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  1. Makes sense of course! But sometime the home version is just better, even in a non-reimagined way. Another difference is the lava hands no? I seem to recall that some home versions don't have this, in some they're animated differently, and the "reach" distance I think varies by platform.
  2. That's interesting to me. I played the 8 bit version growing up as well. Only got into 7800 as an adult. But aside from graphics I find the 8 bit and 7800 version play VERY closely to each other, and my "moves" or techniques all carry over just fine. Well, except for the egg hatching difference. That kind of changes things a bit. I have been lobbying for several years, asking for an intrepid 7800 programmer to add the Colecovision Joust options screen to the 7800 ROM. Have even offered a bounty! Maybe it's time to bump that again. It seems like it could be a fit for you as well.
  3. In my mind it depends on what you're judging it on, arcade fidelity or the game itself....no, they didn't get the flap right to the arcade. As a true to arcade conversion, it has to be knocked. but in my mind, they actually did it much, much BETTER, and the arcade flap...kind of sucks. I'd say the home versions (save perhaps the NES) do the physics much BETTER than the arcade version, making for a MUCH better game.
  4. If you can live without the absolute best version ever made of Joust....you should still own a 7800.
  5. How about a GOOD system like the 7800....59 games....
  6. It's annoying to me as I try to avoid using Amazon now whenever possible.
  7. You said that and I didn't even need to look! (I did to be sure I was right...I was!)
  8. Is the PC-E scrolling different from the American version? Is there parallax missing or something?
  9. R-type is fun for people willing to put in the time to learn it, and who were willing to put up with the difficulty. I play it now and then and while it's enjoyable, virtually every playthrough ends in frustration (You died, there go your weapons, have fun with that guy!). There's no arguing it's an actual good game whereas Altered Beast really isn't, I get that...but I'd argue even Altered Beast is a better pack in...two player simultaneous play, simple game mechanics, easy play. Pack ins IMO are supposed to appeal to the whole family and be approachable. Gates of Thunder TD pack in was on a disc with Bonks 1&2 and Bomberman. I do believe it was available singly.
  10. I dunno, I know that was something marketed to ("Acade series") but I guess I'm unsure how much that mattered to most. As a kid being marketed to at the time, I had been in few arcades, and never seen Altered Beast. Mario had already kind of changed the idea that video game machines were just ways to take arcade games home, new home IPs were a big deal. So far as the philosophy of tech demo style thinking...Altered Beast is well remembered but not well loved as a pack in, and was replaced with a mascot platformer (and other pack ins) ASAP, that did WAY better. Atari tried to do the "look what we can do with Polygons ma!" pack in as well with Cybermorph...it was a tremendous disaster. When you have ONE game to start with, IMO it should be one people want to play, not one people want to WATCH or just looks cool on a commercial. And it should be EASY enough for most players to make SOME progress, be it your mom or your sister or your dad. Even the genre just strikes me as all wrong for a pack in. Shewty-shewts just seem like awful pack ins.
  11. I agree on the former 1000% (the time it would have saved them alone in beating Sega to market would have been huge) but always used to argue the latter, which is an argument I've seen before. It's an excellent version of the game, but putting a hard as balls (and somewhat weird) shooter in there as the pack in the 80s....I think it would have gone over like a fart in church. (I was actually questioning to myself if a shooter was ever a pack in game for any system, then I remembered SMS and Astro Warrior...but that also had a light gun game on it, so I consider that more of a "value cart", which I do understand as a pack in. "Son, it's got TWO games inside!!!) Again, love turbob R-Type but it's too niche/hardcore to be a good pack in IMO.
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