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  1. Earlier in the year, I noticed that the Prime Video app for the 360 suddenly didn't work as well as it had for years. Some functions like subtitles didn't work any longer, and certain titles just wouldn't even appear. Earlier today I received an email from Amazon confirming that the 360 Prime Video app will soon be discontinued. While this isn't a surprise, I am one of what must be a few million people who are still using their 360s for streaming and other media enjoyment. I also noticed that several major titles have had their servers shut down, or are scheduled to by the end of the year. Max Payne 3, all of the Bungie Halo titles, GTA V, and others. Some titles that are getting up there in the years, like Quake 4 and the original Saints Row, have been plagued by Leaderboard issues and seem to have been left to rot. These server closures have actually impacted my gaming, as I've had to make the effort to get quite a few online Achievements ahead of the shutdowns. Anyway, this is all just to serve as a heads-up about how the 360 apps and game servers aren't going to be around forever, and that those reading this should enjoy them and finish any online Achievements while it's still possible to do so.
  2. I haven't been paying attention to the console prices, but I still don't have a copy of Crazy Coaster and ever since Racketboy put out a Vectrex article a few months ago copies of that have tripled in price.
  3. As an update, I've seen this topic getting a lot more attention in other online communities. I had no intention of getting with the Mangled Payments system, but the potential of the looming 1099 $600 threshold AND the 15% self-employment tax hit made me decide to go ahead and try to get everything I could sold off before next year. It is a waaaaaaaay worse system than how it was with PayPal. Depending on what day of the week an item sells, it's taken me 6-7 days to actually have the remainder after eBay fees in my linked checking account. I've had items sold, shipped, delivered, and received Positive Feedback before getting the money for them, yet eBay still expects me to ship ASAP. So just as a heads-up for those who sell on eBay, yes, you should have an eBay-only account setup for receiving payments; and yes, you should have plenty of of money set aside in advance of any sales to be able to cover shipping expenses; and yes, there indeed delays of varying lengths in getting your money. Now, as to those tax reporting thresholds, recent history gives reason for hope that they will be done away with, as pretty much the same thing happened a decade ago: https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/2chambers/post/obama-signs-1099-repeal-into-law-marking-first-repeal-of-national-health-care-law-provision/2011/04/14/AFRhYjeD_blog.html ...just imagine how unhappy millions of online sellers might be if not!
  4. I'm not an unbiased person in the matter, but all the same I highly encourage all to watch this video: ...it is well worth the full 2.5 hours!
  5. Bump, and still available here, but also on other communities and will eventually hit eBay if it doesn't move.
  6. Bump, and these are still available, but will be on other communities and eBay soon. Get them cheaper or trade for them while you still can!
  7. Neat find! I recall various stores having a fair amount of unsold inventory back in the years after 3DO was discontinued, and wondered about just how well some titles sold. I'd really be keen to see sales figures for the really rare titles, like Dino Park, Mathemagics, the Woody Woodpecker volumes, and the adult titles.
  8. September 2021 Update: Mike remains a great guy to buy from!:) I just received the latest of several recent packages from him and as before I hope to have many more purchases from him. I sent him an email about his stock for a particular system, and he went out of his way to check and take several clear pictures of his entire inventory for that particular platform. There were indeed a few titles and variants that I needed, and the prices he quoted me were very fair, as was the shipping. Everything arrived safely, and was well packed. It's great to still be able to buy from one of the last remaining independent game dealers. If you aren't spoiled by Amazon and eBay, you can get a great deal from one of the most experienced game sellers out there.
  9. I've had a "fully loaded" FZ-10 with the USB mod for several years now and while I used to love the longboxes, going digital for this system just makes sense. Every disc image I've played has worked fine. I haven't done an RGB mod, though. S-Video output on a crisp CRT is plenty good.
  10. Great guy to buy from! His response to my buying inquiry was quick, communication was direct and accurate, item price was very fair, shipping and tracking were promptly delivered as was the item itself. I do hope that he'll be selling more that I can use!:)
  11. Flawless transaction as always!
  12. Smitty just purchased a lot of Xbox Platinum Hits titles from me, and was a perfect buyer. He communicated clearly and quickly, paid promptly, and confirmed delivery of the package when it arrived. Everything I expect in a buyer, and I hope to sell to him again!:)
  13. There is a really good article that used to be on the videogame console library site that evaluated most system boxes on the same criteria, to include overall quality of the box art: https://web.archive.org/web/20110222074410/http://www.videogameconsolelibrary.com/art-box-NA.htm
  14. Bump. If you have any US CDi Movies with the slipcover let me know.
  15. Mostly CDi titles. It's all that I have left to collect that I don't already have. Even then, it's pretty much just the CDi Movies with the slipcover that I'm missing, and a complete with slipcover US Flashback. There is a good bit overlap between 3DO and CDi owners.
  16. A US Arcadia 2001- branded version? If so, would you happen to have any pictures of it?
  17. Interesting info, and thank you for the link to the past sales. Shame that the old listing pics aren't present. Ideally somebody here will want to trade for it, but if doesn't move here I'll put it on Ebay when I reactivate the account later this year.
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