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  1. I think any option of a replacement is way better than nothing. I was told from the website this is a port of a classic arcade game, but now I have one that is really close but has some bugs in it. If I ever made an arcade cabinet with this game in it, I wouldn't want it wigging out or adding score on the attract screen... because the arcade doesn't. I guess I just don't like things that are "fully operable (with bugs)" 1010193[/snapback] I'll refund you. Send it back. .......But before you do...... Are running Windows of anykind, are you going to make Mr. Gates replace it with a bug free version? Would he even offer? I know what ever I do as a make up is more than you would EVER get from any other software producer. Relax. You will get something. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the rest of it. Me sending you a disc in an envelope is more than you would get elsewhere else and I think more than fair enough. I may just release a mini game to all who bought the buggy version. There are now only `90 blues with that version. Im getting plenty of requests for these discs. In fact, send the package back and I'll put a new bug free disc in it. I am sure someone would more than love to buy your numbered version from me. The fact is, I owe you nothing...read the fine print on the manual. I am doing this out my respect for you fans. I will gain NOTHING from this .I will at my descretion make it up to you EVEN THOUGH I AM NOT OBLIGATED legally. This is what I have said fron the begining. You know the game just went up in value from a collectors point of view. Try to buy a gorf Arcade for under 50 dollars. Try to buy gorf this close on any other console at ANY price. I dont want to sound like a prick but I need to put this in perspective for you. Your post had a bit of a unfair crack at me after I have already said I would do something about it. Kick em when he's down? Remember, there are other orphaned systems out there that I think would show as a base a hell of a lot better appreciation for some one trying to support the system they love than the crap Im getting here....dont worry you'll get your fix.
  2. Gorf

    My apologies!

    I appreciate the understanding from everyone, I did'nt think anyone would fault me.However I aim to set an example or high quality and real concern for the Jag base. I dont know about the rest of you , but as a Jaguar fan and day one owner, I already feel plenty ripped of by Atari for abandoning and not supporting us.. The Jaguar is a long dead market but there is NO reason new games cant be made at a reasonable price. Gorf Classic CD 's price was my highest concern after the actual game content. I still aim to get you all (if intersted) a Gorf Classic Cart version for under 60 dollars. It will have a few added features im working on as we speak, like a REAL 90 degree rotated monitor mode to completely and totaly capture Gorf dead on. It will also feature flip mode for those who may want to build a cocktail version where the screen flips for each player. Oh and other goods that you'll just have to find out for yourself.
  3. Gorf

    My apologies!

    So, what does this mean, exactly, to those of us who just paid for a copy but haven't received them? How long do you anticipate this bug-hunt to take? I wanna play me some Gorf!!! Smeg 1008991[/snapback] Go ahead and play...niether is harmfull in anyway...im just bummed they are there. Your copy of Gorf will provide you with many hours of fun. There is no crash, in fact the game operates normally immediatley after it occurs. I know why it is happening and we are aleady in the process of fixing it. what happens is if you get killed on you LAST ship and your missile destroys the flagship right after you get hit, the game awards you a tons of ship(not supposed to) but the game blanks for a moment and you go back to demo mode(The game is over anyway). It only can happen on the FIRST flagship mission (mission #5) What the real arcade machine does if this happens is, if you have the extra ship dip(or option in the Jag version) it will kill your last ship, but award you a new one. and you go around again untill you get killed. Gorf arcade either awards you one extra ship after the first flagship destroyed ONLY, or not at all.
  4. Carzy as this seems...due to popular demand...we will sell the remaining buggy version to those interested. Again, neither bug is at all detrimental to gameplay. One is a score bug were the demo mode adds the score if collisions between the dormant(cuz you cant control him during demo mode) player ship and another enemy worth points occurs. It does not affect the actual scores in anyway just a cheesy shameful bug. The other one is actually kinda spectaclur in the way it wigs out, then resumes normally in demo mode. This has drawn more attention to this build and I have decide to sell the rest. It will now have some collector value as it will be one of only about 100 blues...then we fix and reprint the new ones with the fixed code. An inexcusable bug nonetheless.
  5. Nice job! Thanks for the support. Oh and, gorfian technology can read signals so far away, it would make the distance of the Hubble look like a broken lense in comparison...oh that's right it is broken! Silly carbon based technology.
  6. Gorf

    My apologies!

    Well it seems a bug got past me and I released garbage to you all. I took your good money and sold you all junk. I am ashamed and embarrased! All sales of Gorf are officially suspened until we fix the bug. I will try to reimburse everyone with a fixed copy of the disc. I will try to figure out how I can do this. Keep those discs, white or blue! They just became even more valuable! The bug: hit the flagship with your last ship and get hit at the same time and the machine wigs outs but then returns to the demo mode. It is not at all detrimental to game play BUT AS AN SOFTWARE DEVELOPER IT IS TOTALLY UNACCETPABLE! My heart is broken. My sincerest of appologies, Steven Scavone, C.E.O. 3D Stooges Software
  7. Thanks lars...Hopeyou wont report me to the SPA.
  8. Though like Galaxian, Gorf's "Galaxians" is different in name and in how they actually play(slightly but enough) to avoid any copyright infringment.
  9. If you have a credit card you dont need a paypal account to use the site. It will let you pay by credit card.
  10. It is definitely a kick ass version! It looks great on a 6 foot screen BTW. It also loads faster than waiting for my XBox to boot & load MAME. I'll have to retire my poor 8-bit version now. Stephen Anderson 1007038[/snapback] Yup it rocks on my projector too. It was fun dev'ing on the big screen the last few days of development. And just blown away by the great response from everyone...thanks guys. We hope to out do every release.
  11. You could always buy one. There are some other cool games for it too. Peter 1007122[/snapback] And if you cant find a CD and want to still play Classic Gorf..we are working on a cart version now....and also trying to keep the cost down again...hang tuff folks more fun on the way.
  12. Nice haul guy! Congrats....So nice to see some good hardcores getting these.....makes me feel very nice. And as far as calling in sick.... .....sniff.....you touched my Gorfian heart, little brutha!...sniff....
  13. Oh yes..the CV is a nice game to play. I have had conversations with the team to consider a complete CV version..the sprite hardware is perfect for it. There are other platforms we are thinking of doing the coplete classic on.
  14. Let me know if you are still having troubles.
  15. The Atari Jaguar now has a proper port with EVERYTHING...you can even hook up a coin mech.....to it...www.3dstooges.com..... CV was good but the c64 was closer graphically...still no Galaxians...enter the Jaguar version...permission given to me by Jamie Fenton...
  16. Doesn't anybody like the 2600 version? 953591[/snapback] I do, but then again, I like Skeet Shoot. 953595[/snapback] You too?
  17. The Jaguar version is the ONLY complete version for any system not emulated.
  18. I take it then that you will release the 2000 version later on? I remember seeing on your website years ago that Gorf was supposed to be released like Tempest 2000 where you have Classic, Plus and 2000 versions. If this allows you to make a 2000 version easier and better to produce that's good. My order is on the way. Thanks 1004995[/snapback] Not at all....thank you! And the seperate releases will be MORE than worth it to everyone.
  19. But My gorfian Robots are Unbeatable.....
  20. Thanks everyone for your support...thanks Albert for the plug and I hope you all enjoy it for many years to come.
  21. I see. Have you considered some sort of USB port(2.0 latest?). That would open a wide door to Jag peripherals. Hard disks, CD-ROM/RW/DVD-ROM/RW printers keyboards mice and the list goes on. A Four Port USB would be delish!!! Is there a way to use the DSP Port as a means of connecting a USB hub?
  22. As they say, the dog returns to his vomit....heheh
  23. hehe..... Its a question I have never answered an never will till the cart is just about in production. Steve"Gorfian Robots...Attack..Attack" Scavone
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