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  1. Well...no news is good news and until I here one way or the other, let's just hope for the best.
  2. Here is why..... Due to a few trouble makers, bringing up the IP issue on Gorf AGAIN, I have put the release on hold. One trouble maker told me he reported me to Midway's ip department. I laughed as I have been trying to get someone there for quite some itme now...well.... Though I am quite sure thos person expressing his displeasure with this release(obviously he hates a good cause) , is doing so only becasue he does not like me, I will shut him up and again do the right thing. Knowing I have to do what is right (with the fringe benefit to trump this problem causer and whatever his agenda toward/against me might be) I will hold off. Why? Becasue, after this person went off on me...I made a round about effort to get ahold of someone and I have finally contacted Midway. Instead of trying the IP department, I went to another department and worked my way around till I got Angel blackwell on the line. I explained what I wanted to do and she said she would be more than happy to give my request to the Midway IP lawyers. So I did just that. I wrote out an entire e-mail explaining what I want to do. She told me she thought it was noble idea and I told her it could be if she would help me. So I sent the e-mail to her and she told me it will be give to the attorney immediately. Im waiting on their reply, after explaining the situation to them. If this does not pan out, I will do something else some how to raise dough for this cause. Thought I feel the jerk complaining was doing it for alterior reasons and not out of concern for Midway's IP, he is right. I have to be clean and consistant. I will do something like I said if this does not pan out. Everyone start praying....(or crossing your fingers for you non-believers I guess...lol.) Who knows...perhaps i'll sick all of you on midway and have you guys start a letter writing campaign to let me go ahead with this...not just yet though, for all you trigger happy types. Gorf is now, truly, in Midways hands, and I have to say I already feel much better about contacting them. Do or die, I did what was right. I know other doors will open if this one closes. I am truly sorry for all of you that were looking foward to this if it does not pan out but I will do something in it's stead.
  3. Again, as much as I'd love to produce carts, the likelyhood is small. If we bother, we will want to get as much as we can and they will not be cheap. Im looking at around $75 to $100 dollars each. There wont be a very big run of these either if at all. That price is also based on suggestions from some of you who understand the weight of this release. Any normal cart from us would NEVER go that high, unless it had some worthy tech. This however is for charity. If carts happen, you will all certainly be informed.
  4. The only thing that is holding me up is time to produce it. I also want TRY...I SAID TRY to add a few little extras, like the piece I performed at Neil's memorial service. All guitars blazing!
  5. It would be one thing if Midway had shown me the SLIGHTEST interest in replying to my endless request about how they feel. They never did. I take that as indeifference. I also tried to contact dave nutting, who I would bet could not give a rats ass either. Again, if they come after me about it, I'll remove it. Otherwise the shit is on yo!
  6. As Gorf. I haev been told by SEVERAL folks the last couple of days who would know, that Midway probably could'nt care less. I actually have some one looking into that for me. He has friends at Midway. Why I never asked him before...hammer to head!!! Regardless...Im releasing it...if they can live with themselves, let them come after me.
  7. Most people with a good heart dont care about the price so much. I think it will do well.
  8. And it is well worth it!(IMHO) Why thank you diggs!
  9. IT will be a little MORE than the last price which was record cheap to begin with.
  10. Um guys...I not one to usually correct spelling but since several of you have fumbled.......it's 'niche', not 'nitch', not 'nich'.
  11. Not to mention the idea is to raise money. This game is for sale to support CF, not to supply a cheap game. Let's try to be selfless here.
  12. Popular at the time? Why!!!???....In your own words... Burgertime or Q-bert were licensed to Atari, not owned. But on the other mentioned names... Nail on head my friend...this is why they failed. They forgot who they where..they did not need to be anyone else. They just had to be themselves. Tempest 2k is all the proof you need. Why was not Asteroid 3D the Pack in?...though... Cybermorph was a very Atari like game and a nice new title under the Atari belt of hits. Perfect? No but certainly worthy and a good pack in. That was a decent desicion. But for Atari to try to be anything other than Atari? Idiocy!!! I will never be able to understand that to this very day. New is great but never forget where you come from! Now this is not to say they should not have branched out and competed, but they had an arsenal waiting to be used and fired only a few shots. Tempest 2K! MC3D! ....hmmmm they worked!!! They showed the Jag's real power and why did they not keep going? Good question. Hover Strike should have been Battle Zone 3D with TANKS!!! Have a hovercraft option for a new twist in play but why not add the tanks? Why allow the game to be coded in mostly 68k? DOH! Now for New stuff, Iron Soldier like games is more what Atari should ahve been looking for instead of chasing after those after those old 16 bit looking titles. Then blowing money on R&D for hardware add ons, instead of concentrating on getting the base console market stable with better games. I wont name games, but in less than two months I have four playble versions in 3D of some oold Atari Classics ...the original code was under 8k! Why make life so compilcated? Oh well. sigh... FROG
  13. ...I find it to be far superior to the NES... 7800 far superior than the nes? not even close. over 60 million units sold, controllers that set a new standard in video gaming, encouragement of 3rd party developers, amazing depth games like zelda, megaman, super mario, tecmo bowl, and punch out (to name a few), graphics and music, it's not even in the same category. i love my old 7800 but let's be realistic.... First ...and I am speaking at the time of these machines and wont count the third party underground stuff made for them over the years. Games and Sales != tech power. Im being very realistic in terms of better technology. I never saw a NES game with more than four sprites that did not flicker like crazy. The 7800 has a much more stable display. It can flicker here and there too but it had 64 hardware srpites. It could also play 2600 games. NES cant. The NES could only play NES games and never had one title from the fantastic library of Atari. Sound I'll give you if you really like that horrible music. ok..now on your matters of opinion(which for these next few points is all it is and of course nothing personal.) I hated those controllers WAY too small. Im a musician who is NOT a big fan of in game music. Where it belongs only and that is not many places in my opinion. I can't think of many titles at all that I like on the NES unless they wer ports of other games I already liked. Zelda? Not my kind of game. Im not really much of an RPG or adventure lover. My kind of thinking game is a good space battle like Star Raiders or Battle Sphere. Something like AvP Jaguar. However, Im more into mindless shooters. I code all day and write music and quite frankly need a little less thinking when im at play. Nothing like a good shooter to clear out the notes, bits and bytes. Nintendo, however, was certainly the benifactor of that stupid Atari decision to sit on the 7800. I applaud Nintendo for deciding to wisely release that themselves. All I am saying is the 7800 had a better design at least in the compatibility and graphics department. Nonetheless, all those other departments you mention, I have to agree, more games, more sales, and all that.
  14. I need to get to that light gun project and see what I can do with it on the jag. Maybe a little skeet shoot game as a test.
  15. The decisisons made around it? YES!!! It however was a fantastic machine. I find it to be far superior to the NES. Unfortunaely it had a small amount of its owns games. But it was the very first to play games from an exsisting system. IT has some pretty good power but can be hard to code for. Only Jaguar was handled worse.
  16. Gorf

    Club Drive

    OOOOOOH...I hate that sound!!!(too much Yosemite Sam as a child i suppose.)
  17. Yes and it will serve human kind, most importantly! That is our REAL job here on earth after all!
  18. Gorf

    Zero 5

    In Zero 5's defense I would like to point out or remind people that this was another case of a beta release. There was an interview with one of the programmers and he stated that it took them completely by suprise when Telegames released it, as they had never gotten payed by Atari and never sent the final version that was much more tweeked and polished gameplay wise. But it's not suprising with Atari Corp. they did it with World Tour Racing, Supercross 3D, Fight for Life, that I know of for sure, and then there are obviously a few other titles in the Jaguars library that ones suspects to not be quite done. But it's not just telegames releases, as all the other by them seem to be true final releases, and then you have to look at other post atari releases that are also betas and not quite complete to varying degrees. It would not suprise me in the least if it was a planned, common practice for Atari to release beta's instead of paying the developers and getting the final versions. Even Rebellion said they never got payed the final amount they were owed from Alien vs. Predator, though in that case Rebellion unwittingly gave Atari the final version before getting payed. similiar stories run rampant among Jaguar developers. It would be sweet if some of the TRUE final versions ever started showing up...from the hands of these developers, lost on some hard drive somewhere... Then more so why I stand by what I said. Especially because it was beta and I was under the impression(at the time) was complete, like they say about all ther incomplete games. Release in complete junk and you should expect to be trashed. Not the developers mind you but certainly TeleGames. When I started that Telegames Jag remaining title release Petition, I was kinda hoping they would be reasonable. I have heard a lot of complaints about TG since then. Again Z5 had a lot of potential but it was HARDLY anything like a Galxian 3D. And yes it is very 'unfinished' in it's control and game play. However, to each his own.
  19. Hey folks, Im reposting this as a sepereate topic in case anyone missed it in the other thread. Well, its official. Scott and Terance have agreed and Gorf Classic will be released on CD for now but I will talk to Scott to see the kind of trouble a cart would be and see if it is worth it or not. When and where I do not know yet but we are talking at least a month from now befor I even take orders. I am doing this by myself mostly so Scott and Terance can concentrate on the contract work 3DSSS has right now. I dont want to take them away from that as that is obligatory. There are a few folks I can ask for help though. As soon as I have a realistic time line, I'll let everyone know. FROG
  20. Well, its official. Scott and Terance have agreed and Gorf Classic will be released on CD for now but I will talk to Scott to see the kind of trouble a cart would be and see if it is worth it or not. When and where I do not know yet but we are talking at least a month from now befor I even take orders. I am doing this by myself mostly so Scott and Terance can concentrate on the contract work 3DSSS has right now. I dont want to take them away from that as that is obligatory. There are a few folks I can ask for help though. As soon as I have a realistic time line, I'll let everyone know.
  21. Making carts is quite expensive and a lot of work. I wont put the guys through all the work un less it really brings in the dough for CF research. That is the entire backbone of this release. right now my goal is the biggest bang for that effort.
  22. We need an updated Tom and Jerry put in a handheld. That should be the Flash back 3!
  23. Gorf

    Zero 5

    I cant post a movie here it seems or I'd show you all what a REAL Galaxian 3D should look like on your Jaguar.
  24. Gorf

    Zero 5

    I think technically it is one of the better games to show off the JAguars ability but the game is hardly exciting. BattleSphere is easily the most bang for your buck all around. I had high hopes and hearing the lies that it was like Galaxian 3d is just ridiculous. An insult to a great classic and hardly worthy of that praise. IT was an ok game but hardly the best on the system. I was disappointed and felt ripped off quite actually.
  25. Outside of I-wars choppy Frame rate, the game was cool. Very Tron like. Get me the source and I'll double the Frame rate.
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