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  1. The real problem was the tools were just plain NOT ready for prime time. Even with the 68k in there, if the tools were focused on the GPU/DSP, rather than the 68k, that would have been fine. Remember, Atari did not believe that the RISC's could run reliable out of main. They also thought it could not sucessfully jump between main and local. they are very wrong on both accounts. As far as the GPU being hard to code for....nonsense. I want you all to know, qwith the new found ability to use main ram, I have five new Jag games working and playable in less than 2 months. All in 3D and all at least 30-60 FPS and except for the renderer, all main GPU code. the only thing the 68k does is the vblank. that too will be moved to the GPU. We have not even come close to exhausting the Jag's power yet either. Ther renderer we are using is a souped up version of Atari's garbage.It is far from efficient and we are still getting high frame rates. BattleSphere is probably the best you will get flipping code in the local. That is roughly 20 000 cycles wasted every frame for every 4k module fillped in...lots of waste...no longer necessary.
  2. It's nice knowing your appreciated at least somewhere in life.
  3. I'll admit it, I'm addicted. ...addicted to my platonic love for developers and homebrewers! Homebrew developer rating for: FABombjoy the highest! For all of you others out there as well...thanks!!! We do appreciate the support.
  4. Gorf

    New Jaguar GCC

    Dont bother to waste your time...the Risc compiler is a pile of S$%t. Using a compiler to write code that should be in yuour local RAM is just plain silly anyway. Asm, Asm, Asm!!! Now if I had the sources to that compiler, i'd fix it so it would write code according to the main RAM GPU code rules. Then it would make sense to have one. If you only plan to run from the local, a compiler will never be good for speed and efficiency. EDIT NOTE: I know becasue I am the one who gave that to Roine to post there. Perhaps some day we will have those sources and fix it all up.
  5. FAB! You are every developers ideal supporter!
  6. Gorf

    Jaguar Wallpaper

    Yes, your right it looks much better as a negative. That does look pretty good. I prefer darker backgrounds personally, so that works well.. ..Al Im in!
  7. Actually the 68k is just a micro processor. It tells the video processor inside TOM what colors to use but the video processor really generates all the colors. The 68k just sends a value to a register inside that part of TOM, and the video portion of the chip knows how to turn it into a colored pixel on your screen. Now keep in mind that the video is built each frame by both the Object Processor Logic(OPL) and the Blitter. You can however, write to the frame buffer directly with the GPU, DSP and the 68k. There are also video line buffers you can mess with if you have a pair but you are really treating the Jaguar like a very advanced 2600 at that point. I know of a lad who has tried this and has had some interesting results. Let the OPL deal with the frame buffers. The OPL uses an object list in memory. That list represents a collection of windows much like sprites but very flexible and very powerful. In fact any thing you ever see on a Jaguar screen is the result of the OPL using this list to build windows onto your TV screen. These objects in the list point to a place in memory where the image data is stored and the OPL transfers to from the frame buffer to the line buffers which displays on your TV. The Blitter is usually used also to write to the main window object for polies and background effects like you see in T2k. The best way to operate the jag is without the 68k at all..it is really not necessary. It only runs at half the speed and is only 1/4 the bus. It really holds up a 64 bit bus just so it can move 16 bit data around. Even just it grabbing instructions is too much. The GPU and DSP in proper harmony are well more efficient and they way the designers intended to run the system. So far all of our 3D games are using an engine that is soley GPU and no more 68k hoggin up the bus. The 68k boots the sytem and then goes to bed. Hope that helps. :^)
  8. I agree, it might be slower, but the graphics are superior to the PSX in almost every way. No clipping, warping, moving or anything of that nature. Dont forget 16 bit vs 256 usually. Shoot , I like the shaded games on the Jag. I love the unique and arcadey/cartooney feel they have. There is plenty of untapped potential still. Granted we wont be doing terraflops with the Jag but I know there is more to squeeze out of it. The color quality is also better on the Jaguar. It's much crisper.
  9. Gorf

    Jaguar Wallpaper

    ooh.....I may have to try that out,negated though....mwhahahahaha! I like spooky looking dark desktops.
  10. I have someone well experienced already. I just need the libs. The same guy who is working on Jaguar 2 ? How is progressing the project ? Yes but we have not been doing much at all on it with all the current work I have before me. I need a bigger crew.....5D Stooges? DOH! nah! we'll just have to do it ourselves.... Fact is, ther are a few other folks helping us behind the scenes with a few projects like the debugulator.
  11. The key word is ships....there are many in BS...there is only one other in SW2K. Texturing one model on the Jag is not a problem. Another one or two more and you would see why you dont use t-apping so often. Then, on top of that, try to pull off even half the AI going on is BS in Space War. The pilots alone in BS are Harvard compared to the kinder- garten like play an AI of anything you will see Space War do. Still, both games are fun. chugg....
  12. For an unfinished title, it certainly was nice and it should have been released early. I do remember this being around for a while. Long before the fall. Too many times Atari chose to sit on things or put them on the back burner. Now I wont try to compare it with BS. It s a whole different planet form each other. It 's no BS but for a quick and dirty shooter though, its really cool. And if someone had the source we certainly could take a look at fixing it up.
  13. Sorry, we (SCPCD and I) don't have them either. Yeah, no sweat man...no one seems to. It looks like its roll up the sleeves time. Im am quite confident in the guy I have on the project. Libs or not, I aims to see a Jaguar running at ludicrous speed(of course using Space Balls technology)!
  14. I use one of these for my Jag development. It good to do vertical monitor games on too.
  15. I have someone well experienced already. I just need the libs.
  16. Well since this thread is way off topic...are either of you into FPGA stuff at all? I just got me a Spartan3e from Xilinx around Christmas and had pac man and the Astro cade running on it. Very cool, Mike J did those. Im looking to get the T&J chipset on it eventually. My hope is to fix a few bugs, and speed it up considerably. I am told by those who know that with the right xilinx and the right code we could imagine 200+mhz version of the chipset. Lotsa work..I have the T&J nets..I dont have a few old MOTOROLA/TOSHIBA libs required to simulate the chips for testing/debugging. May have to build them all by hand. DOH!
  17. And Jag can do RGB from the SV port which blows all others away in quality as that is the abolute direct signal most display devices break down to anyway. R,G,B, Hsync, Vsync. This is the REAL deal.
  18. Nowadays I bet you can find a nice compact CD drive that could work.
  19. Now if you can fit that all in a small handheld.......
  20. You've heard correctly then. This was a common practice it seems at Atari at the time. I've have seen the AvP demo proto and it runs atwhat looks to be 30to60 FPS all the time. ALL THE TIME. That was before they used the 68k for AI. If they had been given the time to use the GPU for the AI, that game would have rocked a constant 30fps at least.
  21. Not really true : the blitter can be used for hardware-accelerated texture mapping and gouraud shading (and possibly Z-buffering, but I'm not sure). But it's far from being a complete 3D chipset. I think I would classifiy it as Hardware assited 3D but not fully 3D. The fact is, it makes for MUCH more flexible 3D as it is NOT hardwired. Again...even though textured games run horribly slow on the JAg, the quality is much higher than PS1 or N64. If you observe Hover Strike, you will see AMAZING lighting and mipmapping. Just unfortunately at 20 fps.......again overuse of the 68k.
  22. Wow, that topic went astray rather all of a sudden.
  23. I recieved them as samples for one. You have to know how to talk to the salesmen, and it helps to have an actually registered business in electronics and gaming like I do. I have not recieved them yet. I told the salesman what I wanted, he said he'll send me a few different samples. I will take him up on the customizing offer. It is free. I'll fill yuo in as soon as I get them.
  24. No o never got one as I still never use my XBOX to justify a 360 purchase.
  25. I paid about $190 years ago for a BS 'Classic'. At the time I had a pretty decent job and I could afford it. I played it quite a lot and loved it; I thought it was a great game. Unfortunately, I ended up selling it when I lost my job. I actually only got about $140 for it when I sold it - but I figure I rented it for $50 and got a heck of a lot of play time out of it. Even now I'd probably be willing to pay $175, maybe $200 even for a copy. I can't really afford to go higher than that though... $400-$600 is way too rich for my blood. But if you had the money to piss away you and I both would go for it.
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