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  1. I Want to apologize to atgames and good deal games for my recent rant and those other involved behind the scence. I dont want to discuss what I learned behind the scence and who is affected, so that It can end soon. My passion for Intellivision got the best of me and it actually took a toll on some friends of my in the Intellivision community. So My apology to everyone I hurt with my rant. If a mod could delete the thread I started please do so, because I dont kno how to do that..
  2. you dont think thiscould be considered a donation to the INTV community?
  3. You missed a choice. I can offer someone who got the cart $ 2000 for it, then have it sacrificed in China to be cloned and dumped.
  4. I personally dont have every game, there are a few i dont have, but it will still be nice to see this game dumped for those who wanted it.
  5. if it ends up on ebay and i get it, im sending it to china to have dumped and or cloned and will ask them to put it in all rom sites if dumped. Teach these guys a lesson, if they wanna sue me, bring it..... And good luck trying to serve me in The Artic.
  6. Send them a message dont buy a flashback.., The best way to get back at a business is to not buy their junk..... or even better get some one to dump the rom and uploaded to a rom site.
  7. Atgames is a business, they should have released enough for Intellivision fans or not at all. Dont buy the flash back. wend them a message. I cancelled my pre orders. The hell with crappy companies that do this to their fans. Get the rom on a rom site.
  8. I never taught the day would come when I would tell someone not to buy an Intellivision product but this is a first..l Im not buying a flashback. Atgames spit in every hobbyist face who could not make it to cge. I hope one of the 30 that they relase makes it to a rom site.
  9. I cancelled my orders for the flashbacks. Im not buying their products.
  10. Lol im not that skilled to burn a rom.. But I hope blix ends up on a rom site now... unless Atgames makes it right, they dont deserve any business, Cancel your flash back orders bookcott atgame products. Join the fight, tell Atgames release more blix carts for Intellivision fans...
  11. Try to buy the blix game. Also if you dont want to pay 75 for a homebrew, you protest by not buying their product. In this case im boycotting atgames until they make it right release more carts for those who could not make it to cge.
  12. Does not matter, you cant get one, atgames did not want you to have one. They knew they should have made a run of 150, but they prefered to spit in the face of those who could not attend, i cancelled my pre orders of the flashback. I say we all boycott their stuff, until they make it right and make a run of at least 120 more carts for fans on Intellivision. Join the boycott dont buy atgame products until they make it right.
  13. I cancelled my pre orders of the flash back, im not supportting atgames anymore. They spit in peoples face who wanted the blix game and could not attend cge.
  14. I cancelled my pre orders. Im not buying Atgame products anymore. Join the boycott, cancel your orders. Atgames is a business, they spit in the face of those who wanted the blix games and couldnt make it to cge.... Join the boycott, cancel your pre orders and dont buy their products.
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