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  1. Thanks Rob! Well, Im going to prevent E-whoring by keeping the product available. It's the same policy we have for any platform....unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, Gorf Classic was something I cant do that with. I could have charged a ridiculous price for it and probably would have gotten it too. Im not looking to kill anyone but make back my cost and maybe a little bit extra for my efforts and for the folks that help me with production. Im trying to get Jagmod and Terance to re-produce more Mad Bodies Carts with the change made so no one can perpetrate that either. The 7800 is much easier to deal with in that regard as thre are many more parts available, they are cheaper and not nearly as hard to reproduce. There are also a lot more 7800 fans out there. The 7800 is by far much easier to code for on top of all of this. If only the Jag was this simple to deal with. But Im dumping out of the Jag game scene, unless I see a real change in the 'clientel'. Fact is, if I see this game posted on E-Slut for some ridiculous price, I will post some there at regular price to put and end to it quickly. If someone wants to honor the fairness system and sell their cart, what I'll do is this. If they contact me and let me know they no longer want the cart, I will put them in contact with someone who does. I think it's win win for everyone except the the likes of master e-whores like SSFU.
  2. Did you hear you name called when I posted that?
  3. The machine is great yes and was the apple of my eye but the assholes associated with it dont deserve the time of day. Im tired of waiting over a decade for a renderer and quiet frankly have much better things to do with my time. The 7800 has fans that REALLY appreciate the efforts without the complaints(except on or two) but here it seems like every other JAg person is a dumb fuck.
  4. "Jag Rules" Make me an offer for my source code I can't refuse. Im done with it. Really. 7800 rules!
  5. So much for truthful debate.....I guess I'll be actioning off all my Jag stuff as I had planeed to this spring. It seems this community has shown me nothing worth bothering for....7800 Im yours.
  6. God I have really learned to hate the Jag and the infiltrated part of the community. I just have no desire to ever write another line of code for it again. So sad how a jealous few can turn someone off like these clowns have with me.
  7. But of course. No sign up necessary. I will release them as long as there are demands for them and parts to make them....oh and yes of course they will be personalized to each buyer in the title screen to as I have mentioned before. There will be a first batch of 50 carts and you will be able to purchase them from Chicky Baby. POKEY and all....also I found out that I have around 10k of space left so there may be more levels added. Does anyone know how to make these compatible with the High Score cart? Im sure I'll get a few folks hoping for this.
  8. I worked hard to not have it be that close to that game you are thinking of. However it will have similarities....after all it is a multi mission space shooter. But I've put a few months into this over a year and a halfs time on and off. Oh and did I mention that every cart will be a personalized cart to the specific buyer? In the title screen in game. It's much easier to do such a thing with the 7800 and it is my first 7800 cart so I thought I'd add a personal touch for everyone who buys one.
  9. That would be a good tactic. He's just going to continue to pointlessly rant until it reaches the rabid foaming mouth stage and/or a threadlock, and since you've been around long enough you've seen it already. On the topic of the work at hand, I hope it all works out well for everyone involved and the community. Actually I think all of Gorf's points in this current 'rant' are absolutely valid and I stand behind them 100%. JC...its remo for crying out loud....what else do you expect for the clueless one...He';s another free ride Jag fan if you have not noticed.
  10. That would be a good tactic. He's just going to continue to pointlessly rant until it reaches the rabid foaming mouth stage and/or a threadlock, and since you've been around long enough you've seen it already. On the topic of the work at hand, I hope it all works out well for everyone involved and the community. Dont you have some place like freejag to go to?
  11. Yup, lets duck the issue, change the subject and not answer one of my ACCURATE facts. Wonderful. The fact is you dont know anything...else you would be able to shut me up with facts.Ther is a TRUE slice of reality for you my friend. Yeah like you waiting in lurk until someone who busted their ass shows a product so you can pounce? That's some real class now isn't it?
  12. Now there is a real cowardly copout and non response. That's rightyou know better because you dont have one damn thing you can say otherwise. You know Im right or else you know you would have something reasonable to say...unfortunately for you, you dont. You just posted two pages of bitch and moan and when called on it, you show your true colors....uninformed, clueless and waiting for a handout. nstead of being happy that someone actually took the time to figure all this out, the first thing you worry about is how you can demand it from them? For shame doc! That is because you came with nothing and will leave with nothing. YOu have no answer to the above. Yes it has and quite accurately. Now we all await your amazing skills and hard work. Good night indeed! Now I know you actually a nice guy hyper but you need to get a grip on reality.
  13. Yup because like those other platforms, you all wait in lurk while those with REAL talent work their asses off just so you can benefit. Getting anything off the Jaguar is a result of it being BY FAR a much more difficult platform to deal with...if ONLY it were as easy to work with as the A8,2600, 7800, and 5200 platforms. But again, what do I know....I only coded for all of these in one form or another. I have never held back anything when asked any techincal question I can answer honestly about any platform. This does not mean I owe you or ANYONE everything I ever do. Im no friggin guru at all. I sat and with trial and error as with Belboz and others, did our home work. NOw you want to copy it and hand it into the teacher as your own? Amazing! Again....Good day sir!
  14. And exactly who got a 'big fat free ride'? Not even a close relative to the Gorf situation so spare us please. Outside of a handful of us like Belboz, none of you that bitch and moan have lifted a finger or tried on your own to do what we are doing. You have every last resource we have and yet you still think we are 'hiding' something from you? NO, its that we are not willing to slave hard over this stuff just so you can demand it from us when you have done nothing. Please....what secrecy might that be? I DARE you to show any such secrecy. Really? So you mean all that source code Curt released two years ago hampered the community? No, what hampered the community is people never doing a damn thing with any of that source code while the few of us that have been busting our asses over the years can just give it to you? Again, give me and everyone else who knows better a break please. I dont see it. I see a few really amazing things in those communities...the rest are hacks... essentially graphics changes and title changes....no advancement there my friend. They are fine but I hardly think they are ground breaking. Yeah sure....again, I point out not only the sources Curt released but also my lessons at JSII and my main code workaround....all public domain. So what ever you are smoking, it would be nice if you shared and maybe we can imagine this nonsense along side you. Oh and for the record, do you know why you even have the dev tools for the Jaguar to begin with? Yes, I went to Brain Storm and got every last tool from them...all 16 megabytes and posted them. But hey, I'm such a selfish bastard are'nt I? Scatologic, another bunch of evil secret bastards, they SAW TO IT that Hasbro released the dev kit offically for EVERYONE to play. Guess what has happened as a result so far.....NOTHING! Out side of a handful of us who actually put our money where our mouth is, the rest of you have blamed us as being the problem. People like you who have not even the beginings of a clue of the REAL history of our generosity to this every ungrateful and usually unproductive community. With the sources I mentioned from Curt and this above, what the hell else do any of you need? I'll tell you what....you want us to work for years on an original game and just hand out the source so you can hack it? Is this productive? Yeah on our parts but certainly not any of you who incesantly complain over that which you have not one clue. See the above reality as opposed to your fantasy of what really has gone on. Every last one of you have EVERY THING you need including the source to DOOM at your disposal for years and yet you still complain and want it handed to you on a silver platter? I call shenanigans on you sir! You and every last one of you that bitch and moan about us, when in reality it is your laziness and unwillingness to do your OWN HARD work, waiting in lurk to pounce al over our labor and claim if for your own? You have NO EXCUSE other than your own self unwilling to do what some of us have done. Get a grip and realize you are whinning over nothing but your OWN lack of productivity. Try working this hard, releasing a game and watchi get dumped a month later. Yu know not what you are talking about! Good Day sir!
  15. Why does every one think they have a right to a free ride? Sheesh....Well Belboz, now you are no doubt about to get a little of what I've dealt with in this community for years. Give something to it and you know that no good deed will go unpunished. Of course ther are those that want to 'go back to sleep too'. As if they think they can do better. At any rate Belboz.....Nice job figuring out the old WAD files. Amazing how some of the so called 'experts' could not do this. You obviously have mad skills in comparison. Great Work!
  16. I think anything that used a paddle in the arcade, should have done the same on a home version. Same with a joystick. Games like Space Invaders would be unchallenging with a DC or paddle. I think the 2600 should have come with a plastic stick insert for both sticks for games like Robotron, Combat and Battle zone.
  17. Gorf

    Circus Atari

    One of my all time fave's for sure.
  18. I hope so. Working toward that goal. Now if only I can make it fit on a 32 k ROM.
  19. REALLY! The last thing I want to hear about in an Atari forum, especially a Jaguar forum is moding a controller for an X box 360. Irrelevance never had it so good.
  20. The board needs the inverter because /OE is active high on Atari's mask ROMs but active low on standard EPROMs (and OTPs as well, unless I'm mistaken). Fortunately the CO26461 board is already set up for it, and it's a cheap and easy modification to do; the extra hardware required will probably cost about 33 cents per board. I don't think I've ever seen a POKEY chip go bad on one of these boards; the ones I've pulled have all worked fine for me. Ok cool...I just realized, I have about 2560 bytes of room left to fit everything else. YIKES! I may need to go in and see about optimizing and removing any code that is redundant.
  21. The smaller chip footprint (to the right of POKEY) is for a 74LS04 inverter, which you will need to add--along with a 0.1uF capacitor at location C2, I believe--to allow the board to support 32K EPROMs. You will also need to clip open the jumper marked W3, directly underneath the inverter. Good to know....I will need to know the exact way for the Eproms. Unless I invest in 32k OTP's. Do you know if the pokeys are all working?
  22. Sorry about that ....Well Im not out of room just yet and Im almost done with all the levels. However I may not be able to fit the secret levels on there.
  23. You can do 48K without bankswitching on the 7800. Mitch Yeah but I have the 32k bords will they still work? Which board do you have? Is it the CO24926 Atari board? Mitch CO26461's...there is a spot for a smaller chip too.
  24. You can do 48K without bankswitching on the 7800. Mitch Yeah but I have the 32k boards with POKEYS(Yes POKEY sound). Will they still work?
  25. You will get these from ChickyBaby as a 3DSSS release once they are finished. There will be some time to go yet. Probably when its warm again....hopefully. Im just hoping I can fit this all on a 32 K chip or Im going to have to get creative hardware wise and quickly. Never messed with switch banking for 7800 yet....yet. Oh crap! I just noticed, thre is no mission text in War Wings.... DOH!...Ill have to fix and update that shot. EDIT: Shot of War wings repaired! Hmm, 3DSSS + MilfTech should be interesting. Will there be naked chicks on the box? tjb There will be no MILF tech on my games. An not one naked person anywhere. Chicky will be sole distributor but it will be a sole 3DSSS release.
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