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  1. used 4-switch Atari VCS (aka 2600) rf to coaxial adapter (very decent video quality, next best thing to a/v mod) 3 button Genesis controller (compatible with VCS) paddle controller (works with Warlords, etc.) original power adapter Pacman cart (someone's name written on plastic) Frogger Pitfall (slightly dirty label) Warlords (name written on plastic) Everything works fine! Not sure what I'm looking for as I'm not an Atari collector, but I would like to sell all in one shot if possible. Also willing to throw in a few as-is VCS joysticks if desired (god knows I don't want them). Also for sale is a very special Pitfall II cart, which was used in this world record video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d53WTK8NG2s I can autograph the cart if desired. Thanks for looking!
  2. It's a great game, but I do wish there was a slightly cheaper edition. When that happens, I will buy it and record a proper speed run for Speed Demos Archive.
  3. I use Hypercam for screen capture, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about recording keyboard/joystick button presses.
  4. What would be great (though I think I read that it was already planned?) is the ability to record/playback game input "movies", similar to other emulators like FCEUX. Bizhawk already does this, but it's a multi-system emulator and has certain issues (for instance, does not emulate Pitfall II DPC), so having Stella do this would be beneficial to speedrunning and TAS-ing communities.
  5. "Princess Rescue" contains fairly smooth two-way horizontal scrolling and was written in Batari BASIC.
  6. Thanks! Actually I plan on doing a console run at some point, so I can submit it to Speed Demos Archive (and fix the couple mistakes I made). Very nice playthrough...I've watched it a few times
  7. Somebody on the Speed Demos Archive forums had a similar problem and fixed it by changing the Atari channel selector from 3 to 2. However, I'm uncertain whether this is applicable to modded Ataris.
  8. Don't watch if you don't want the entire game ruined for you.
  9. Yeah, "Lulu Joey" sounds right..either a couple of kids, or simply a couple. I dunno if it's the same for a 2600 cart, but permanent ink comes right off of a NES cart label.
  10. Here, try this: Does look like an autograph, but who knows.
  11. cak

    Pitfall II speed run

    Ok, it's published now: http://speeddemosarchive.com/Pitfall2.html Thanks for the comments guys.
  12. cak

    Pitfall II speed run

    I agree in a way, but my experience with VCS joysticks is that a properly working one is hard to find, and even then it's somewhat inferior in the realm of joysticks. http://forum.speedde..._10th_2013.html Verified, but not yet posted. They have a huge backlog of videos waiting to be updated, including two other speedruns from myself.
  13. cak

    Pitfall II speed run

    3-button Genesis. I originally wanted to try using a stock joystick, but a working Genesis controller was easier to find.
  14. cak

    Pitfall II speed run

    Nah, the jumps are just out of boredom from playing the game so many times, lol.
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