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  1. Should I get lost? xD Anyway, thanks for all the responses.
  2. Nationalism/racism. Ok! That's what I thought because there seems to be an unnatural loss of appreciation for the Xbox over there... http://www.joystiq.com/2011/08/17/report-japanese-retailers-backing-away-from-xbox-360/
  3. How come the PS3 seems to be more popular in Japan than the 360?
  4. Thank you, also can you play original Xbox games through Xbox Live as well? Or are the servers not around anymore for the original Xbox games?
  5. I do realize this console has been out for almost 7 years, but I was looking into buying one now considering the only other option is the PS3 (which I've already used). The 360 looks more lively than the PS3 and I like the graphics and controller better (from what I've seen). Is it still worth buying a console for $299 that has been out for almost 7 years?
  6. What you said, and I was also thinking that maybe the arcade co. making this product maybe does not need the power of a 360 or PS3??? Or the arcade manf. is doing it the only way they know how. Good question though, wish I knew the answer, as of now, I am also curious. Try hitting up KLOV.com I guarantee someone there will know the answer. I forgot to include the link to the system in my example. http://www.system16.com/hardware.php?id=731 I created an account on klov.com, but my account has yet to be approved for posting in the forums!
  7. Thanks for the replies. What I meant by custom arcade hardware is the creation of a board through consumer items, like standard PCI cards and consumer graphics cards. Here's an example. This board costs close to a thousand dollars and has equal or less power than a PS3 or 360. It basically is a custom board built using off-the-shelf items like an Nvidia graphics card.
  8. Hi, I've done some research on arcade games and have run across a bunch of information regarding various arcade boards used to run the games. I just have a general question regarding the design of these arcade boards: why are custom boards created instead of using ready-made, off-the-shelf game consoles (like Xbox, PS3, etc.) as arcade hardware? The main reason I am asking is because I know of one arcade company, Namco, that uses a board that is essentially a PS3. But most companies prefer to use their own [clunky] arcade boards (that are more like PC towers) to run the games. These PC-based "arcade boards" are more like actual computers, and are most likely much more expensive than just using a readily-available game console (with the same graphics/processing capabilities). If companies like Sega, Taito, and Konami used an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 as their primary arcade board, they would be able to port the games they want to port directly to the home console with very little tweaking. So, back to my question! With the increased cost of custom-made arcade hardware, as well as the increased cost and labor to port arcade games to existing home consoles, why would a company want to build their own arcade board? Thank you!
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