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  1. Well,this is a rare exception in this case. I was not trying to be mean but it seems I tweaked a few people I have a lot of respect for. But I get what you mean. These two titles Im working on are actually for a good cause to help out a wonderful person.
  2. These wont make me any money as they are intended for someone else who can REALLY use the money. I've not changed my policy but instead have simply made an exception due to some circumstances of recent events. I dont plan to release many if any updates of the work either but I thought a few bins for Christmas might be fun for the fans. ...and Merry Christmas to you as well.
  3. I consider you 100% right here - when i saw the TR and TRII textures (particularly the first level in TRII) i was horrified at just how poor they really are. Well after viewong that master piece of an engine you wrote for the RPG, Im quite confident TR and Quake(even 2 possibly) could be done off a CD or a very large ROM cart.
  4. Nope, this is not that case at all. They had every right to the Namco Galaxians too. It was Atari getting exculsive HOME rights to Galaxian from Midway in the 80's that was the cause of no home version being allowed to have Galaxian. Midway is a professional company that would not take such a foolish chance and ruin any future deals. Trust me, you are wrong on this one. I asked these questions when I dealt with Midway. Believe me. Go look up the copyright holder of Gorf. It still belongs to Midway. You will find that they renewed the copyrights in 2000. The copy rights papers are right there in the US copyright site. Why they did not use Gorf has nothing to do with who owns the rights. For no good reason...again..a simple search on the US copyrights site will show you they indeed have such rights. Rights and ownership legalities do not change but are simply transfered. If or not Warner is more or less willing is another story but I have my doubts. Again, dont believe me, go look up the IP on the US copyright site and you will see that indeed they do still own the title. Niether Jamie Fenton, nor Dave Nutting know where there original contract is so they don't even remember all the details. I dont think they will come after you but if they wanted to they could and one thing they have that you nor I have is lots of money and powerful lawyers behind them. Your call but I choose not to throw fuel on the fire. Midway was very much serious about the IP last I talked to them. PErhaps you might see what Warner has to say. They may find the game useless and marketless. Probably the reason why Midway never bothered to use it in their classic packs....I m sure the games included in those where based on a dollar figure in sales and not so much a popularity issue. If you are some how corect about all this, I will re-release Jag Gorf immediately. However, I seriously doubt that is the case. I too am not trying to be confontational with you but simply warning you that you are treading on ground you may one day regret, especially by putting the names of the copyright holders on the label and the game creds. You are admiting to the fact that it is their property and a lawyer would have a field day on this point alone. I only point this out for your benefit and legal safety, not theirs.
  5. I'd rather take the do unto others thing. Sticking it to the man is hardly moral or noble.
  6. Yeah I was not sure what was in there.
  7. Yeah, freeware... that's the ticket. Just add $30 for shipping, processing and handling I meant as in downloadable, not putting it to a physical cart form. Let people do that themselves. That would not help you in court if Midway was serious about it and from the talks I had with them they are still VERY serious about any and all their IP's. They could claim that a free distribution is indeed hurting them froma version they 'may' have in the works meant for profit. I would not be barking up that tree if I were you guys. I dont think you have much to worry about but I would not get cocky about it either.
  8. Midway has done no such violation of rights. Actually Namco and Taito Have been partners with Midway since before the 80's. The fact is Midway had exclusive American distribution rights to both of those companies games throughout the 80's as part of a deal with Midway to import those games here. In fact, they still own the rights to all such console versions and if Warner(who is now owner of Midway) wanted to bring you to court over this, they'd have full jurisdiction to do so. In fact Midway was willing to let me distribute the game for the JAguar but with some unreasonable conditions I was not willing to go with. As part of the deal they told me that the Namco and Taito parts of the game would be legally covered under any agreement I had with them. SO Jess, be careful. They have full rights to those classics under that import agreement when it comes to non-arcade versions.
  9. It's nothing special, in light of your project but it has potential.
  10. Yah and a release that would be Skunk friendly too That would require a painful re-write so it would still be CD based.
  11. Aww! More teasing?!? Well if more people actually had the damn game to play instead of collectors sitting on them, collecting dust... Knowing your situation, how in the heck was Jess able to get his GBA version ported? I see all three © holders on the box, so he must have been able to perform some kind of rain dance? Why they care so much about a port on the Jaguar is beffudling. Or are the IP holders banking on the premise that a GBA version is going to sell big time? Well if JR can tell me how he managed to obtain these rights, I'd do the same and re-release Gorf Classic. I think the ©'s on the Box are for effect but only JR would be able to tell the story behind that.
  12. Hopefully Owl will still be looking forward to it's devlopment as well. I think racing has stolen his heart once again. I can't say I blame him either. Did somebody say racing? I DO love the racing. Actually that's me in the 72 car. On topic though - first of all many thanks to everyone for the kind words. Its a real boost to know that the project interests and enthuses people. Secondly Gorf is not wrong, the racing (or at least the preparation to get going again) is taking up time. I'd like to re-assure everyone however that the project is NOT gone (or on hold) - and that not only is it not gone or on hold... but coding is also continuing all the time (including two major improvements currently underway) - just not at quite the pace it did just prior to this years two JagFests. go faster...your gaining on him!
  13. I actually have a complete sprite and font set done for Wizard of Wor too but I will definitely need Bob's help on the maze collision alg's for that one. Perhaps I'll just give the data to Bob like I did with Gorf and let him deal with the Midway titles. Then again, ol' PMP has enough on his plate. His choice. I would realy like to get Zaxxon done more than anything. That would make Curt happy.
  14. Gorf Classic Cd for Jaguar was the first actually with about 200 copies sold before the removal from sale but it's nice to see that JR took the time to code one for the GBA fans. Now perhaps he might take on redoing that awful CV version and do that system some Gorfian justice. I had hoped to do Gorf (redo on some systems) with all version for the Atari 8 bit, Coleco, ST, Astrocade and several others but since I got the no go from Midway, I since dropped the idea. The Atari 8bit version def could use some rework............. I actually stated it years back but that data is long gone by now.
  15. Looks good...would still like to see a video of it. As far as You Tube goes, Vids of Jaguar Gorf are all over the place. You could always post a video here too as well. I really dont like the look of the side bar of info ( for any game really) but I do understand why you used that given the screen on the GB. I was going to have a 90 degree mode in Jaguar Gorf too but realized it was not really necessary since the Jaguar is capable of any kind of screen rez. There is a secret way of getting an arcade bezel in Jaguar Gorf. But I'll never tell. In fact there are a few dozen secrets in Jaguar Gorf that no one seems to have found. In fact you have to get to most of them by how well you play the game. There is a tribute to MS Gorf as well....
  16. Looks great Jess! While always distracting IMO, the eye candy that is the bezel sides are cool looking. Gives it that extra arcade 'touch'. And Gorf: I think you have FB confused with MySpace. FB is a much more mature and different crowd than that MySpace garbage. No, Im quite well aware of both and I do not like either one of them.
  17. The renderer is actually a nice feature rich renderer....it's just not too good on the performance side.
  18. I'll do it for guys like you who deserve it! Thanks Curt, and again my appologies.
  19. I might have the one Coleco Telstar arcade still around. Not sure what number it was. But if it was indeed a #1, I'll see about making a copy...that might be a long while till I get out in my garage to actually dig it up though.
  20. Gorf Classic Cd for Jaguar was the first actually with about 200 copies sold before the removal from sale but it's nice to see that JR took the time to code one for the GBA fans. Now perhaps he might take on redoing that awful CV version and do that system some Gorfian justice. I had hoped to do Gorf (redo on some systems) with all version for the Atari 8 bit, Coleco, ST, Astrocade and several others but since I got the no go from Midway, I since dropped the idea.
  21. You can also use BJL, BJL CD, PSE, Jag Server(I think), JUGS or an actual Alpine.
  22. We actually had sold about 200 copies before doomsday. So though rare, it is the first arcade accurate home version of Gorf ever released...but hey # 2 aint so bad.
  23. I dont have and never will have an account on FaceWhore, so how about posting a few shots here?
  24. As programer of Gorf for the Jaguar, I have one burning question....why is there no movie or screen shots for this version? I can tell you exactly how close you are. I've owned two version of the Arcade machine for decades now.
  25. Well unless either of you can write a very fast and efficient renderer , I can't really use you. I do appreciate the willingness though.
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