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  1. Whoah! That article is itself a gold mine of additional programs that existed and which hopefully can still be recovered somehow. The mention of multiple prototypes having already been constructed and used in homes for several years prior to 1974 is tantalizing, and would certainly explain a few mentions of "home units" that various people mentioned but which did not align with known hardware dates.
  2. I just got home and saw how it ended. The seller was very foolish to end that listing at 5pm ET (2PM PT) on a Thursday. The $2,200 incomplete copy had a very well calculated ending time on a Sunday night when people would actually be around to bid on it and to snipe it. The seller also should have sold that second box separately, perhaps with a moderately high BIN. It won't be a surprise to see the buyer do exactly that.
  3. Heh, that listing is just perfect for whoever shelled out 2 Grand for a boxless copy, in addition to every scummy speculator and reseller out there. Should the seller be warned about the likes of S.G.I.A.S.D. and happiestresellerever?
  4. I would definitely make a distinction between the two. Even now there's games that aren't lost, but are unavailable as the people who own copies either don't know that they need to be preserved and shared or intentionally keep them to themselves.
  5. So, a copy of Checkers that's missing the box still goes for over 2 Grand? And I thought that I was overpaying at $450 for a complete copy five years ago!
  6. Studio II is probably the easiest US set to complete, assuming that TV Bingo wasn't released at any RCA dealerships. Given the 99.6% certainty that it wasn't, Studio II has only 10 games and three rarest still come up on Ebay plenty of times per year. Cost isn't an issue, either- you can buy most of the library for the original retail prices of $15-$20, which if you adjust for inflation means they've gotten cheaper over time! Including a boxed system, the whole set can be completed for around $300-$400. If you're a variant collector, Studio II is still easy. There's only 2 different US system boxes, and only 3 major game box variants.
  7. Very deep, and with lots of surprises. And possibly the only console/platform that it would be impossible to obtain a complete collection for.
  8. Link is much appreciated, even though it's for the normal paperback book and not the VIS CD version. In the years I've been looking no VIS versions have been mistakenly listed there, but maybe someday there might be one.
  9. Are there any box protectors specifically for the Philips CDi US longboxes? I could use about 100 of them.
  10. I've bought some multi-packs of shampoos, soaps, etc from Pharmapacks on Ebay that arrived in Amazon boxes and got delivered with amazing speed. Some sellers definitely do this.
  11. I've actually found Odyssey 1 stuff in the wild, but I know that's a rare occurrence, and even that was many years ago at an estate sale. Assuming that anyone who was able to buy these new almost 50 years ago had to be old enough and established enough to afford the systems, the very youngest original owners that are still with us are in their late 70s. Many probably don't still have their systems and games, and most that do won't have the 1973 games. If the one Ebay seller who had a lot has passed away (sad, but did he still have any old stock?) and no other hoards are likely to surface, and most of the original owners are deceased, there won't be many more copies of the 1973 games coming up for sale ever. I'll never part with my set, and few if any other collectors will. The ship has already sailed for those who didn't get a copy years ago, and with the well run dry, the rarity, and the historical significance now I can foresee stratospheric prices on the few future copies that turn up.
  12. Some are recent, some I've had for a while. There is no full CDi set, because some games and other titles might not even be known. I've even discovered a few previously unknown titles. Other titles that are claimed to exist and are mentioned on some lists of games may not actually exist, and then there's quite a few titles with game elements or quizzes that could be considered games. It's really nebulous and debatable, and not at all clear cut. I own a few hundred CDi's in addition to the full longbox set, and could easily see myself buying or trading for another 150 or so. The ones pictured above are some of my favorites that aren't as well known, and I wanted to share their existence.
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