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  1. solder and hot glue are your friend providing you can get the female connector and have a spare set of av cables!
  2. my first try tonight on my new Defender 2000 cartridge on the 60 inch plasma heres my high score and got and acceptable on my game over screen lol!
  3. Goat Store LLC rocks i got my Defender 2000 in 3 days and loaded first try now its time to set some records!

  4. if is bent really bad it may break but if it breaks off just the end it should still connect and work i have a broken pin on one of mine and its not a problem!
  5. yeah i have two controllers and one is a 4 pin row set the other is 5 pin row set didnknownthey made two kinds of pinsets but the apparently did one controller must have been made at a different time!
  6. DecapX3

    Typhoon 2001

    theres also Tsunami 2010 an intended to be Tempest 3000 remake/clone ive been playing it too awesome visuals and stellar gameplay once you get up in the higher levels! and again FREE!http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=9466
  7. DecapX3

    Typhoon 2001

    its got alot of new features new view that was the true intented perspective that was scrapped in the arcade version and all the editing and you can edit webs theres alot to this game for pc gamers and jag fans alike and most important above all ITS FREE !
  8. Waiting impatiently for Defender 2000 to show up at my door tommorow then it on!!!!

    1. Bryan


      I'm playing E.T. 2000!

    2. DecapX3


      never played it


  9. DecapX3

    Typhoon 2001

    i love ideas and opinions was just shooting mine out there its all good now go download and play the game and for all you stargate defender fans i found a direct link to the 14.mb download off you tube here
  10. DecapX3

    Typhoon 2001

    if only they could make a remake this good of defender 2000 i would just be like WHOA!!!!!!!
  11. DecapX3

    Typhoon 2001

    and lol @ stargunner for not playing it yet !!!
  12. DecapX3

    Typhoon 2001

    btw dont forget the view buttons there up on your Fkeys and it even has the original concept view where the webs spin and you are more staionary
  13. DecapX3

    Typhoon 2001

    the polygon count along with the textures and anti-aliasing there just noway the jag could do it if someone can i'll buy a copy lol!
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