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    Zero 5

    Its ridiculous hard.
  2. I must disagree...the lynx is by far the best piece of tech Atari ever put out (considering the tech of that time.) From a tech standpoint? Lynx is easily the best thought out desing from Atari yet...hands down and light years away. That little sucker is complete. the little beast can throw around polies quites handily(get it?...handily... Handy....heh, heh, I say pay attention son...im much to fast fer ya!)
  3. Panther? Dont' count...never made it out of R&D(maybe a proto but I doubt much more).
  4. I'd agree with that estimate. There are still quite a few that I'll plug in and play even though the graphics are a bit lame. I still love a good session of Attack of the Mutant Penguins, and that has no breathtaking graphics. On another note, I find it laughable that people blame Atari management for all the Jaguar's problems. I will admit that they did rush a lot of games out, and they were a bit naive, if anything. But you have to consider the size of Atari at the time. By 1993, when the Jaguar was first pushed out the door, their workforce was down well below 1000. I believe the old SEC filings placed them around 400 employees. Their assets at the time were around $35 million in cash and some change held in securities. They didn't even own a building at that point (just leases). Compare that with the original Playstation launch, which Sony dedicated $100 million in North American marketing alone, and you can see Atari had no hope. I remember most every video game magazine had Jag adds each month, and they were making lame attempts at commercials, although I don't think they ever could afford major network spots. So they made a desperate attempt at advertising. They would have been bankrupt in a month if they had gone all out with marketing. Also remember they were paying third parties to develop games and software. They were still attempting to operate a R&D department. They were attempting to provide full consumer support for the Jag and their dying line of computers. And they were attempting to launch a consumer-grade mass-marketed video game console. Personally, I'm shocked the Jaguar performed as well as it did. Atari was just too small and cash-strapped when they released the Jaguar to pull off any major video game market coup. But that's my opinion . but how about when they were selling millions and ruled the market? it's sad what the company couldn't maintain at their peak. actually companies like nintendo and sony have learned from the mistakes of atari. look at the wii and ds. both systems are not cutting edge of technology in terms of graphics and hardware but are ruling the market because of their slew of innovative games and smart advertising. Game play will always rule the day....or at least it should IMNSHO.
  5. Lol...as soon as we decide to do it...I promise...
  6. Gorf

    just curious

    I get that all the time.
  7. The Jag never had a real chance becasue Atari at the time never really gave it a proper one. The forgot who they were and what they owned. They tried to look at other games companies and what they were doing when all they needed to do is look at what they already had! Why try to be Nintendo or Sega when you are already Atari? The Jag was by far the most technically advanced Atari machine EVER! Computer or console. The Jag was the right hardware, for the right game company but in the wrong hands. Gamers ...TRUE gamers need to run Atari. We need Ralph Baer! It probably should be his anyway... Just kidding Nolan....lol!
  8. Most assuredly! When you say 'I think', it portrays that you dont necesarily belive it yourself. Sounds more like a suggestion than a stand.
  9. Again, a reasonable price is what I would charge just for a game to the public. One that is a simple normal release. However, Im trying to raise money for a good cause. The price will be high, but I hope to make it worth every penny with some other stuff..Have not decided. Still have to talk it over with the rest of the stooges. The release will start off as a red case CD like planned. Probably in the $39.95 range this time. a few extra dollars for the cause. I will probably make a limited edition of carts and use that to get bigger donations....The cart and CD will denote the fact on screen that thie cart being played was a work to help fight CF. All receipt of donations will be posted publically as well. I'd want that same courtesy myself, so I galdly offer it here and where ever else I can post that info. Im also hoping to start a trend among all game developers. I know others have done such things in the past but, I plan to keep doing it. Also I may do special carts, like personalized to the buyer. Those will run you very high. but every dime will go to the cause... Im excited to be able to do something like this. I know Neil would be very grateful and humbled by it. Again....let me decide if it will be done with the guys first. Otherwise i'd already be all over producing them by now. We are a team. FROG
  10. No, thank you guys and your kind words and deeds. There is nothing like a bunch of gamers banding together to support a noble cause. See wee are not just about violence in Quake...lol. Thanks again guys, FROG
  11. I dont think any of the mainstream systems were junk by any means. Flawed in some ways, one way or the other but every mainstream system from Atari was top notch. Just a few things in a few systems.... Certain features like the 5200 controllers. The Jaguar was rushed and could have been so much more The 7800 was pure stupidity for sitting on it so long. Ok even the computers! First of all, outside of waht is considered 'obsolete' tech, the 8 bits are perfect! What can I say? They had it all for that time hands down. I mean come on..An arcade pokey chip for sound!!! ST was far from perfect, even though it's a great machine I still cherish. But why not hardware sprites(sheesh at least player missle graphics), DLI's and what was with the horid bit plane garbage? Why not two pokeys for sound? DOH! Im such a coding geek its frightning... Any way I have to say the 2600 is still by far the most amazing little piece of hardware to this day when you consider the fact that people are still finding out new tricks to pull of on it. The 2600 is easily the best system just based on the memories it provided. The other systems did too, but not like the VSC.
  12. Gorf

    Club Drive

    That's cool...I dont tell people what games they should and should not like...even with air Cars...lol! The real worst Jag game.
  13. Gorf


    I would not count on such a feature as that would require a rewrite...that's not going to happen. We did fix the bugs that were in there tho.
  14. Definitely the worst Atari handled system, but by far the most powerfull .
  15. So what's the latest scoop on this thing....any new progress?
  16. Thank's to all asking me questions in PM...however, PM's are not necessary and anything you need to ask concerning Gorf is certainly better served here. A ) Everyone can see the question ONCE(hopefully!) B ) I wont need to constantly repeat my self. C ) There is no need to worry about getting a copy this time. The only reason I plan on halting production of the CD version from now on is if Midway or Nutting and Associates stops me. I dont see that happening. D ) No pre-orders are necessary, at least not at this time. If this become the case there will be plenty of notice. At least a months worth if not more. E )Most importantly, no decision has yet been made on weather or not this will even take place. I have yet to discuss it with the others. I promise everyone will be informed immediately once the decision, which everway it goes, is made. I do fully anticipate this happening. I'd give it a 90% chance though. I am looking foward to this and I hope the demand is high for the sake of the CF fund. I completely appreciate everyone's entusiasim on this. Also thank you for all your kind words of comfort for my friend and his family. Thanks all, Steve
  17. I'll be making an announce ment as soon as I discuss it with the other stooges. Scott is on a biz trip till Wednesday.
  18. Gorf

    Club Drive

    I like the play house level. That was pretty cool. The game had potential and they blew it again. Not even in my top 100 though. As was seemingly common practice for Jag games.
  19. Cart is a very slight and distant possibility. CD is the Gorf Classic standard for Jaguar.
  20. Gorf


    Yeah it was one of the better but not anywhere close to arcade perfect. My story for writing Gorf for the JAguar was based on the fact that it was my favorite game, and none of the home versions were complete and did not have the best game in there. I started out writing it for several machines Iand as I started the project, CBS came along and ruined my plans. But the Jaguar was the one best suited and by that time no one else was interested in Gorf anymore... at least not from a delvelopers point of view. I vowed it would be as arcade perfect as I could get it. I think we did pretty good too.
  21. Gorf

    Club Drive

    Club Drive had its charm but I am sure they could have worked on those graphics a little more. I however was not too pleased with that annoying "Alright" sample every time you picked something up....yikes!
  22. The 5200 was a wonderful machine in many ways except for that control mess. Those analogs would have made a nice option for games that benefit but not as a pack in controller. I will check this bad boy out as soon as I find a friggin spare moment from all these projects....aaaarrrrgggghhh! Ah but I do love what Im doing... ...plus, the mention of Gorf ALWAYS gets my ear...
  23. There have been a few requests for carts. I may consider a small run but they will not be at all cheap as they will be intended for charity. Im talking a liot more than I would normally charge just to boost the charity effort. I say that because cart production is a LOTS of work by hand....if I bother with this it will have to be worth it and be be able to get a good more extra cash for the CF fund. If this were a regular commercial release, the cart price would be very reasonable...however, this is not the case. If I get enough request for them I'll consider it. Yes they will be professional. I may even may them personalized if the donation price is right. I want it to cost but I wat the buyer to still feel he certainly got his money's worth. but that should be settled by the good feeling you get for being charitable, right guys?
  24. That is what my hope is. I will have proof of reciept and I will scan and post it here for everyone one so you know that your hard earned money is going to the efforts of stopping a horrible killer.
  25. Good luck, it should prove fun. I was a bit nervous moding my Jag for BJL but I hit the power button afterward and it's worked since! You'll be alright....just double check and take your time.
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