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  1. Yeah...just remember that the demos are usually run at $4000 in the Jaguar main ram. Main Code is rather useless out on the cart port area.
  2. It's not even the vid quality Im talking about so much as it is all the other content. Too bad I can't get these other two stooges to finish these games. If I had things my way you'd be playing at least ten new games from us. Unfortunately, it seems that I'm the only one who REALLY wanted to work hard at completing them all. Tell them they have an entire community of Jaguar gamers drooling for their releases! If it means anything, I also want to play that beat 'em up Terance is working on. Edit: You have no idea how excited I was when you guys released Mad Bodies. Heck, I play it as often as Tempest and Iron Soldier. It's not like I have'nt tried everything to get them to do their part. Scott is the biggest procrastinator. I've been asking him for a good renderer for over 10 years now.
  3. It's not even the vid quality Im talking about so much as it is all the other content. Too bad I can't get these other two stooges to finish these games. If I had things my way you'd be playing at least ten new games from us. Unfortunately, it seems that I'm the only one who REALLY wanted to work hard at completing them all.
  4. Yes MESS has a very nice debugger in it. You can single step, trace to a file, view/edit memory, set conditional breakpoints, etc. Dan Is this feature information in the docs? It seems that when you set the debug mode, it only pops up another screen and halts.
  5. I aware of the flicker. Essentially what that is is the enemy respawning and sometimes the deltas(the amount of movement per frame) is bugged and a large amount it ending up as the delta. The frame drop is the fault of the very inefficient renderer as it uses words for data(go figure on a 64 bit system) and it does alot of redundant processing it really does not need to. Again...it has it's cheese.
  6. IT wont run from the flash as that is only for ROM area...ie $802000.
  7. I only have the Skunk one so I could not tell you how to deal with a two....maybe Tursi or Kskunk can better answer that for you. Maybe try the other bank? Just a suggestion. Keep in mind that this game loads to the Jag RAM at $4000 so I think flashing it writes it out to the ROm area where it wont run..try... JCP.exe ufo.bin $4000
  8. This thread is still going? Sheesh! 6 years and counting! DOH! I 'd take my St over the amiga on a programming basis but I would not kick an Amiga off my desktop. I disagree with the sound system though. The Ste line and beyond are far superior and the ST had REAL midi ports from the start...not some stupid add-on to the uart port. That alone always gave an edge to my ST over all the other, including Mac and PC as well. Heck, I did not feel the PC had anything on an ST till Doom came along.
  9. I will be giving these games to someone else so they can make the carts. As far as Gorf, I only plan to help PacManPlus finish it. It will be totaly up to him if he wishes to sell them. I sent him the source this morning.
  10. 3 games actually. First 6 are of Gorf, next one is UFO!, then remaining ones are Warbirds. Thanks for doing the shots Mord. I 'm going to have to dl the sources to ProEmu and add my own degub and features or I'll never find this stupid bug!
  11. I suppose I should have told you that the 'C' button holds the cannon in place. So you can indeed shoot in any direction while moving in another. My bad. I eventually want the 'A' Button to do something like reverse the cannon position 180 degrees or even a alternate weapon or mines. Still a lot of work to be done yet. It would be nice if Scott got me a worthy renderer. Looks like I may have to beg old Owl into letting me use his.
  12. Well I was hoping for something more like the one stella has. Then I could trace what is going on.
  13. Part of my fustration of finishing these 2 games is not being able to track what is going on. Im using the Prosystem Emu to dev with. Any suggestions?
  14. If you have BJL CD, that should do as well. So should alpine and PSE and JUGS.
  15. Um...the point was that if that rather poor vid made him like EGT, the real thing will make him soil his drawers.
  16. You can run them in ProSystem Emu...But Im sure someone can pop a few shots up.
  17. That's hardly pretty....He could have asked me to make a REAL direct video copy. Besides that is not even close to how cool it REALLY looks with all the other screens. Those other screens are much prettier.
  18. Keep up the good work Propane and Gorf, we need more code hackers not gamers (anyone got a 6052 book the were using that they wanna feed me) Sounds like your'e working the B-C (business to consumer) market gorf, never done that, only worked the B-B (business to business) market Thats not a good thing your other t/s's are doing, one thing i learnt, never slag off your competitors, it will come back and haunt you or your other t/s's (telesales) We dont slag them off...Im simply saying our company is doing litle to compete with their low pricing and we wind up losing out on what could be tons of sales. I know how to be professional in a business situation. slagging the comp only makes your prospect suspicious. Our salespeople are not acting very professional once they are in the homes...The corporates seem not to mind, even though its gaining us a bad rep. go figure.
  19. Gorf

    7800 vs Amiga

    OY! A 68000 at 8+ HMZ versus a 1 mhz 6502? You can't be serious.
  20. Probably because the emulators themselves are not properly optimised to run certain games No Jag emulator understand main code execution. As far as telemarketing, Im doing it for a water proofing company. It's been very dry here in Jersey. Our competition is killing us in price and some of our salespeople tend to piss off the prospects. So it's a few diferent things against us. Even the seasoned phone people are having a bad time due to the above issues.
  21. Im glad you like it so far.....Im having issues with a few bugs that Im finding a bit hard to track down. The fact that the second level of aliens seem to get stuck on the right side of the screen has been annoying the crap out of me.Im sure it's a ridiculously stupid mistake staring me right in the face, laughing as I pull my hair out over it.
  22. Was it based on the O^2 game of the same name? That is essentially what Im doing with the 7800. I just released a small(cheesy) demo of it in one of the threads here in the 7800 section. There is also a Jaguar 3D version in the Jaguar section as well.
  23. Yeah, I remember Scott. Nice guy. I was talking to him about having my Jaguar modded, (which I regret I never ended up doing). I remember Terance too, but maybe I haven't been around AA enough to see him posting. Neither one of them post a whole lot. there is no longer any need to mod your Jag as BJL and Skunk remedy that, as well as PSE.
  24. He's actually just pulling your chain. ..Al Yeah I know. I'd imagine he'd be willing to help me(the person ) out when the time comes. I know he happens to be very fond of this person as am I.
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