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  1. I would peace it out. Retrons are trash. I know people on here would love the Dragon Warrior games.
  2. Why don't you come down to Detroit and say that to my face
  3. Yeah if you aren't a scared little girl. There is no reason to talk bad about Detroit, I grew up there and it made me a man. Michigan is MUCH better than California. Terrible statement.
  4. You know Steve was a great guy. He dealt with my cheapass as best he could, and gave me a good price on everything. When I got it all, it was packaged great and the games themselves were all gems. I almost cried. A+
  5. Then go sell it on eBay. I think way less than $50, like someone said, it has no controller, a shitty Xbox game with a penny and the 20 gig HD is way too small to do anything on...OH and it has OPENED. I personally wouldn't even do $20 as it will brick in the very near future.
  6. I already have one, but this one I just picked up has the 4 ports instead of 2 and their is nowhere to plug in a power cord, so I am missing the RF/power box, but I have the power cord and controller. Is this system worth significantly more than the 2 port system, if so how much?
  7. UPDATED again, things added, things delted I have to do this everyday, AtariAge members have been awesome with buying! Thanks again guys!
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