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  1. I'm not an unbiased person in the matter, but all the same I highly encourage all to watch this video: ...it is well worth the full 2.5 hours!
  2. Bump, and still available here, but also on other communities and will eventually hit eBay if it doesn't move.
  3. Bump, and these are still available, but will be on other communities and eBay soon. Get them cheaper or trade for them while you still can!
  4. Neat find! I recall various stores having a fair amount of unsold inventory back in the years after 3DO was discontinued, and wondered about just how well some titles sold. I'd really be keen to see sales figures for the really rare titles, like Dino Park, Mathemagics, the Woody Woodpecker volumes, and the adult titles.
  5. September 2021 Update: Mike remains a great guy to buy from!:) I just received the latest of several recent packages from him and as before I hope to have many more purchases from him. I sent him an email about his stock for a particular system, and he went out of his way to check and take several clear pictures of his entire inventory for that particular platform. There were indeed a few titles and variants that I needed, and the prices he quoted me were very fair, as was the shipping. Everything arrived safely, and was well packed. It's great to still be able to buy from one of the last remaining independent game dealers. If you aren't spoiled by Amazon and eBay, you can get a great deal from one of the most experienced game sellers out there.
  6. I've had a "fully loaded" FZ-10 with the USB mod for several years now and while I used to love the longboxes, going digital for this system just makes sense. Every disc image I've played has worked fine. I haven't done an RGB mod, though. S-Video output on a crisp CRT is plenty good.
  7. Great guy to buy from! His response to my buying inquiry was quick, communication was direct and accurate, item price was very fair, shipping and tracking were promptly delivered as was the item itself. I do hope that he'll be selling more that I can use!:)
  8. Flawless transaction as always!
  9. Purchased Blazing Lazers Xbox Platinum Hits lot and received items super fast intact with no damage. Highly recommend if you are looking for anything he's selling!

  10. Smitty just purchased a lot of Xbox Platinum Hits titles from me, and was a perfect buyer. He communicated clearly and quickly, paid promptly, and confirmed delivery of the package when it arrived. Everything I expect in a buyer, and I hope to sell to him again!:)
  11. There is a really good article that used to be on the videogame console library site that evaluated most system boxes on the same criteria, to include overall quality of the box art: https://web.archive.org/web/20110222074410/http://www.videogameconsolelibrary.com/art-box-NA.htm
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