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  1. How rare are these i was only able to find 2 on the whole entire ebay listing. Iv never seen one on any market places in Australia.
  2. Im looking for a upscaler for my Atari 2600 wont pick up on my 4k TV. CRT tvs gone extinct in Australia thanks to digital TV.
  3. How dose EB games make money on buy one pre owned get one free.

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    2. BillyHW


      They seem to be full of toys now on one half of the store. And yeah, they give you virtually nothing for the used games to begin with.

    3. quetch


      EB games realy is the only gaming shop in Australia.

    4. quetch


      Got a pre owned game for 58$ i got a 46 dollar gsme for free

  4. people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Lol. Or that hired a 5 year old lol. Cheeper labour lol.
  5. Thay hired a idiot who couldn't spell. Or it was a test to see if the public would pick it up. Or It's a 1980s government testing Conspiracies.
  6. im posting some more. ones I get use to this tablet.
  7. quetch

    is a greel

    sorry tryed to do the headline. but the tablet went funny and posted it.
  8. quetch

    is a greel

    i found a pal polaris green lable from a box of games i got of ebay. i look it up on rareity gide and found the us version is number 7 on the rare list. dose eany one know how rare a pal version is.
  9. i got a few pal atari 2600 games. funny thing was first open by us customs then when it arived to australian customs reopen it to make 100% postive that the us customs did miss eanthing. at less my games were not box. and im happy thay boath did not deside to drill a hole in one to see if it had drugs in it. how i know australian customs did that thay gave me a note exsplaning why thay reopen it. at less thay trying to find drugs.
  10. that space invaders you got is just like mine. its the same image and every thing. the dam gun to wide to fit under the sheild.
  11. it looks like a old dvd player. have you tryed it.
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