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  1. I hope you put some ketchup(catsup) on that hat first...at least a little salt. Yeah I knew it was real before the video by this picture..... You see the O^2 cart connector clearly. Oh and one of the voice module hooked up.
  2. Well you asked for it... a video of it working...
  3. Actually I dont think that would be easy without breaking the O^2 cart case. Im quite sure they are a bit wider and he has pics of it with the O^2 voice module plugged in playing on a monitor as well. Unless this guy if ttally pulling the wool over on us at the O^2 forum site, it looks like he actually did it. I'll post more pics.
  4. Nope....some guy on the O^2 site I freq has managed to fit an O^2 MB into a 2600 case. Kinda neat actually. There are also pics of it using the O^2 voice module plugged in too. I guess this O^2 fan had too much time on his hands. I think it's kinda neat tho.
  5. I'd much rather have them in board. That will make my futre releases a lot less of a hassle. Thanks for going through the trouble of dealing with all the disassembly though!
  6. How's this grab you? Yes it really plays O^2 carts too!
  7. Ahh - I'd never tried such tight loops - which would explain why i hadn't seen that effect I've never had any such bus hammering experiences in main....then again I dont really run many(or any) tight loops out there. I have at least a dozen or more instructions in between the loop.
  8. The other thing is all the games of today end. They don't go on and on forever. I used to love comming back to get a hihger and higer score on Gorf or Galaxian or Space Invaders. Try that with the crap today. Even the old style racers allowed you to earn extended play. You wont see that happen in Grand Turismo(whichI think was enough after the first version quite frankly.) I still get a better kick of of Night Drive to be quite honest.
  9. As far as I understand, there is no real homebrew scene for 3DO....at least that was the case last time I checked. I did hear of some trying to 'break in' to the console to allow coding of it but have not checked to see if that has been sucessful an endevor as of late. This alone would turn me off from any retro console.
  10. Same demo but with a starfield back drop. Im posting this as someone was asking for it. get it in this thread... http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/155694-surrounded-where-what-why-when/page__view__findpost__p__1909311 Read the rules and do not violate them! Thank you. joystick D pad aims cannon as does button A and C. B fires. 12 level demo only. Enjoy, Steve "Gorf" Scavone, CEO, 3DSSS 2009
  11. Here....this is a newer version with a starfield backdrop. Same rules apply. Upload device to Jag ONLY and no copies to be posted anywhere else. AA only! No Selling or distributing free or otherwise on CD or any other medium. No disassembling!!!!! You download it from here and upload it to your Jag using Skunkboard, PSE, JagServer, BJL, BJL CD, Alpine or JUGS. Any other is a violation and strictly prohibited. Consider this a Happy New Year re-release! SURROUND.BIN Enjoy, Steve "Gorf" Scavone, CEO, 3DSSS
  12. War of the Worlds is a great and probably a perfect example of just how far Radio was able to stretch one's imagination.
  13. I understand you using Far cry....any one of todays games are an example of little being left to the imagination.
  14. No argument here as I have heard that this is the case but my point is, if Atari had released this system like this in the first place, I think it would have outsold the Coleco, allowed for more coleco ports to find there way on the 5200 first and pretty much help Atari maintain the spot in VG history they should have kept. I can't tell you how many times I heard people complain about the 5200's sticks while comparing them tot he coleco's...yes they were not gaga over the coleco sticks but the self centering aspect certainly was a selling point over the less than acceptable 5200 sticks.
  15. I hope it does see the light of day. I really hope we see the JAguar version of a flashback. I'd donate one of our smaller games as an incentive. I'd also like to see the 7800 computer upgrade as well.
  16. I was never blown away(at all) by games like far cry. You see, most of todays games are too realistic...ie..leave little to the imagination. The old classic games like space shooters and pac man and centipede are things that you cant do and are sureal. I want games that allow me to imagine. The nice thing about the old pixelated graphic is it gives you an ability to imagine beyond the blicky graphics what you'd really be doing. That is why I had such high hopes for the JAguar....powerful enough for 3D yet not enough to be overly realistic.
  17. Im not even interested in a used next gen console at any price. It would be just another door stop.
  18. Like I said if you could do it reasonably. But yeah its like a polling type loop which is not something I'd bother doing on the GPU. Use the interrupts if your are waiting on the blitter or OPL with the J-Risc's. In fact Im willng to bet that the problem JagMod was dealing with was waiting on either those two in a polling type fashion. Not something I recommend and also not something SMAC is good at dealing with. As excellent an app as SMAC is, it stillhas a few issues that need attention beforeI'd use it for my code.
  19. Modern gaming has bored me to death. We now have 100's of developers using four genre to compete for our gaming dollars. The last console I bought was the first X-box...I bought like 5 titles for it and was very disappointed. The JAguar was the last hopeful console for me. Though it lacks the power of todays machines, the games were a lot closer to what I was hoping for...at least in concept. T2k, I-War, Cyber/Battle Morph, HoverStrike, BattleSphere and those...very different. Im glad the Jag did not see racer after racer, fighter after fighter, FPS after FPS. That is all that any console after it seems to care about with maybe one or two somewhat original ideas out there. However, I stand by my scripture....there is really and truly nothing knewthat has not been done before. Only variations of it..... Centipede? A much more enjoyable version of swatting bugs really. Think about it.
  20. First of all you are too much of a gentleman and a scholar to ever offend me and I know you are probably quite busy so no, I did not think you were ignoring me. Also dont feel bad about the originallity thing....there is nothing new under the sun. BTW, which post were you refering to? See I already forgot.
  21. The 5200 is a great system it's the original non centering controllers I dont like, unless the game is better suited for them. Unfortunately most of the good games are not better suited for them. I think they sould have just did a centering joy and sold paddles seperately for games like breakout and such.
  22. No it is slower do to bad coding techniques. If you were able to reasonably swicth the DRAM to SRAM, there would be no slowdown at all as long as you wrote the code properly. The only slowdown would be from the other parts of the system using the main bus RAM.
  23. Well hopefully you wont lose your job. I for one will stick to the shooters in space and a few maze shooter types as well. I'leave all the other genre to the rest of you lads and lasses.
  24. Um...it was assembler using SMAC...it has nothing to do with gcc. GCC would not help at all, nor would any C compiler. Thre are going to be several places, no C compiler will avoid such a tight loop.
  25. The problem was with smac and mac. The point is, there is no magical solution to fixing and optimizing all the quirks of the jaguar system. smac helps a lot by allowing code to be executed from main, but it doesn't keep the programmer from writing bad code. And this is exactly why I've said time and time again, write code for the J-RISC's out in main by hand assembly as anything else is bound to cause you headaches.
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