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  1. You will get these from ChickyBaby as a 3DSSS release once they are finished. There will be some time to go yet. Probably when its warm again....hopefully. Im just hoping I can fit this all on a 32 K chip or Im going to have to get creative hardware wise and quickly. Never messed with switch banking for 7800 yet....yet. Oh crap! I just noticed, thre is no mission text in War Wings.... DOH!...Ill have to fix and update that shot. EDIT: Shot of War wings repaired!
  2. All I can say is WOW! Please sign me up! All in good time my friend. All in good time. Just remember, the longer I work on a title, the better it becomes. Still much to be dealt with. Glad you like what you see. I'm pretty sure you'll like what you play just as much if not more.
  3. Here is the latest snap shots of Warbirds. Still more work to be done but the first four levels are practically complete. Now working on the Boss level, and may throw in a bonus secret level (or two) that you get when you accomplish a certain feat of fancy. Mission: Astral Assault Mission: Battle Beams Mission: Death Squad Mission: War Wings Mission: Momma Bird
  4. Really? I bet all those Star Wars collector put out tons of money. Yet you dont hear them complain or demand or expect the store to give their products away. Us game writers have the unfortunate disadvantage of our product being made copyable. This does not take away fromt he fact that it is ours or that we have a right to do with it as we see fit. If your hobby is not worth your money than I don't see how you like it in the first place. You types forget the hard wrok and effort that we developers put into this. I know that some give their work away. That's their right to do so. It is also my right to recoupe my cost's and a very minute something for all my time and effort. Hey my hobby besides this is classic guitars but you dont see me trying to get those for free. I dont expect it and neither should people who collect software. If you want to play you have to pay. Be thankful when we even bother to put our time annd effort into this. What I charge is reasonable more so than not. It's that or hope someone gives away less than stellar quality games for your favorite dead system. Just like those classic guitar shops dont want to see you run out the door with a classic Les Paul or Statacaster, neither do we software developers want to see folks profiting off something we worked hard on when we barely recoupe our cost and still have to get up for work everyday to pay our bills. The trouble I see her is that the homebrew scene has spoiled rotten those that collect. Instead of just being greatful for when someone give it away for free, it becomes expected and then you are the bad guy when you dont....to me that is utter bullshit. Until you spend the time and effort and realize the hard work and aggravation we put into this, you'll never understand but there is two sides to every story. One side feels the world owes them there life and then us who feel we have a right to dictate that which we put our long hours and efforts into.
  5. Discussion about 6502 multiplication here :- http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/78839-russian-multiplication/ If you can find a copy of "Best of PCW Assembler Routines for the 6502" by David Barrow there is a 16x16 unsigned routine in there. You'd need to convert your input values to unsigned first. If you can't find the source code for the book online (its from 1985) I'll type it in. Turns out I dont need it..I found another way to handle the sign but thanks for the link.
  6. I agree with most of what you're saying here but giving a playable binary to the world is NOT legally the same as placing something in the public domain. Copyright is about having the sole monopoly rights of distribution to your work. This means you can decide how and where it is distributed. When most of us release source code of projects, we're likewise not giving up our copyrights on what we're making unless we actually declare that we are. In my case, sharing the source code is a good way to help other programmers who may be stuck with how to do something in particular. I wouldn't mind, heck I probably wouldn't even notice, if someone took the flickering management out of one of my sources and used it in their own games. But I would notice and be quite upset if someone took the code, assembled it, and started selling carts of it. Im simply covering my ass for when I finally(if I finally) finish the game and sell it on cart for Jag. It's funny how even when you accomodate some of these free source nut jobs, they feel you owe them the rest of your life as well. The Jag carts are ridiculous cost wise and Im simply seeing to it no one can say I 'gave' the game away before. It's also funny how most of those that complain about such a gift are those that usually never written a line of code, produced and gathered parts and printing materials in their entire lives. I understand that some countries are free source by nature. I however live in the USA where this is NOT the case. I work hard on this stuff. Coding the Jag to it's FULL potential is NOTHING like coding any system before it and I want some return from my efforts(at very least to recoupe my costs and maybe a couple of steak dinners for my effort.) I dont think Im asking a lot to continue supporting a decade dead console. The fact is I have always helped those asking for coding help on the Jag. I also will someday like to release a library so others can write their own games.
  7. No that is Light Cycles in Tron and Surround was a 2600 game. My game is called Surrounded!. IF you've been around as long as you have you should know this stuff.
  8. That was recorded 5 and a half years ago, before the information we have now. As Curt alluded to in the post I linked to, some people's memories might be a bit jaded. The facts state otherwise regarding why the 7800 was on hold during that time. It was one of several things that was being hashed out between Warner and Atari Corp. Previously, a number of deals were actually set up with Warner and then executed by Atari Inc., which is part of the issue of the dual management I mentioned. During the transition, they kept those deals and a number of other "open accounts", the Amiga deal being another. Likewise, we know for a fact that he started up the 2600 Jr. project in August again, so that contrasts against the other jaded statements regarding his supposed direction and the whole incident. Though maybe none of that rumor is the case, it's not something I'd put past any of the Tramiels. Especially Sam after his 'yuk, yuk, yuk,' statement regarding networked games...that I know was said to Scott Legrand as he told me this himself. Talk about head up ass syndrome!
  9. Um....I definitely gotta get what ever it is you are smoking. Ever here of.... Chief Executive Officer? Or even.... 3D Stooges Software Studios ? 2009 The year before this one? There is only one universe. Don't believe every fantasy todays scientists try to shove down your throat. Remember, they have to fantasize and convince our politicians it's true so they continue to get our tax dollars. Then they can build useless nonsense like trillion dollar colliders that end up failing to do what they hoped it would. Oh and blowing holes in the moon...you know the only object out there that keeps the tides from destroying everything on earth? Also further destroying the face of the moon, the reflective light from crystals of the moon's surface that regenerates our DNA? Remember also these people once thought the earth was flat too. Scientist are more and more thoerist and have been wrong before, are wrong about things now and will be in time to come. That must be some really good shit yer puffin.
  10. Any one have a decent efficient 6502 alg for 16 bit signed multiplies? Thanks.
  11. Jack was gone. That was Sam that both introduced and cut the Falcon, as well as cutting the ST line. WTF are you smoking? The 7800 was by GCC, there was nobody at Atari to fire in regards to that. It was simply on hold while Warner and Atari Corp. figured out who owed GCC for development and ownership rights. It was finally decided that Spring of '85 Atari Corp. would, they paid GCC and got full ownership. Development started up that late summer/early Fall under pressure from Warner and it was re-announced that January of '86 at the Winter CES. There was no "sitting on it", and actually the 7800 got horrible reviews at the Summer '84 CES. Im not smoking anything. Did not Jack, tell someone who brought the 7800 to his attention to 'get that abomination out of my office' and then fire him a bit later on?
  12. Advice duely noted. However...the terms stand. I could care less about the drama as that will happen anyway. You can please some of the people some of the time...Plus I dont do things because 'everyone else is doing it'. I have my reasons and the policies will stay as they are. Besides, I dont care if someone shares it with another Jag fan via e-mail. I just dont want to see it distributed on any other meduim like a collection cart or disc. My right and perogative.
  13. The same motive was behind Jack too...they dumped the ST like a used condom once they felt Jag would rule the world. sorry anyone who fires the guy responsible for the 7800 is not any better. That machine could have saved Atari's game name if they did not sit on it while Nintendo took over the world.
  14. I can send you my editor I wrote. You may need a few DLL's as it only seems to work in debug mode.
  15. I think they were answering the first post, imagining they were in charge of the Jag in 1993 and had to figure out how to save it. Personally, if I worked in Atari in 1993 with the benefit of hindsight, I know exactly what I'd do... Start collecting every design file, document, and line of source code, so that nothing of value is lost when Atari goes belly-up. - KS Well if that does not show how little regard the Tramiels had for Atari, I dont know what will convince those that think they actually did. It was little more than a cash cow to them and nothing else.
  16. It looks as good as the NES version from what I remember and it probably wont flicker like hell like the NES version does. By the way PMP, have you taken a look at the sources for that certain popular title I sent you? You might find the way I've set up the DLL system to be much more efficient for 320 mode stuff. It's all static with field parameter updates only needed. Once the list is built you only need to update the x,y image info when necessary. In fact if you look at mission one of the source you might see just how simple it is to get your Invaders port to move the invaders individually. Any questions, just PM me.
  17. If it has not already been mentioned Cd images are more like an audio disc( in fact it is a audio disc). Ofcourse you can always zip up the file.
  18. Am I missing somethin or are you guys mistakenly posting in the wrong thread? What JOb would you have abandoned for a former?
  19. Gorf

    Happy New Year

    Nice work Bob! I'll take a look at this in a bit.
  20. That would be nice. Are you really saving the .bin files to your computer, then running them? If so, you can run a game with Stella immediately without saving first, at least with Firefox anyway. I understand that but anyone in the real world always presents a product with some illustration or some sort. If you go through the trouble of posting it online to begin with, what more does it take to hit F12 in stella or whichever emu you are using to dump a quick screen shot? Now granted, not every console has an easy way of snapping a pic but the 2600 certainly does. Hey Im probably quilty of this too in aone or two of my bin posts but at very least I ask some one to do it for me(lazy bastard that I am somethimes).
  21. No you can't. A ) That would be against the terms. B ) No Jag emulator emulates main code rules. I take it you don't have a Jag and are one of those ROM downloading ho's? Dude...get a real Jag if you dont have one. The emulators do not run most of the software anyway. The game is rather self explanitory. Ships surround you from all 6 directions. They fire bombs at you. You fire a lazer beam at them, destroying the incoming bombs and the enemy ships that fire said bombs.
  22. It would be nice not to have to DL every last bin file posted here so how about everyone posting a few screen shots along side the bin? Just from a developers/gamer point of view.
  23. It's just to color in the background a little..no moving stars, just a static field but it also proves another important performance plus of the Jaguar. It's using the OPL instead of the blitter so its very little cost to the system. It also allows for very nice back drops pics to be blasted up.
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