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  1. My thought is, why has no one remade Final Lap Twin and World Court Tennis? I wish there were more RPG style games like that.
  2. I have the exact same TV....if you are close to this man and like retro gaming, I say go get it. It's a great size with all the right features.
  3. I mean, this means very little to ME personally, but I do know that in a modern sense, GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, and Mario 64 are big games in the speedrunning community. (I got drawn into that rabbit hole thanks to youtube...not something I do myself but it can be fascinating to follow)
  4. Johnny Turbo has to fight someone. If not FEKA agents, than who?
  5. I am all for a proper TG forum. With the PC-FX forums gone, and the proboards one lightly traveled, I would try to make this "home" and put up threads etc. And yo....the 3DO point is very on. If that...system...deserves a proper forum, turbob surely does!
  6. From the list...isn't the Yellow Devil in Mega Man the one you can cheese by pausing/unpausing while hitting it with a certain weapon? In Castlevania....I am ok with Medusa heads. Any of you guys ever try to finish CVIII on the Alucard loop? There is a level where the screen scrolls up and it continually drops bricks on you. The ONLY way I ever finished that POS level was playing the freakin' Contra/Castlvania PC version and using pauses/save states. That level SUCKS.
  7. The disappearing/reappearing ones? I swore out loud just THINKING about them.
  8. as much as I love the series I think No Mercy, I think Revenge is a great example of when a game is BETTER for having LESS (besides the graphics being too dark IMO, and having a VERY boring roster to me). That's why I didn't asterix it! The counter system, if you are fast enough and put in enough hours, involves no guessing. But then this is simply where it's more what you like and how you like to play it...I hate FP's auto grabs and hard coded counters, and short the incredible multitude of CAW options, which are fun and impressive (but not my cup of tea as I want to wrestle, not spend hours make wrestlers and leagues), I have just never been a fan. Tomato, potato I'd say. (every once in a while I do still fire up FP on Steam....it is fun...)
  9. That's what I'm talking about! I'd start with Revenge (watch the intro!) or WWF 2000. Learn the engine for sure--long grabs vs short, and the differing moves base on directionals. Use the triggers, hugely important: L shrugs of a grab (with perfect timing) and ducks otherwise, R directly counters strike (with perfect timing) and blocks when held otherwise. This is where a LOT of timing comes in. C buttons make you run and allow you to whip opponents. Analog is needed only to taunt and to activate special. If you are more into a Story Mode with run-ins. multiple paths, etc, try No Mercy! The other two are more of a no-or-low story affair.
  10. Jeez I got that box of controllers and I think the Laser Active controller is even better than I thought, sort of. It says "TurboGrafx" on the center piece, not "HE System", which I hadn't noticed in the lsiting, and if I am reading wiki right that means it is from the US version (DUH, but I had no idea until I looked it up) PAC-N10 which is way rarer than the PC-E version. And it did have some cigarette residue in one of the the button holes. So some things were as expected--I am like 100 for 100 with ebay there.
  11. The N64 was home to the absolute best wrestling franchise of all time. I still play these games, with friends and beer, to this day. I feel two of these games (*), at their time, were essentially perfect, and remain so to this day. Virtual Pro Wrestling (JPN) Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 (JPN) WCW vs. NWO: World Tour WCW/NWO Revenge* WWF Wrestlemania 2000* WWF No Mercy The engine is deep, balanced, and fair. Skill is rewarded, but so is being a heel POS, as it should be in a wrestling game. Excellent fun for one player, ridiculous amounts of fun for four people, regardless of skill level. Fire Pro can't hold this game's jock. Oh and SOMEHOW this game feels like the weird ass N64 controller was made for it. Holy crap I think I need to fire up a 40 man battle royale match on hard difficulty and see if I can solo it. I can stand up for a few other N64 games, Mario Golf and Tennis for two. I'm really NOT actually an N64 guy, as the system lives in my house just for a small selection of wrestling games. I totally get that isn't the best argument for it. But they are the best damn wrestling games ever made.
  12. Mega Man X? Castlevania IV? FEH! Who's heard of, or wants to play, that nonsense. Which system has the better version of Alfred Chicken, that's what I want to know.
  13. For whatever reason this inspires me to go break the backboard in One on One one more time. Goddamn that game can be fun, especially vs.
  14. I'd have to check my shelves but I think with PC-E stuff, the huey backs are largely blank, but the CD title backs have art, copy and screenies? I think? I know many of my spare huey cases started life as Pro Yaikkyu whatever #, and horse racing, and mah jong....they were all black with a round sticker on the back. Because man did I remove a lot of those stickers.
  15. I think this (along with the case re-design they did--based on the worst kind of nonsense) were two of their biggest mistakes, and both IMO more costly than the pack in being Keith Courage. If you're going to take MONTHS re-designing the case...put a second control port on it! If not....save the time, release the damn thing as is, and start gobbling up the 16 bit landscape! Delaying the release but not IMPROVING the system in any way while in doing so? Worst of all worlds decision.
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