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  1. This article is practically a hit piece. It is very one-sided and comes across as having been written by an unsatisfied customer or some impatient Gen-Z with unreasonable expectations. It only serves as a reminder of how Amazon and eBay have really spoiled a lot of online shoppers. If nothing else, the writer could have linked to the Best feedback page right here on AA. I myself have had nothing but excellent buying experiences from Best. If anything, I actually enjoy and appreciate that he still handles orders the way they originally were done online back in the day, and that the website is kept to simple text, hypertext, and a few images.
  2. This cart seems to have turned up in Fort Worth, so the area would be correct. Haven't a lot of the known carts been found in Texas? Assuming that this is real, wouldn't this put the number of known carts at at around 30? From that number, we'd have to assume that at least as many other examples still exist but are lying around unrealized in random basements, garages, warehouses, storage lockers, attics, etc. All would in turn suggest that at least a hundred copies were originally made, but who knows how many were never sold and either trashed or warehouses. A few years ago there was an up to date Registry of the publicly known copies here on AA. Has anyone been keeping it updated?
  3. I'm a bit worried about how it might affect smaller online stores and Forums where members make sales, including here. Hopefully there'll be enough pushback against this idea.
  4. I had a good laugh about their hypocrisy as well. Whatever else can be said about eBay, at least you're way likelier to get a picture of the actual item you're looking to buy than you would with an Amazon listing. Best Buy made me recall how over a decade ago around here they and some other big box chains got some local laws passed to "combat stolen goods" that were being traded in at various secondhand shops. GameStop suddenly wouldn't let me trade in my legally bought used games without me showing ID and letting them keep a copy. They were so nasty about it that it's been over 10 years since I've traded anything in at a game store.
  5. I really don't enjoy reading the ecommercbytes site, as they almost never report good news. It still is worthwhile to keep informed about new and potential developments that affect online selling, such as the following: https://www.ecommercebytes.com/2021/05/22/ebay-and-etsy-send-urgent-pleas-to-sellers-on-saturday/ ...in short, there's a greatly under-reported push to require online sellers to have their sensitive personal information publicly visible in their listings. eBay of course only opposes it because it could lead to side deals, but this definitely something that nothing good can come from if it is ever enacted. A few other relevant alerts: https://advocacy.etsy.com/inform/ https://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/inform-consumers-act-introduced-to-5159817/ https://www.aboutamazon.com/news/policy-news-views/inform-act-punishes-small-businesses-and-favors-one-particular-business-model?_amp=true This post provided strictly for non-partisan heads-up purposes to current and potential online sellers.
  6. eBay already lost me over the Managed Payments by fixing what wasn't broken. The double-whammy of the lowered 1099 thresholds and the potential tax difficulties just further cement that decision. Just reading through this thread and several like it on other Forums gives a rough estimate of a few dozen sellers that they've already lost, and whose items eBay buyers will miss out on. Just from me, a working JagCD player, both RCA Nuon players, a skew of CDi rarities, miscellaneous Nintendo rarities, rare system variants, quite a few NOS controllers and sealed games for various systems, and a lot of non-game stuff. At least several thousand in sales that won't be listed, and many times that amount in future sales that will never happen. Multiply that by many more now former eBay sellers and they'll no doubt be seeing bad internal metrics, if they aren't already. One thing to consider as a buyer is that a lot of sellers who did opt in to Managed Payments might not be aware of the coming tax changes. Those will lead to an even bigger seller exodus next year, and they will inevitably spike prices on the listings of sellers who do remain after they take effect. Now is the last best time to be buying uncommon and rare stuff on eBay. Availability will be dropping and prices will be spiking because of all this!
  7. So they're still rolling this out. Hmm. Well, enjoy your last few weeks of instant payment. You'll soon have to wait several business days to get paid. A major change like this, and they only give you a few weeks notice? Shows how much they really care.
  8. https://www.neostore.com/Metal-Slug-English-AES-p/956.htm ...it would appear that somebody from Saudi Arabia is trying to sell their copy? I could see at least a few collectors and a few more speculators willing to pay 60 Grand for the US version. It has been a while since the last public sale.
  9. Surely I'm not the only one who clicked this thread thinking it was about leftover NOS from back in the day...
  10. I don't think another thread is needed, as these and the Managed Payments changes seem to be part of the same overall thing in that selling on Ebay is and is going to be getting a LOT worse and will no longer be worth the hassles that arise from these changes. Part of me wonders if a hidden reason of Ebay's for switching to Managed wasn't just simple greed, but because of them having advance notice about the tax reporting changes... Word does seem to getting around about it, as I've seen similar threads on other Forums and elsewhere online. I am a bit hopeful that the inevitable surprise of these changes will cause a backlash that will result in major alterations being made to this new tax burden, possibly to include an outright repeal of it in the same way similar poorly thought out tax and reporting requirements were eliminated years ago.
  11. Yep, this whole situation just doesn't pass the smell test. I can't even be sure that there really even was such a sale at all. $150K for a verifiably new SMB from the very first 1985 run? Yes, I can believe that. This sort of price for this particular copy? No way. There's more going on here.
  12. Still looking for VIS titles and games. Please let me know what you have.
  13. There have been legit 6-figure deals made for various videogame rarities among collectors, but I'm a bit skeptical that this was anything other than money laundering or speculators selling to each other or some sort of financial chicanery. Sure, videogames are now as established as baseball cards and comic books as collectibles, but this is a case where price is nowhere near equivalent to rarity or even actual monetary value. At best, this might be an example of the "greater fool" theory in action.
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