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  1. When it comes to ebay, and selling, I take, and post, more pictures of the ISSUES with an item than with the GOOD ASPECTS. Scratches, dings, dents, etc. I suggest you point them OUT pro-actively. CC here seems like a good, honest guy. But if I had gotten that Phantasy Star, I'd have been kind pissed. It's that kind of photo that yes, does show the damage, but doesn't really do it justice, so as a buyer, I'd have to wonder if it was a "cover your butt" photo, or an honest "didn't think it was that big a deal" photo. Also, NO mention of any damage in the description, and that's real damage, not shelf wear etc. Even with an iffy photo, I'd have backed CC if he pointed out the damage in the copy block.
  2. Joust is a must IMO. Robotron 2084 is also a must if you can finagle a twin stick set up.
  3. Where do I plug the master system converter in?
  4. Oddly enough I just got two issues in the mail this weekend. Alex Kidd, and, hmm, I forget the other. Maybe they are "catching up"?
  5. Jeez...I wondered if my subscription ran out. Hadn't even considered there might be an issue. I love the mag, mostly because I am UK gaming ignorant, especially PC gaming. Every issue is new stuff to me!
  6. With a nice credit to Kevin Bunch. Pretty nice video, I've always like Jeremy's stuff.
  7. To me it looks like the design for those weird wooden system holders you showed earlier.
  8. Big ups to Stanley for doing the word search. But to not send it in to try to get that tasty CD player? A shame. Kind of interesting to see originally Falcon carried the "3.0" moniker. Maybe they took it off as it would not compare well to the 3.0 that appeared on PCs.
  9. It looks strong enough that maybe he put his small CRT TV right on top of it? Except he power cable doesn't have a cut out....could it have been run through the RF cable hole first? Both of them have that little extra wood piece on the back....don't even have a theory there.
  10. huh....I've got most of the US library and at least another 150 PCE hueys....I believe I have come across maybe 1 dead huey in all that time. The letter scans are pretty interesting, please keep them coming!
  11. So I have a composite modded and a standard 7800...oddly (compared to community reaction) I always found the RF on my 7800 very GOOD (better than any other RF system I own, including Coleco, Intellivision, and my 2600) and while composite does make some games look a lot nicer....part of me really misses some of the ghosting when playing Joust. There is just something about playing Joust on RF in the dark while that ostrich arcs across the black screen, leaving a phosphorescent trails behind it. Those trails remind me of being a kid...for multiple reasons!
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