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  1. In. No way that I'm missing out on this. Tetris sounds like a great game for the VES!
  2. Austin is the real deal! I already knew from past deals that he's a great person to deal with, and our most recent transaction went off perfectly. Communication and shipping were both prompt and without issue. I fully recommend buying from him if ever you have the chance!
  3. Was this the same unit that some French Ebay seller had up for a long time before recently putting up for an open auction? If it is, I might be interested. I messaged the seller asking for a US shipping quote and never got a response.
  4. Still looking for the last few boxed VIS titles that I need to complete the set.
  5. Still looking for a few if anyone has some.
  6. Can you post images of these, particularly the Woody Woodpecker titles? I used to dabble in 3DO and still buy things for it from time to time.
  7. PM sent about the Nuon items.
  8. For those that don't already know, the expansions and extra maps for the true Battlefront games have all been restored for the Xbox One versions of the OG Xbox digital copies. They also added the Yavin Station expansion and a bunch more for other original Xbox titles. All free, too!
  9. This has been having the effect of hiding the actual final cost of items from me until I'm ready to check out. For some basic items (games, DVDs, books, etc) the cheapest item listed may no longer be once the sales tax, if there is one, is factored in. And I may not get to know that I until I've already committed to buy one sellers listing. A few percentage points can really make a difference for the worse. It's especially annoying with multiple accounts and shipping locations for gifts.
  10. #15 isn't rare in relation to other Channel F releases, just simply uncommon. Now yes, Channel F in general is rare compared to Atari in the wild, so even an uncommon Channel F game is rare in relation to other releases from the 70's. It was still sold in stores, by mail, and through dealers. Just keep watching Ebay and the odd Forum or social media "found in the wild" post.
  11. Just wanted to give my fellow Nuon buffs a heads-up that I have a loose IS3 copy and a new Logitech controller up for trade or for offer in addition to my previously mentioned Nuon rarities: ...It took me the better part of 20 years to be finally play an original disc on one of my personal systems, but I finally got to it not long ago. I also have to say that I'm surprised that so many are reporting dead or dying 501 units, as mine continues to work just fine. I might just be lucky, but if they really are ticking time bombs I have to say thanks for the replacement and refurbishment tips that have posted. I hope to never need them, but it's reassuring to know that these systems can be made operational again.
  12. 552 orders ahead of mine... Ah, well. What's a few more Months after so many Years. Keep up the great work, SainT!:)
  13. Update: everything still available. I've added a new and unopened Nuon controller(!), my loose disc of IS3(!!), and a sealed Fifa 19 360 NTSC copy(!!!). Hopefully somebody has the last few VIS and longbox CDi titles that I need, or a complete copy of IS3. My loose copy is also available for trade or offer, now that I finally got to play the game. If somebody by some bizarre chance has a case and manual I'd like to trade for them to make my disc complete. I'm hoping that upping the ante here will draw out my targets.
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