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  1. Dang the 7800 looks nice in white Bob. I know somebody here has a nice red-painted one too. I considered plexi windows and interior lights on a 7800 case at one point, and may still do it (I have all the parts I'd need already) but I actually think that type of mod on other systems looks kind of goofy soooo.....
  2. Shoot guys I thought I had posted the vinyl dimensions somewhere in the 7800 forum....putting that stuff on the 7800 is VERY easy as essentially it is just three rectangles cut from the same width (one with the cartridge port cut out). The 7800 wraps easy without a heat gun etc. You can do this with 10 bucks of vinyl from ebay, a good ruler, and a sharp exacto knife. So far as case upgrades, I really wish someone would get that Nolan Bushnell model mold (if it exists) and start selling aftermarket cases.
  3. Dopy I pay pretty stupid amounts of money for plastic all the time and I think this is cuckoo bananas nutso. If I knew someone who paid 20k for a console, I'd only think they were cool if that person was also helping the hell out of everyone he could. Cuz if you got money like that, you should spread it around. This thing would be the crown jewel of my PC-E collection if I owned it, and even at something like 5k or something I could afford...I couldn't look my wife or kids in the face if I bought it. I'd be embarrassed. I bet it sells for less than a 1/4 of this price eventually. PC-E scene is not that large, nor is everyone interested in the South Korean part of it.
  4. For the PCE boys: https://www.ebay.com/itm/125388940054?hash=item1d31c36316:g:cgMAAOSwmwJio0WX&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA4O0PO1RMuQggHfiFvNRDBPU5nzXmWKVmXYueHJS%2Fu2PNq5TmQwKsRxv5GThEf7tPRuox41Ng7UAaFbhqFEa0r%2FxisT7vMtn%2BYkZ63OX2Z4x3bEnHKlRHgSshChuUtlUAYmsHpq6OhlUOrrF3%2BGBsu9Ac8TOq7fmSLmue%2FYiQqMko5L1iL%2FUmk%2BjAx0dXo%2FnWxsfJfrKXxe%2BfgHn%2Fo%2BVmqnVy6KtWPLnG%2FBCWfK%2BYuSQpd1ode1m6Hyk1HhoMZlRUq8ad%2BK5se2wxNO8GHeJAjYJdxrq6u0nfsukO8YSiL7JY|tkp%3ABFBM1qe1tbVg Have only seen two (counting this one) on ebay in 15+ years.....last one had no box and was missing a piece, I believe sold for less than 2500.
  5. Color me jealous....I play Super Breakout near exclusively on mine and would love to have the Arkanoids, my fav paddle games ever (crazy brix right behind)
  6. I've not had a lot of luck getting good results with paint but vinyl can work well, curves dependent...
  7. I built a Fanatec setup, but was kind of ahead of myself--I didn't realize it was mostly supported by sim racers, and I don't like sim racers at all (frankly I've wanted an arcade driving set up my whole life and was gonna do the project come hell or high water). Thank goodness for Need for Speed: PayBack. Awesome arcade racing, tons of cars, tons of visual customization, tons of gametypes (drag races, drift races, jumps, cop chases, ETC!), huge environment, etc etc etc. The story and characters are pretty cringe but that almost makes it better. This one game literally made my Fanatec investment worth it (in my mind anyway). Every time someone comes into my basement and is overwhelmed by their options...they almost always settle on the driving set up. And they have a blast.
  8. I beat Malenia (finally) and thought Elden Beast would be no biggie (I had tried it a few times after beating Radogan but bailed, as I wanted to beat Malenia first and I was actually afraid I'd kill it easily). Dang. Elden Beast took me another week of attempts. Thank goodness for the anti-holy damage liver you can consume. I tried it for the hell of it (literally an exasperated "why not!!") and beat him that round. I am now busy grinding frogs in the blood palace with the end game sword. I want EVERYTHING I need to play ANY STYLE/BUILD before I move to NG+. I am just about there. Every decent weapon to +9/+24, all ashes maxed, almost all talismans.....but Jar Alexander quest still seems bugged and continues to elude me. Oh well....can't have everything!
  9. It was the 90s, and there was time for Klax. Now, not so much.
  10. Damn talk about fraud.... https://kotaku.com/retro-fake-forgery-bbpcgc-pc-ultima-classic-sales-group-1848998869?fbclid=IwAR3nOchSYFQT29S3ozti65UMgB3nE1wVmF6Gl8dvEXOBHa_FX2VEvjkNuOY "Wildly, it’s even believed that while most of Ricciardi’s fakes were sold directly to buyers, the group says “there is at least one black box Ultima 1 that we think may be fake that was graded by WATA.” WATA grading fake games is just....perfectly on par.
  11. It's really kind of odd...when I found retro-gaming years later I was somewhat stunned. I meet all these guys who never gave up on their old systems, or collecting. And played multiple gens at once, at the time. This was directly opposite to me. When the next gen system came out for me bitd, the last gen system practically became dogshit in my mind overnight. Why play 2600 or XE when you have a NES, why play NES when you have SNES, etc etc etc. It made me realize what a tech turd I was back then, easily impressed by graphics. Now of course I play anything from any time basically but man...back then it was new or nothing for me.
  12. The PC Engine guy in me wants to buy a LaserActive, with the proper PC-E PAC, every time I see one for sale. The non-stupid guy in me so far has refused to do so. But dammit his willpower will only last so long.
  13. Snap just checked my store page and that bad boy finally says shipped on my 4 as well, can't wait!
  14. I finally beat Placidsuax last night. It was not, let's say, a highly skilled victory (you can actually proc poison by using poison arrows on him, without waking him up, so I did that). I still had to do a little bit of "real fighting" as I didn't have enough arrows/damage to kill him with just that. But it is done. All I really "have left" is Malenia, and the final boss.
  15. I don't play or even really enjoy 1 on 1 fighting games very much but I do find "the scene" around them pretty interesting. Now that being said....I have never watched an actual live competition. But retrospective videos on how competitive play has evolved for a franchise ("the meta" as the kids say I guess) I find pretty neat. Same deal with speedrunning. Have never tried it, nor wanted to. But I can watch Karl Jobst or Summoning Salt examine Goldeneye or Mario Kart records in absolute fascination.
  16. I for sure killed the magma wyrm in that lake, eventually. But now I wonder if I have been looking in the wrong spot. Everything I read said you could "talk to him from an island in the lava" but there ain't nothing in that spot. Tonight I go looking for an alcove! (I rode around Radahn's damn area for what seemed like hours already!) I def think they are too opaque, but for whatever reason (maybe because I enjoy the world so much) I was loving finding things "on accident" or through a serious detective guesswork, as opposed to getting frustrated by what I missed. I haven't put 100+ hours into a game this fast in YEARS, and even when I blew my top I keep coming back. I think they just "got me" with this one. I am not sure of the exact spot in the tree I was in but just last night I found my way to Miquella. I did it cheap, by throwing my corpse down a shaft to activate an elevator that WON'T work by the lever from the top. So I somehow skipped the part with the damn ballistas and the narrow bridge that was giving me fits. Miquella has been..interesting. I snickered at how easy phase 1 was. Like, I am looking over at my son saying "man this may be a first time win bud"....ahem. Then there was that second phase....
  17. I love that the game doesn't help you with direction. I am not a git gud player, I overlevel, and still suck. But the world feels kind of real to me. I was mad that I locked myself out of a few things...but they'll be for NG+ for me. I am pretty sure I messed up Jar Alexander somehow myself, can't find him in ANY of the EIGHT spots he is supposed to be in. Oh well! I am struggling in the Haligtree now. Whole week has been bitterly slow progress there and alternately getting freakin' handled by Placidusax. Right now my STR build with the Ruins Sword (goddamn that special skill! Wow!) is not making up for my lack of skill.
  18. Free bump. Always neat to see rare hardware.
  19. There is nothing like firing up a Vectrex in a dark room. A truly unique gaming experience.
  20. I can't contribute much useful except that when my fat got wonky, it was very hit or miss..games stopped working before movie DVDs. Movie DVDs WOULD sometimes work on the 4th, 5th, or 17th try at spinning the disc. But eventually, it just stopped working period. So for me, it wasn't like it was all at once, but it was definitely the laser failing.
  21. Saving the TG (making it a bigger success anyway) would probably have more to do with starting off better. Release (ASAP) it in the US without pointless the case redesign. Get the drop on the other 16 bit systems. Include a "Twin Commander" style controller to easily allow 2p play. Pick better games to localize from Japan.
  22. I feel the pain. My parents got me an Atari XE instead of a NES for Xmas in I think 88 or 89. I got Bug Hunt and FSII instead of SMB. I also tried to not to be a spoiled, jerky kid about it. It was hard.
  23. I've only seen Joust, myself. I have seen it pop up 2-3 times in past few years. I wanted it (as a big 7800 AND Joust fan) but the last (beat-to-hell) one I saw went for $400+ if I recall right. Woof.
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