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  1. This sort of crass and unseemly greed is what kills stores in the long run by preventing anybody from getting good deals and ultimately driving customers away. If I ever saw this in person I would immediately alert the Manager or workers, and if they were okay with it I'd never bother going to the store again. There's already a few thrift and book stores that I stopped going to because there's no longer any good deals or have anything interesting. They used to always have great stuff. I've also stopped donating to those stores and I know that I'm not the only one. Once or twice a year (in normal years) I'll gather up all the cool and interesting thrift store books that bought, read, but won't be keeping and donate them right back to local stores so that they can get yet another sale from the exact same copy and that somebody else can have an interesting read. At least once I've even bought a book, donated it back, and then re-bought it after forgetting that I'd read that exact same copy, and then re-donated it back to the store. On the flip side, several of my favorite thrift and used book stores have signs up that explicitly forbid scanning and Ebay lookups. These stores know how these sorts of leeches can drag down stores that, in the case of two different favorites of mine, happen to be run by actual charities and aren't about the money anywhere near as much as they are to serve the local community, help fund animal shelters and adoption services, and also serve as a place for affordable household goods, clothes, and furniture. Part of why a lot of people even go to stores that sell used items is the thrill of the hunt for those of us that are collectors, and for many more simple curiosity of seeing just what's out there (I enjoy seeing what's circulating in my community), but if there's never anything good or worth going for then eventually the traffic dwindles and the store goes away. I've seen this happen. This sort of scanning is not harmless, and actively creates a worse experience for everyone else.
  2. October bump, and still looking. Let me know if you have any VIS titles. I'll make it worth your while if you've got what I need.
  3. With a few exceptions (Jag CD, BSG,etc) if you adjust for inflation, Jag stuff still is largely less than or equal to original retail prices. A lot of us got spoiled by almost 15 years of ridiculously low prices on unsold stock. That being said, I've been tempted to sell off my working Jag CD unit because I could get a lot more gaming mileage out the money. The only thing stopping me is knowing that I'd never get another if I did, and that I would eventually want it back.
  4. Very happily bumping this thread, as I've had several additional purchases from Aaron and wanted to confirm for all interested parties that buying his AES gems is an extraordinarily rare opportunity that should not be passed up. He and his games are absolutely legit, and his professionalism and service as a seller is unsurpassed and rarely equalled. The original Neo Geo collectors from back in the '90s do not often part with their treasures (to put it mildly) but when they do there's nobody better to buy from.
  5. I'm sure you've already thought to check, but it would not at all surprise me if the Kansas lady still has a copy or two.
  6. I purchased a lot of spare computer parts and chips from Michael and am very happy to have dealt with him. His communication was quick and precise, his prices very fair, his shipping speedy, and his packing was done properly. I hope to buy from him again!
  7. Ebay is where you want to go to sell those, and they will sell. Channel F stuff has been spiking in price lately, and that boxed Democart is one of the two rarest official releases. Just remember to set aside about 20% of the final sale value to cover Ebay fees, Paypal fees, shipping costs, etc. List the boxed Democart and Hangman copies separately, and put the rest into a single lot. BE SURE TO PICK A GOOD ENDING TIME AND SPACE THE LISTINGS OUT BY AT LEAST 5 MINUTES. A good ending time is between 7 and 9 PM Eastern Time on a Sunday night, so that bidders on both Coasts and in between will be available to do last-second snipes. A bad ending time can cost you a lot of money. Make the auction a 7-Day long one, so as to ensure that as many potential buyers as possible take notice of it. Ideally, you'll also want to show Democart working in the listing, and for that you'll need a working system. There are cheap RF and RCA adapters and it's worth getting one to be able to test your systems on modern flatscreens. Democart (1) is indeed an Official Release, and required to complete any Channel F collection. Enough copies were made that they offered for sale separately and in bundles back in the day. Some lazy collectors who think otherwise just don't want to have to shell out for a copy.
  8. Cole joined up here at my request so we could work a deal on an extremely rare title. He has proven to be a trustworthy seller who I look forward to buying from in the future. His willingness to accommodate a buyer is as good as can be expected, his communication and honesty are unimpeachable, and he can definitely be relied upon to fulfill deals for top-rarity games. I heartily recommend him to the AtariAge community and am completely happy with my purchase from him!
  9. Whoah! That article is itself a gold mine of additional programs that existed and which hopefully can still be recovered somehow. The mention of multiple prototypes having already been constructed and used in homes for several years prior to 1974 is tantalizing, and would certainly explain a few mentions of "home units" that various people mentioned but which did not align with known hardware dates.
  10. I just got home and saw how it ended. The seller was very foolish to end that listing at 5pm ET (2PM PT) on a Thursday. The $2,200 incomplete copy had a very well calculated ending time on a Sunday night when people would actually be around to bid on it and to snipe it. The seller also should have sold that second box separately, perhaps with a moderately high BIN. It won't be a surprise to see the buyer do exactly that.
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