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  1. So, I already think my Vectrex is dead sexy as is, but damn....them graphics is gorgeous.
  2. Same here....I'm kind of excited to run it into my sound system.
  3. A few pics...this is the unit that had next to NO sound on normal games.
  4. Yeah those are them! I admit my set sat around for a while (like, months) but one Saturday afternoon I got the heat gun out and just said f it, let's do it. Very glad I did. They look great IMO.
  5. Who did the foil labels a while back? I know some of us re-kitted their whole library with them, and I really like them.
  6. I am fairly sure one who knows the right folks here can get one of those built....I got mine either here or on ebay and it was just a 30$ loosie. (mine looks just like groundtroopers....no "proto" language on the cart)
  7. I moved to my stock RF 7800 and used the Dragonfly...suddenly have no sound issues at all. Must be some kind of weirdness with the RCA mod on my 7800 (I did not do it so not sure of the whats/hows of the mod itself) as now everything sounds as it should.
  8. 2006 scarier would be how MUCH money was spent in that time...
  9. I've asked a mod in the past on starting trade threads in specific console forums...the idea being, you post the stuff you want to trade (Atari 7800 stuff say) in the 7800 forum in one ongoing trade thread. You're then at least delivering the tradebait to (likely) a more interested audience. You may also be closer to finding someone who has something else you want, assuming you aren't exiting collecting for X system completely. "Hey I'm a 7800 guy with a Mean 18. Oh you have two Tank Commands and I have none. Let's talk" Frankly I do think we could get some friendly trades going in the system forums. But expecting people to check here regularly in the off chance of finding something...seems hard to buy. Whereas with one "7800 trade thread" in the 7800 forum, one could get alerts and more easily check all on offer.
  10. Only to be that guy...couldn't you also get a screw on F type connector for the TV itself...then just switch each cable between RF out on the consoles? Seems to me I used something like this to do that for quick switches on my RF systems. probably there is something I am missing, as I never need to individually tune my RFs, so I am thinking you are running some fun JP consoles that have to come in on channel 86 or whatever it is? (I know probably this I bad juju....I have also used coaxial combiners to "flow" three RF systems into one cable into a TV. As long as you don't turn two on at once, that works pretty well, I think...) JM2Cs generally.....there are games I actually like RF for. Atari 7800 Joust on RF? Awesome phosphorescent trails (ghosting, I assume)on the birds on my CRT. Composite? No blur. And that silly blur somehow adds to the action for that game, for me. My big beef with RF back int he day was static if it was jostled! but as a kid, I can 100% say I did not care HOW I got to play my games...only that there was an available port on the TV, and for a brief period, that usually meant RF (either through a VCR or as a secondary when your cable box is using the one set of those new fangled RCA connectors your TV came with)
  11. I admit, this thing also has my eye. And I really thought I was done with A1Us.
  12. Agreed 100%. As a one button 2600 design, it's great for ambidextrous-ness. As a two (unique) button for the 7800? Sorry to say, it's junk. EDIT: Although it ALMOST looks like it has a smaller set of buttons on each side of the cord? WTH are those? Case tabs or something?
  13. Just in case somebody felt crafty. Shoot I had this taped to my workbench wall for over two years. Eventually after the 15th controller or whatever, it becomes second nature.
  14. Cedro, I keep looking at this, is it on a table? Is the depth 2 boards or 4? Really like the natural wood look.
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