Adam, I have modded it so it runs on my 4K TV. It would be nice to do the same here. My basic ideas is to learn the system, play games, and learn some programming possibly. Thanks ahead of time!
  11. Haya all, I was looking around eBay for colecovision stuff and noticed this? I think I have been pretty good at reading the history of Coleco and seeing what was out there but this is the first time I have ever heard of this box: http://www.ebay.com/itm/162065689489?_trksid=p2060353.m1431.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Can anyone confirm this is the real deal (at least history wise). Thanks!
  12. Hay all...so I am trying to center my Vectrex (if you are looking at the screen, it is too low and to far to the left). I have tried to adjust the centering magnets but they will not budge. I'm a little worried about pushing to hard so before I went any where else I thought I would see if anyone here has suggestions on the best way to adjust them. Thanks!
  13. Question everyone: I have a TurboDuo (US version) and I really think I am having an issue with the plug because there is a slight amount of what I would call "peeling" of the silver part of the plug that goes into the console. In the past I would be able to adjust it so the power would come on but I think that time is pass and I am unable to get it running today. I looked on eBay and most of the power bricks were in the $70.00+ range (!) Can anyone point me to a cheaper alternative out there that works just as well? Thanks!
  14. I bought a few games from Jin, I can vouch that the transaction went perfectly and it was a joy to work with him! Fast shipping, good price, packaged well, and the games looked awesome (and played great). Would buy again without a doubt!
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