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  1. That is f'ing awesome. I am glad I am done buying cool shit I'd never use. Because oh baby.
  2. Jeez with all this talk of suing and burying people in legalities, I wonder why anyone would want to keep their unreleased rom to themselves, or stay within a small group. Doesn't affect me. I just use any proto boards I find in 3d macrame projects. I've got a quilt with some rare roms in that are all mine, and they keep me warm at night. Call the lawyers!
  3. I play COH quick matches on CPU levels that are so easy, the game basically beats itself. I don't play it to play an RTS (I don't really like RTS, I have 200+ hours in COH tho), I play it to play toy soldiers in the yard, so to speak. The first time I went to "normal" difficulty...let's just say the war had a different ending.
  4. Left some random items at the dump a few months ago...somebody up the road a few miles scoops them up and puts them on ebay! 😀


    1. save2600


      Jeez, a real scavenger. Guy has 6200+ items listed!

    2. GoldLeader


      Dang!  Ten bucks says he won't even know what systems they're for!  He's asking too much, but on the other hand, maybe someone could use them for parts so there's that.

  5. I have the 7800 one. No box tho. AFAIK it's the only third party controller from back in the day actually made with the 7800 in mind.
  6. I'm showing my programming naivete here I guess....people have patched Impossible Mission, why hasn't this game been 'fixed'?
  7. My two cents...don't be a in rush and just buy it here from a member when they list it (or even just set alerts on ebay and be really on it). The collectard community hasn't discovered the 7800 system yet and as such IMO there's no rush to get anything...as it shouldn't be skyrocketing in value any time soon. Now, if you see sealed Tank command for 5$....maybe you should just buy it. But really, just take your time.
  8. I don't have a lot of RF systems any more but my Coleco is and when it gets fuzzy I just kind of smile. I could jiggle the cable and sharpen it up but memories....
  9. Just snagged another 480i CRT with component ins a few weeks ago. A this point, the "shelf" is full, and I am now returning lesser (perfectly good) CRTs to the dump in favor of ones that are legs up (i.e. have component). I only take the smalls....19" and less, a great size for desk top gaming. So that's 3 I have now. For some reason. In addition to the 24" Wega. and the 32" Wega. If I saw another 32" WEGA...my back, and lack of room, and gain in common sense, would probably make me pass. For me, if this ever got hard (or cost me any money), I'd likely give up. But CRTs are still common sights at my dump, and the dump hates them as they have to pay for disposal.
  10. Don't do it! OTOH Ten bucks for all of it!
  11. You can't imagine ordering a game without a fancy piece of paper that doesn't affect the performance of said item at all? Huh. (that being said, I love Marc O's art design)
  12. I mean solely from a handheld perspective, which I think makes the game(s) a lot easier--I don't know anybody with hands big enough to hold a controller designed as such AND hit that middle button easily each time. It's a stretch. Or, at least, it was for me. But from an authentic perspective, controller on table/hands splayed, that button is just fine. (So far as other games for these types of controllers....Joust works great....)
  13. I've made some of these myself, and if you can/want to ignore original layout and intention (laying it flat on a table to play with both hands splayed)I think you can do better. I've built ones with a "proper" hyperspace button position at dead central, like the one on the bottom right...and it is really hard to hit during gameplay. Whereas moving hyperspace under Green (thrust) and Red (Fire) makes it actually useful. Or, at least usable. Those two smaller ones on the left are smaller than a genesis controller and can be held as such easily.
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