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  1. I have PSVR...just not that big a fan (though DOOM VR is....f'ing amazing). I don't want to put a helmet with cords on to shooty-shoot....I just want the damn gun. As previously mentioned, I'm baffled that in this nostalgia flooded market, somehow no one (Namco???) has come up with a "plug and play" light gun that includes all their old gun games and works on a modern TV via HDMI.
  2. I got a kick out of it! Criterion collectors are pretty hardcore. Steelbook and slipcover fans not far behind. He's got some cult labels in there too with good value. And some OOP titles/gift sets do fetch big money. But a mil? Woof. And the oddest thing....he has a massively valuable collection....and it looks like his shelves were all built from 3/4 oriented strand board....some of the weakest, worst sheet wood known to man.
  3. Yeah but that rule is to get around (technically) copyright though isn't it? You make a "new"modified thing that it wouldn't apply to? In any case, pretty lame that one person blew it up. Petty nonsense.
  4. My memory says somebody decided to be a nerd about the copyrights on 30th #1. I'm not sure why I think that tho. Even worse I recall it being some kind of tit for tat thing. *hits joint* don't trust my memory too much tho
  5. It also installed DVD players into millions of homes. May seem silly now but was a BIG deal then.
  6. Dammit....I want that first 7800 30th anniversary cart so bad. Shawn? LOL.
  7. I couldn't resist Tanooki...I already had every single one of the games on each one and I still bought them.
  8. hopefully that is not as giant as it looks to me. Normally they resize... midi maze has Mean 18 on it as a second game, it's a fav of mine
  9. Got two controllers from JrPac, they were well packed and arrived in good time. Would certainly buy from again.
  10. Stardust, I've seen you make made some cool stuff but....this makes my head hurt. An LED in a glow in the dark cart? It already glowed! XD
  11. EDIT: Oh Jeez I actually got confused int he convo and thought I was talkin' to Bob! I know that Al, my bad. boxes/carts As a non-boxer...I leave the cardboard to the rest of you fellows. I will say tho...in the blu ray world slips are often limited. And (some) people go absolutely nuts for them, going so far as to buy the slip SEPARATELY on ebay later to have it "complete". Somewhat akin to how boxes are done for the 7800.
  12. So I hate to say this but...this is a COMMON tactic in the blu ray world. Limited edition version of XXXX number, with a different cover (often a slipcase) and some special content. Those sell out, then they print the normal version. Arrow does this, and Shout! factory will simply only make slipcovers for the first XXX number of discs, making the slip the "limited" part without numbering. And some folks....they go nuts for the slipcover. NUTS. You kind of already hit on this with Baby Pac....you did your own unique printed shells before the store version. They were the "limited editions".
  13. Um....to go with my GITD Baby Pac Man? Yes please. BTW, my kids kids were a little freaked out when they turned out the lights in my basement (for some game, likely "bang foreheads together in the dark", my son is a champ of that one) and something in Dad's entertainment cabinet was glowing bright green! "Dad, what is this? Did you leave something on? If we did that we'd get in big trouble!" Also...why has no one come up with an aftermarket metal strip yet for 5200s and 7800s. Seems like there is enough demand!
  14. And I am sorry if I come off salty guys. This is something I just shouldn't talk about, I've just spent so much time dealing with the process this year. I normally have no problem paying my fair share, and even when I feel it's a little unfair, I understand the idea and appreciate some of the goals. But the states and feds can't often even make laws that are clear, consistent, or easy to comply with, so I can do that. Every state has unique tax rates, tax systems, and laws. it's nuts! If there's an everywhere sales tax now, ok, fine. Businesses have to adapt. But jeez could it be one flat rate for the country and remitted to a central system? It would have been so easy that way.
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