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  1. Here's a very old photocopy of an internal Philips dealer sheet from 1992 that has some interesting release date info for a lot of the early CDi titles, along with minor sales data. A few unreleased titles are mentioned, which suggests that they were close to retail readiness by Spring of '92. It's also interesting to see what titles aren't mentioned...
  2. With an emulator? Try playing real hardware on a non-wide CRT screen. It'll look and feel a lot better.
  3. The McNo (formerly XDRA) CDi catalogs also were the main, and sometimes only, way to buy a few CDi titles back in the day. These aren't US releases, to note. Several of these catalogs have been scanned and are available online. The rare titles that will trip up collectors are as follows: Wimbledon Challenge Do You Remember the 1960's? Making the Grade (originally available from BP, but evidently McNo bought up the unsold stock) 1995: All the News and Views KISS Space Safari Peaches Gateshead 1900 Bill Brandt: the Post years Photo Journalism: the best of 1992 Vegas Girls
  4. When it comes to Cdi collecting, a lot of the information out there is incomplete. It might be the one system for which nobody will ever have a full set or complete collection, even for those focusing only on US releases. Even titles sold directly by Philips from their US catalogs and via various retail US Philips dealers are immensely difficult to locate nowadays. I noticed that a lot of collectors for various systems often try to excuse certain rare titles from full set lists because they are too difficult to obtain (Stadium Events, Gamma Attack, Birthday Mania, etc, for example) and were tough to find even back in the day due to their limited distribution status. Well, if somebody could buy it back in the day, if it was advertised, if was sold both in catalogs and in stores, then it counts as part of the set and your collection is incomplete if you don't have it! It doesn't matter if the distibution was limited or even if the title was recalled, it counts. Now, that all being said, there should be proof that the rarer titles were indeed sold and available, and that uncertainties regarding a few releases ought to be cleared up. So, the following are selections of all the rare titles from the US set, which were indeed sold here in the US and which do count towards the full set. I have copies of them, and have been loaning them to the ReDump preservation project so that everyone who is interested can enjoy them. The rest of the following posts are provided as a verification service to any potential collectors who might be interested in learning about the rarer Cdi titles. At least one other US Cdi title does count as part of the US retail set, as it was indeed available for public purchase back in the day. The Bell Atlantic Info-Active electronic directory was made available to residents of the Washington, D.C. Area. Only one or two copies are known to still exist. It should also be noted that many, many hundreds of Cdi titles were made for various corporate, educational, governmental, and institutional uses. Those do not count toward the full retail set, as they weren't available for public purchase nor sold outside of professional contexts. Previously unknown titles are still being discovered, and will be far into the future. We will never even know all that were made. For international Cdi releases, many of the rarer retail titles were available through mail order catalogs from companies such as XDRA/McNo and the MMC catalogs, in addition to specialty independent shops. Their catalogs are immensely useful for collectors and preservationists nowadays, as they help complete the checklists of known titles. These catalogs are themselves quite difficult to find nowadays, and while scans do exist online, I've put together pictures of the really interesting (rare) titles to save any interested collectors the trouble of scouring through scans for information. From the US catalog, the rarest ones are as follows: Charting a New World Earth: The Changing Environment The Human Body Gnomes The Weather Kitchen Wings Over the Gulf (this is actually a CDi branded VCD) The Forbidden City Light and Shadow/ Luces y Sombras Pyramid Adventures Web-i Discover Sport Fishing: Northern Edition NFL Instant Replay
  5. It's possible that that particular seller could have found a real Democart 2, but knowing their past stunts makes one realize that it could be a fake cart. It certainly isn't shown to be working.
  6. Still looking into 2K21! If you've got VIS, you've got my money!
  7. Thank you again for re-releasing this title! I've owned 4 different original copies of IS3 over the years, but one was still sealed and the others disc only copies from VM Labs. After 20 years of being a Nuon enthusiast, it'll be sweet to finally have a playable complete copy. I hope that this is just the first of many Nuon titles from Songbird!:)
  8. The following: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fairchild-Channel-F-Checkers-Videocart-19-EXTREMELY-RARE-Complete/154233950968?hash=item23e90f52f8:g:Go8AAOSw8Ntfz5TR ...madness. Absolute madness. And no, that's not me selling it.
  9. Now this is what I call a collection! Very nicely done and superbly displayed! As one of the few to have gotten the full US set, I really appreciate all the effort that must have gone into getting a copy of every single worldwide release. I doubt that I'd be able to obtain a copy of every single Arcadia game. I'd pretty much have to be at it for the same amount of decades it took to amass all of these gems. The pictures here show one of the all-time best Arcadia collections, likely the very best one ever!
  10. Everyone here says that Ben's a great seller, and I can now confirm that he's also a good buyer! He bought a Nuon set off of me, communicated clearly and decisively, paid immediately, and made sure to notify me of safe delivery of his purchase. Everything I would want in a reliable buyer, Ben is. I hope to sell to him again!:)
  11. All the responses and insights are much appreciated! As the Holiday buying and selling season ramps up, I think a lot more casual Ebay sellers are going to be surprised by these new Managed Payments requirements. I know that I won't be the only one who they'll lose over this. Sure, it might be legally required, but even that is only because they're trying to become their own payment processor of what seems to be very shortsighted greed. Even if I did decide to jump through all the hoops, put my SSN and bank info at greater risk, go through the trouble of setting up yet another checking account, I would still still have to be willing to wait up to several Business Days to get paid. With PayPal, the payment was instant. Now, I have to wait, and that's the real deal-breaker.
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