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  1. i just picked up skate boardin' and dancing plate, both pal games from clevelands classic game convention this weekend. dont know too much about them. paid 8 bucks for the two. good deal?
  2. im a backer for the gamestick on kickstarter and ive almost lost all excitment about the product so if i leave it sealed in package do you think it would be worth something in the future?
  3. yeah, too much blah blah, $400 pc? then 2 years from now youll have to get different chips and what not, to me there just like money pits just like cars, just my opinion
  4. i dont trust pcs, too many problems pop up, thats why i wouldnt put games on it unlike a atari where i dont have to worry about not being able to playi think its dumb when my friends say they cant play a game on there comp because they dont have the right graphics card or whatever
  5. yeah, thats what i was thinking, thanks
  6. should i rely on the wiishop channel for nintendo and sega games or should i hold on to the master system and nes? will we always have the wii store to buy games? i perfer actual cartridges/discs so i know i have the game. this question is the reason i dont play games on pc
  7. good point, i saw the shield but it just doesnt look as appealing to me haha
  8. anyone heard about the gamestick? another andriod game console. i think it sounds better than the ouya. what do you think?
  9. atari 2600 (4 switch) - my favorite, just got wizard of wor and fast food sega master system - need to get some more games ps2 - not as fun as it used to be, probably need to get guitar hero again game boy color - just got a blob light for it plug n play tv games namco - play mappy the most snes - dont really play it that much anymore right now i want to get an atari 7800 and maybe a coleco telstar
  10. i was planning on using the synthcart as a sort of drum machine, would that work? gotta have back up while i play the uke! haha
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