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  1. With Belboz BJL CD too... In the SCPCD factory... "waiting"#"available" Catnip Power ! IT does not exsist yet so it s really kinda useless no? We are talking about devices available or that were available. CF is neither.
  2. you forgot the word "expensive" I think the word you´re looking for is FREE. Mine came FREE with my copy of BS:G. funny you should mentoin that...so did mine.....in fact the whole package did!
  3. you forgot the word "expensive" JUGS is a great and expensive resource ... Yes ! for all people who have a JaguarCD BELBOZ BJL is the best ! Waiting JagCF Why must you always take shots at the competition? Do you really think that will make anyone else anymore interested in the CF? We are talking about 7 years later and JUGS has been sucessfully uploading happy jag fans demos for their gaming pleasure. The CF sounds great, but where is it? Call it as you wish, but at the time, JUGS was a brilliant idea WITHOUT MODIFCATION TO THE JAG.and is still a great product and certainly useful to many wanting to enjoy the homebrews. It came FREE with another product along with MANY neat demos and the possiblity for those wanting to to code the Jaguar before the encryption keys were released. I call that brilliant foresite and certainly a fantastic service to all jag fans and those who could not or did not want to mod thier Jaguars. They were the first to offer this packaged with a fantastic space battle game to boot. I say BRAVO!!!
  4. Are you talking about A8Maestro and More than Games? I'll let him know tomorrow in the Atari chat at telnet://www.atarinews.org (enter : bbs,bbs (name,password) >enter<, t,c (chat name) ) Yeh, looking that might be the way to go. NO soldering needed and you dont need to mod the Jag.
  5. Yeah but there is still something terribly wrong...those are not the sounds by any means...hmmm...I will talk to doug and see why that might occur and if I can fix it for JUGS so the sound if correct, I will and upload another update.
  6. Hey what is is like loading this by BJL and other means? Loading by BJL is very easy. No need to put in a start address etc. In the command line to load just type: BJL_load -n -8 surround.bin. You should get the standard nyuk nyuk nyuk etc at the 3D Stooges logo alone plus the game sounds etc. In game you should get all sorts of sounds from a siren sound to the enemies firing shots and the sounds during the cubes destruction. If you're using Jugs you may need to use the 'kickstart' application with it or whatever it is called. Yeah I dont know...I do have a JUGS as of recently but I've not tried it...to Alpine spoiled. and...cube?....its a fortress
  7. No 38,400 for you? Actually while we're on the subject (sort of) was there any version of the JUGS loader that can actually go beyond 38,400 like the cart settings can? You mean while playing the game? I get no sound either when playing the game, I figured it was because it was a demo, but I might as well ask now - am I supposed to be hearing sound during the game? There is sound on both updates....maybe Jugs has an issue with sound?
  8. I can see that! Well, as a tribute to the Frog, to show folks how this is loaded with JUGS, and to show people it is definately worth going through all the trouble to load this game, here is a comical movie I put together in tribute. Enjoy!! How come no sound?
  9. Hello all and Merry Christmas!!! You are all welcome. JagChris is partially correct. The GPU is succesfully JUMPing and JRing around in main RAM, unassisted. This was impossible according to Atari. This demo proves otherwise. I have also discovered that is is NOT only the fault of the MMU but another issue that plagues main RAM jumps as unreliable. They are correct, if you just write code in main as if you were running out of the local, then you will have issues. with a bit of trial and error and a long term understanding of the GPU, I can now write VERY LARGE GPU code and not need to run it OR move it to local in bits and pieces. TOns of cycles will be saved just from the blitting code in and out of the local. Now a REAL C compiler can be written and actually be practical. @ Remowilliams: Im glad you like it. I hope to optimize it so it NEVER drops under 60FPS..right now is 90 % 60 FPS and drop as low as 20FPS during the explosion(lots of polies in that one). I totally appreciate the Gorf Classic comments too. I worked real hard on that title. Seeing someone have a blast with it is priceless. Thanks! Find any thing out of the ordinary in classic yet? Also, Im not sure why the demo works and the other does not....interesting. I'll look into it. @ Dr Clu: it's not about profit, but principal ( and no, I really dont want to go long winded with an explaination as to why either.) However, my good man, if you own a Jaguar CD, you only need a cable and a burn of the CD version of BJL. It does not require a moded Jaguar either. You are looking at under $40 dollars and will be able to not only play this but other DL only demos from us. It can cost less if you can burn your own CD and make your own cable or adapter for a 25 pin to Jag port. @ guitarmas: It cant run on emulators...they dont understand GPU main code rule/guidlines. I know of no one else who does know how to utilize the GPU from main in the manner in which I do it. I know of other methods but this is not limited like the others. It just has certain guidelines one must follow. @ Atari Owl: Yes running from main has a lot of suprising advantages. Keep up the good work with those projects.
  10. Dont say I did'nt warn you. Gorf tells you all the time that "You will meet a Gorfian Doom"
  11. Tynstar Someone you sold something to is trying to get you the money he owes you. T2KFreeker is his name at JSII. He asked me to relay this to you. cheers! Gorf.
  12. Ones that will not affect the gameplay...just very hard to get to types. Annoying none the less.
  13. I didn't snooze, but I _was_ waiting for more reviews of the gameplay before ordering. I have the same basic question: where (if anywhere) can it still be purchased? -Eric 1016429[/snapback] I HIGHLY doubt it. The few dealers I know of sold out instantly. I dont think there is anymore...trust me when I say I am more sad you could not get a copy than you are. It was not easy to pull it off the market. It was my first game professionally( or I'd like to think so anyway ). I really hope I can help you out in the future bud, but until I hear from Midway... hands = tied. Sorry Eric. The Programer Formerly Known As Gorf.
  14. I should have my copy soon and I'll post my impressions. I played the arcade quite a bit in my youth, although I may have to fire up the game in MAME again to refresh my memory as to some of the details. Looking forward to trying it out on the Jaguar! ..Al 1014582[/snapback] Just so you know...having worked on the Astrocade drivers for MAME, I know here are a lot of things about Gorf's emulation that is still not correct , mainly the frame timming and the game timers anre not proper. I used MAME at first when working of Classic, and then decided to double check it against my own machine. MAME needs work...If you can find an old Gorf you'd be better off...MAME is not a bad reference tho...its just not yet perfect...maybe someday I'll get around to finishing my Astrocade emulator. It does the home and the arcade astrocade hardware emulated. But still experiences the same bugs as MAME(and worse). Why? Because the MAME drivers are a dirivative of my astrcoade EMU code . The first such emu I know of. I want to port it to the Jaguar really but that will take time.
  15. Gorf

    Gorf's Story

    We're keeping! I was playing around with some new idea's today...may need to talk to Matthias about using his code for some 4 player goodness of a few different paddle games I been toying with. 1014858[/snapback] Let me know what you need (just explanations or sourcecode), adding TeamTap-support isn't that hard, the only sad thing with the Jaguar is that you can detect the TeamTaps but not if there is really a joypad connected to any of the ports :-( Or did you really only mean the analog input? You know that only very few Jaguar-consoles have the necessary ADC-chip installed? Anyhow, let me know if and how i can help :-) Bye! Matthias 1015140[/snapback] Encoders
  16. Gorf

    Gorf's Story

    We're keeping! I was playing around with some new idea's today...may need to talk to Matthias about using his code for some 4 player goodness of a few different paddle games I been toying with.
  17. In fact it is now... nick 1014636[/snapback] And that web site is?
  18. It will be quite differrent then what you are used to in a good sort of way ( well I hope you will all like it anyway) that is if I ever get aroud to it.
  19. Hey no fair, that line is reserved for Odyssey 2 collectors. Don't take that away too, they have so little 1011759[/snapback] I love those O2 boxes.
  20. I think the Middle East has just a BIT more priority and certainly a lot more difficulty as a thing to hope for resolution to. Here it's that east coast attitude of mine. It's that pit bull New Jersey thing. No not the poor dogs, the people. Here in Jersey we come out of the womb, then pick a fight with the doctor because he is spanked us and say, " You gotta problem, wise ass?"
  21. Sigh......I cant tell you how this warms my heart....Hey Carl....Nice Job!
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    All this talk of farting is giving me gas! 1014180[/snapback] Me too...oh wait. That's just the beer and broccoli I had with dinner. 1014193[/snapback] Bear?...dear lord!
  23. Great balls of fire........(these are hints guys...eat em up) And while on the subject of castles 1014159[/snapback] Um... is it like "Quadrapong" with castles and warring kingdoms? 1014165[/snapback] As Bugs would say...."hmmmmm ......could be!"
  24. Hmm. Lordwars perhaps? 1014163[/snapback] That's sure what it looks like to me! Take it from me, you definitely don't want to call it by its original name. ..Al 1014164[/snapback] I think I have learned my lesson.
  25. Gorf

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    All this talk of farting is giving me gas!
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