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  1. WCW vs. NWO Revenge. Can be had for a $5 spot normally. I mean, I guess you have to like wrestling/fighting games, but.....it's tops.
  2. I have a few of these, I guess I never used them enough to wear them out? Most common issue I've seen is broken off thumb sticks. Outside of that, I thought they were pretty solid units not in need a lot of repairs.
  3. I have one of the Genesis flash carts from ali. Definite krikkz knockoff. Still works, over a year later (you never know with this ali stuff). I had someone here tell me I shouldn't buy something like that as it hurts krikkz. For some time I considered the ethics of buying a device primarily meant for pirating (sure, homebrews and hacks and backups guys, right!) from a pirate who stole the design, as opposed to the person who just designs and sells the device primarily for pirating. After some internal debate, I had a beer and played some Ghouls and Ghosts and decided I didn't care.
  4. God I am bad at the Pac part. Did I mention this? DAMN!
  5. I wish it had a price on the sticker. Be interesting to know what that went for.
  6. Well right now it's running the same XE it has been for the last 7 years so it's solid here at least. If I can get the 800XL fixed up I'll for sure get a better PS. Not sure I'll ever mod it but I know enough to plan that I might....
  7. I may have not aligned the paper piece under the PCB correctly, I wonder if that could be allowing some bad contacts. Thanks, I'll check. I had a heck of a time getting the guts back in the case. The 800 DID ship with an ingot PS, but thanks to AA I knew not to use it. Grabbed my 1A logo PS that I got with my XE.
  8. Well, I opened it up to clean it last night....and now I get a rolling black screen after putting to back together. I royally futzed it up somehow. Dammit. Will try to just boot it up with no cart tonight (in my dejection I didn't think of that....been a while since I ran an A8!) There were several spots on the backside of the board which looked icky. I wonder if they were the issue. Caps/resistors on top looked ok. But bottom of PCB did not on some of the joints. There was rusty corrosion. Anyone around here fix 800XLs?
  9. I wanted to get back into some 8 bit action; I have an XE but no keyboard (so an XEGS I guess, but I sure never called it that as a kid). So after a little research (all threads leading back to AA, as usual) I decided to get an 800XL. Well I got my 800XL in the mail the same day as some new carts from an AA user. My XE runs all the carts fine. But my 800XL won't play Football, Pole Position, Robotron, BC's Quest for Tires, and Dig Dug. Of games I already owned, I tried Joust, and, same deal, it worked on XE but not 800XL. The 800XL does play SOME of the other games I just got fine, including Ace of Aces and Barnyard Blaster. It plays some of my older games fine. All carts were cleaned after an initial test in the XL, it made no difference. I can get more into my library of carts to test, I have a decent amount, but is there something KNOWN I should be looking at here? Or could I have gotten a faulty machine? Cart connector need adjusting maybe? Really hoping I don't have a dud and I can make this machine work. The 800XL makes my XE look (more) like a toy--though I will say, my XE's video is better.
  10. Got my A8 carts in good shape, on time, as promised. Good transaction.
  11. Think the maker is here, somewhere.
  12. Bob, thank you so much for adding the pin only mode. Because man oh MAN do I suck at the pac-mode. Had a blast last night getting a feel for the ball and flippers, nice physics! Everything feels consistent.
  13. Sooooo, as soon as I am home from night crew tonight, I know what the evening holds....Glow in the Dark came out AMAZING Bob please do more in the future!
  14. I try it sometimes....it's the controls that kill it. The game is still awesome and fun, but I just am not used to my old c-button to move routine etc and nowadays all the control options it offers feel super archaic, even though back then, I know felt it was pretty good, for not being a mouse.
  15. I'm looking for loosies myself, just to play. Got a decent deal on Food Fight XE (dirty, but 10$ ain't bad) but it is depressing how little loose grey cart stuff is on there, how much $$ it is on there, and how many of the lots with NEAT 8 bit cart stuff in them also have DK, Qix, Pac Man, etc etc etc. When the lot is half super commons I already own, I can't make the math work!
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