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  1. Get a Vectrex, while they're still somewhat affordable. Get a good multicart and repro overlays, and start looking into quality homebrews such as Vector Pilot. Vectrex is one of the very few systems that has to be experienced with real hardware, as lot of the feel is lost in emulation.
  2. The employees poach much of the really good stuff (I knew one Ebay reseller who took a job there just to do that), and most of what's left ends up on Shopgoodwill. Multiple employees at different stores in different States have even told me that they have instructions to set aside the nice stuff for the website. What little does make it to store shelves often gets sweeped up by local vultures and flippers. It didn't always used to be this way. Prior to 2008 Goodwill was a great place to find cool stuff and quality items at affordable prices. I used to go twice a month, now it's barely twice per year. Goodwill is just a waste of time nowadays.
  3. Just hold on to it, and get one of those custom case inserts printed and put both in a spare Wii case. Sell it as a rare collectible when the Wii prices start spiking in the near future. You will see a VERY nice return on this disc some years from now. It does count as part of the Wii set, as it is an officially approved title, even though it isn't a game. Completionist collectors will also want the paper sleeve, which is already missing from a lot of discs. There's also a PS3 version of this disc that is much rarer than the Wii version.
  4. Bumping this thread because I just took delivery of my latest collection gem: an AES title that I bought from Aaron and had shipped to me halfway around the world, one that I had never previously owned, but had seen other copies of in person. For those hesitant about the possibility of these being repros, you have nothing to worry about. Aaron is indeed the real deal, and so are his carts. I've owned a lot of other AES games over the years, and followed the Neo scene for just as long. I know what a real cart is, and a lot of the backstory on several of the really rare titles. Beyond a perfect transaction with surprisingly quick shipping, Aaron is also good for knowledge, and very generous with his insights on how the Neo scene once was. His communication is unsurpassed, and so detailed that by itself it verifies everything about him and his marvelous carts. If there's any Neo and/or fighting game fans here reading this, you have a rare opportunity to buy a legit AES gem or two from one of the OG back in the day Neo collectors. Take it!
  5. I did indeed post this exact blurb a year or two ago. I attempted to find for sure if Mr. Williams is still alive, as did several researchers. If he is still with us, he either never received any of our inquiries or his health does not permit answering questions. That, and his extremely common name. There's a lot of Jesse Williamses out there. The image of that stand isn't the most interesting tidbit for me. The confirmation that there were 22 different RCA Family Stores locations is part of what makes me entertain the possibility that TV Bingo did have some sort of "in house" release.
  6. Maxime helped me out with the purchase of some rare CDis. All I can say is "flawless deal!" If you ever have the opportunity to work a deal with him you can be assured of smooth sailing. Shipping was quick and communication was excellent throughout. I recommend him to all, and myself hope to work with him again!
  7. Cool stuff! PM sent for the Lynx II and the N-Gage.
  8. I have a few things listed for the first time in over a year, and I sent the people Watching my listings some offers at a nice discount. Nobody took me up on them. But I did recently accept an offer from a buyer on two items. I usually only do BIN listings with the make offer option, and have it set to require immediate payment. But when a seller accepts an offer, the buyer doesn't have to pay immediately. I discovered this early this past week when two of my items "sold" to the same "buyer", who turned out to be a flake who never paid and asked to cancel both sales. Meanwhile, it took the listings down so nobody else could buy the items, counted toward my sales limit (Ebay assures me that I won't be charged seller fees...), and wasted my time waiting around for payment that never came. I also had to wait 2 days before Ebay would let me "resolve the problem". So I had to relist the items, without any offers alliwed. Sure enough, one of them sold at the original BIN price to a quality buyer. So in short, I'll never again have the offer option enabled on my BIN listings, because a bad buyer can use it to avoid paying for up to 2 days and a bad seller could use it to take down competing listings at no actual cost to themselves.
  9. Cool lot! I'd be all over it if I were in Canada. So if it doesn't sell on Ebay, will you be willing to ship to potential US buyers?
  10. 2 weeks old, but still news to me. Damn good to know that they seem to have got the bad guy: https://fox2now.com/news/missouri/sheriff-st-louis-man-steals-71k-in-rare-video-games-from-store/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  11. Just out of curiosity, do you still have other AES games? Slugs, shmups?
  12. I'm not sure what to ask, as this is variant so unique as to have no price history. Plus, the Blue Thunder copy is still sealed, and I haven't ever seen that title come up for sale unopened. I'm taking offers, but nobody has made any yet. I'm willing to sell for a good offer, though I'd prefer to trade.
  13. Barry contacted me in response to my postings about needing several VIS titles to complete the set. He had a few, and one was indeed among those I was missing. From the first few messages we exchanged through to the delivery of the title, Barry has been an ideal seller, and one that I hope to buy from again. Communication was timely and detailed, shipping was fast, and the packaging was as good as any I've ever received. If you have the chance to buy from RusticMeadows, take it! He's the real deal!
  14. Much like how the CDi itself initially was. Games weren't the main focus at first. I think that might be the big reason why Philips shifted away from the longbox packaging. Several of the actual games were much tougher to find in longbox format than in the later style.
  15. The Nintendo community is very, very thorough when it comes to documenting packaging variants. The Zelda and Mario titles definitely were not released in longbox format. That said, I have so many spare longboxes that I could probably have a case sticker, manual, and new outer sleeve created so as to have a custom longbox version of each.
  16. Much appreciated! I took over a year to accomplish, although I'm still waiting for the one last slipcover to arrive. From what I've seen of other CDi collections posted online, I'm likely not the first person to obtain every longbox, but I still can't be entirely sure. I can be reasonably confident that I haven't overlooked any releases.
  17. For just over a year I've been after a complete Philips CDi US longbox set. That is, every single CDi that had a physical release in the original tall, hard plastic flip-open boxes with cardboard outer sleeve. Why did I decide to do this? Well, unless I completely missed it, there doesn't actually seem to be a complete list anywhere online about which titles were released in this specific format, a format that I happen to be quite taken with. These are surprisingly nice to look at and have a real quality feel to them. I wish Philips had stuck with this format instead of switching at some point to the later regular jewel cases with slipcovers. With no ready list available, I had to make my own. In the end, there seems to be 97 distinct US Philips longbox format releases. Yet, I can't be entirely certain about that. Quite a few of these releases were VERY hard to obtain, and are much less common in this format than in the later CDI release style. It's entirely possible that I've missed a few, and I would like to ask the community to check their own CDI collections and see if I'm missing a few longbox releases. And to note, there is one thing that I still need: a slipcover for Berenstain Bears. I have a line on a copy but simply haven't heard back from the potential seller in a while. As with any other collection, there are several titles that are vastly more difficult to find than others, rare due to low print runs, poor sales, or some other reasons. The following are the 10 rarest US Philips CDi longbox releases, in order of their rarity. If anyone reading this decides to go for the set, these are the ones that you should be willing to buy entire large lots just to obtain. You will be waiting a very long time for them to come up for sale by themselves, if they ever do. Anne Willan Presents The Food of France. This the rarest CDi longbox title, and one of the rarest US CDi releases period. It did have an overseas release. The ACT College Search '92. US exclusive CDi. This was also released only in longbox format. Easily the 2nd rarest longbox CDi. CD-I Music Book: Classical Guitar Volume 1. This is different than the other, more common Classical Guitar title. Very rare, possibly a variant. David and Goliath. The rarest of several rare religious CDi titles. Fairly expensive, too. Berenstain Bears: On Their Own and You On Your Own. Not tough to find in regular jewel-case format, but rare in longbox format. Sailing: A Guide to Sailing and Seamanship. Still available on Amazon, but it never came up on Ebay in over a year of searching. The Flowers of Robert Mapplethorpe. Possibly the most expensive longbox title. Cinemassacre has an amusing video of this CDi. While this CDi is possibly the tamest CDi in terms of content, be warned that Googling about the artist will result in some highly NSFW results. DO NOT look this title up on anything other than your personal device. More Dark Fables from Aesop. Sequel to The Dark Fables of Aesop. I only saw two copies pop up in over a year. Moses: The Exodus. Moses: Bound for the Promised Land. Now, those are just the rarest 10 CDi longbox format releases in comparison to all the rest of the longbox releases. About half of the other CDi longboxes only have one or two copies available for sale at any one time on Ebay or on Amazon. It does help to type in the name of the CDi, without adding "CDi" or "Philips" when searching for some of these titles on Ebay. There's a stunning amount of very poorly listed copies for otherwise very rare CDi longboxes, and CDis in general. And at last, the complete alphabetical list of all confirmed 97 Philips CDi US longbox releases: A National Parks Tour A Revolution in Color A Visit to Sesame Street: Letters A Visit to Sesame Street: Numbers A Visit to the Valley of the Pueblo and the Amparo Museum Alice In Wonderland Anne Willan Presents the Food of France Backgammon Battleship Beauty and the Beast Brer Rabbit and the Wonderful Tar Baby Caesar’s World of Gambling Cartoon Jukebox CD Shoot CD-I Music Book: Classical Guitar Volume 1 Children’s Musical Theater Classical Guitar Classical Jukebox Compton’s Interactive Encyclopedia Connect Four Cool Oldies Jukebox Dark Castle David and Goliath Defender of the Crown Dutch Masters of the 17th Century Earth Rhythms Escape From the Cyber City Gardening By Choice: Flowers and Foliage Gifts to Behold Girl’s Club Golden Oldies Jukebox Harvest of the Sun How the Camel Got His Hump How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin How to Photograph Nature International Tennis Open James Brown Nonstop Hit Machine Jazz Giants Jazz Guitar Jigsaw Laser Lords Lords of the Rising Sun Louis Armstrong More Dark Fables from Aesop Moses: Bound for the Promised Land Moses: The Exodus Mother Goose Hidden Pictures Mother Goose Rhymes to Color Mozart: A Musical Biography Mystic Midway Rest in Pieces NFL Football Trivia Challenge Noah’s Ark Paint School I Paint School II Pavarotti Pecos Bill Pegasus Pinball Power Hitter Prelude Rand McNally’s America: U.S. Atlas Rembrandt: His Art and the Music of His Era Rhythm Maker Richard Scarry’s Best Neighborhood Disc Richard Scarry’s Busiest Neighborhood Disc Rock Guitar Sailing: A Guide to Sailing and Seamanship Sandy’s Circus Adventure Sargon Chess Stamps: Windows on the World Stickybear Reading Story Machine: Magic Tales Story Machine: Star Dreams Tell Me Why I Tell Me Why II Tetris Text Tiles The ACT College Search ‘92 The Art of the Czars The Berenstain Bears: On Their Own and You On Your Own The Best of Draw 50 The Dark Fables of Aesop The Emperor’s New Clothes The Flowers of Robert Mapplethorpe The French Impressionists The Palm Springs Open The Renaissance Gallery The Renaissance of Florence The Riches of Coins The Story of Jonah The Story of Samson The World of Impressionism Time Life Photography Treasures of the Smithsonian Video Speedway You Sing Christmas Favorites Zombie Dinos from the Planet Zeltoid And of course, a clear image of the full set, which neatly fits on just two shelves, and which I've displayed in the order in which I obtained them:
  18. One of my spare copies of The Flowers of Robert Mapplethorpe. Complete and in decent shape. Not sure what to price this one at. PM if interested.
  19. Lot of Next Gen mags from 1998-2001, and a few copies of Xbox magazine from 2004. $125 shipped via Media Mail.
  20. Lot of 20-some common CDi longbox titles. They're all spares of mine. $100 shipped via Media Mail. Useful for parts, case replacements, etc.
  21. Philips CDi joystick controller. It doesn't seem to have ever had much use, as it is still rather stiff. Works fully, and was actually quite enjoyable to play Tetris with.
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