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  1. Around 24 hours left!! This is the only Stunt Cycle available on eBay and the high bid is only $5 with no reserve!!!
  2. Hey guys, just wanted to advertise a 3-Day eBay auction for a working SC-450 Atari Stunt Cycle controller with gray Atari power adapter, with No Reserve on eBay!! Auction is starting at 5 bucks, and you can buy it now for $55. It came with an auction for a Heavy Sixer I won about a year ago. I tested it back then and it worked fine, but my Atari is currently in storage so it hasn't been tested since then. However, it's been stored safely in an adult, non-smoking household so I'd be very surprised if it suddenly stopped working during that time period. Just want to give full disclosure. Condition is amazing, it's just a little dusty with a couple of very minor scuffs, but the rubber on the grips is perfect, the decal looks perfect, and the throttle mechanism is smooth and tight. Only reason I'm selling a few of my larger items is I'm moving from a 3-bedroom condo into a 2-bedroom apartment. Please bid! It'll go out within 24 hours of me receiving payment and I have a perfect seller rating on eBay! Atari Sc-450 Stunt Cycle Accessory Controller 2600 NR!!
  3. Wow, thank you for these... Didn't realize they stocked handheld consoles.
  4. Looking for PS1 variant consoles like the Black Net Yaroze, Japanese model DTL-H3000 made for indy devs to create PS1 software. Would also be interested in the Midnight Blue 10 million sold Limited Edition variant (JP version), or to a lesser extent any of the other dev consoles (there was a blue and a green model). Doesn't have to be complete in box, but at least want matching console and controller as close to mint as possible. Please reply or PM if you have one. Thanks!
  5. Yet another WTB thread of mine - looking for a Japanese PS2 Slim in "Cinnabar Red" in excellent condition with hookups and one controller. Don't care about box/manual. Please reply or PM if you have one for sale! Thanks.
  6. Still looking for a Minty-fresh Nomad, preferably one that has the LCD mod already. Thanks!
  7. PM sent. Still looking for one if anyone else has a Mint(ish) Lynx (either model).
  8. Don't really care whether it's Model 1 or Model 2, more concerned with cosmetic condition. Looking for a Lynx with no scratches on screen or scuffs to body. Must have battery cover and work properly. Small brand-name carry case would be a nice extra, as well as AC adapter. Don't care about box or manual for the system, but for games I only collect CIB. Also looking for a Sega Nomad (see my other thread) and some other Sega stuff (X'Eye, WonderMega, Multi-Mega). Please reply or PM if you have a Lynx to sell! Thanks.
  9. Looking to buy a Sega Nomad in excellent condition (no scratches on screen or scuffs on body), preferably with the following accessories: - AA Battery Pack - AC Adapter - Sega brand Nomad carry case Also, would prefer if it was pre-modded. Eventually looking for the following mods: - LCD mod - Lithium ion battery mod - Switchless region mod (for playing JP carts) - SMS mod Please reply here or PM if you have one to sell. Also in the market for a JVC X'Eye (NTSC), Victor WonderMega (NTSC-J), and Sega Multi-Mega (NTSC-J) at a reasonable price. Thanks!
  10. I hope CO5 Full won't be difficult to find/obtain even if it's not a "public" release. I'm very eager to download it as soon as it's available. [Edit: Sent you a PM, BP, I am interested in joining your "working group" if at all possible (over at CO)... Promise I'm not a troll Just love gaming and emulation. My CO forum name is jrlepage as I mentioned in the PM. Thanks!]
  11. Well since adding game packs inside of CO5 would raise legal probs, I think we are talking about standalones only now. Then the only updates we'd have to worry about handling outside of CO itself would be game packs. That's a cool idea about a game importer tool Mark... it could just look at a source folder for roms, detect what folder each should go in, rename them properly, etc.
  12. /agree that would be the next best thing to game updates... And then make it super-easy to install game packs by FTPing it in or from DVD perhaps... Or from USB device for those who have USB inputs.
  13. This is great news any chance we'll be able to download them from within CO5 on our Xbox?
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