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  1. Hehe...Forgive my ignorance (as its been some time for me on a Jag forum) but if some Jag owners dont have a Jag CD how could they use them? Has someone come up with a standard IDE CD ROM to Jag cart port interface or something? OR are you talking about a virtual Jag CD using a PC's CD ROM-via the Ethernet?(that could be cool but everyone with a Jag would need to own a PC). But the PC is certainly in enough households to make this a non-issue. My few cents. Steve"Insert Coin" Scavone
  2. I have to agree with T-bird. We have hid ourselves from a lot of folk out there over the last ten years (WOW the Jag is 10 years old!) who I know would like to code the Jag just for the challenge, but like Doug says, have no where to go. Iall for keeping out the idiots who have nothing to do with development but not any one showing a serious interest in the further development of the Jag. I blew off the old udg due to a flood of marketing on what was supposed to be development board but many sheep in wolves clothing slipped throught the doors. Coding and hardware info only...but alas it turned lame...and we know who those folks are(no names please). Open the flood gates sayeth the Gorfian. Steve"Gorfians Take No Prisoners"Scavone
  3. That cart of your rocks dude..Long time no tt btw....Get my e-mail from Scott Walters and give me a shout. I am very interested in one...and yes gorf is still in the works.... Steve"Gorfian Empire" Scavone
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