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  1. I do not see why not. It's the same core. It might have cost a closer to $300 but well worth it. No more left and even if they were I could not sell them legally. The only reason for being upset was the ludicrous and dubios accusation of code I wrote from scratch being compared to someone downloading illegal ROM's. The worst that could be said is I did not have Midway's permission to use the IP. I had Jamie Fenton's blessing. She just could not verify if the rights fully reverted to her or not. With that I removed it from production and market. I did what I believed to be the right and proper thing. Bet you any money those complaining still never removed all the illegal ROM's from their drives. It turns out that Midway did indeed renew the IP rights in 2000. So much for that since Midway is no longer. Now it's Warner's IP due to the recent demise of Midway and sale of It's IP's to Warner....and no, I have no desire or intention to persue Warner on the matter. In the words of Jesus...."it is done....it is finished."
  2. I agree whole heartedly. It's the same friggin core and there was no reason other than the external access issues you mentioned...which I also agree could have been dealt with in a much more reasonable matter. So, no suprise here. Fact remains, that an 020 would have been a much better 'warm and fuzzy' choice all around for Jaguar. If Atari had a real set of balls they would have left the 'warm and fuzzy' crap out, used a small unified cache between the two and has another core with nothing on it outside of a nice big 8 or 16k local. No video, no sound...just a hard core AI proccesor..... one compiler and assembler. Let's face it...they went with the 68k because they had a shitload of them left over from the ST line, or at very least were in the middle of a buy deal with Motorola. So I revise what I would have done.... Same RISC Core with 8 or 16k local strictly for AI Tom with double buffered blitter regs(and both channels with fractionals) and TRUE dual write backs for the GP regs Jerry with properly working communication unit(not the cheap POS they used) A usuable workable compiler and MAC would have been fine for assembly. The unified bus would have been fine since all three(four if you count the blitter) would have been able to run in TRUE parallel and would have easily handled anything the PS1 could have thrown at it.
  3. If its not broke, dont fix it.
  4. No suprise there. I think BattleSphere should be up in the top ten and so should IS.
  5. My question is: why did the designers hard code the DSP memory pipeline to delay 6 cycles? Why wasn't the DSP made to access the bus at a similar speed to the GPU? Was it related to the 68000 or a separate issue? LOL..this is like asking God why He chose to create the universe in six days and rested on the seventh instead of just zapping it all into exsistence in a nanosecond. Well..... actually not really..... But it is because of the 68k and quite frankly, the bosses(the Tramiels) poking their noses into the engineer's business and not letting them control the design stage more. Flare wanted the GPU/DSP combo to have more power but the lame 'warm and fuzzy' nonsense seemed to prevail....the 020 would have been just as warm and fuzzy and more importantly more practical and simpler for coders to get serious performance out of the Jaguar in a much faster time frame. You see....the Handy(Lynx) was already a finished design and at that point was ready for production when Epyx settled out of court with them. If Flare had done their homework, they'd have been better off not showing off the Jag chipset to the Tramiels until after it was set up as they wanted it to be. To think the money wasted on the Panther development and how it could have been better served toward improving the Jaguar design, still makes my head spin. Again.....the 020 would have... Doubled the data width to the bus for both the host(020) and the DSP Allowed true parallel operation between all three processors without bus contention in all three locals Double the speed of the host(020) Allowed the 020 to be a practical AI and game logic processor where the 68k could not be(and instead it is a detriment). The tool chain for the 020 is much more robust and therefore would have allowed for much quicker porting of POPULAR games. No matter how well the 68k tool chain is, it would not have solved the contention issues. This system even with it's unified bus would have easily competed with a PSX and would have been stronger than a Saturn. The ONLY benefit of a CD drive is a larger data medium and would not help the performance of the Jaguar what so ever.
  6. I understood that it cut the delay down (or increases the bus-width rather -doubling data read per cycle), it's the 6=>3 cycle per word comment that confused me. Looking at Kskunk's comment again: So with the 020, 12-cycles to read 64-bits opposed to 24 cycles with the 68k, which would be 6-cycles per 32-bit read. (the width of the bus with the 020 installed) But that's still 6x as many cycles as Tom (GPU) takes to read that (2 cycles to read 64-bits, and I'd assume 1 cycle for a 32-bit read), so what the delay difference with the DSP compared to GPU? And your point is? The fact remains the 020 would have allowed the Jerry to read it in half the time. Also they would have not hard coded the DSP to accomodate a 68k but instead an 020...in fact if this is what was the case the delay might have been shorter....providing they hard coded it for an 020.
  7. Why would you start off with recent homebrews when all the other games out there have been around forever?
  8. These would have been allowable even with the current system and tools... Not with the current tools.... again tools.... One last time...tools.
  9. No it wouldhave been at very least helpful. Ports? Did they not cause enough jag bashing? These would have been the later titles. Not launch titles. The list I gave you would have been simple and easy to allow at launch, even with the Jaguar in its current state.
  10. You must not being doing the math...... hmmm... if a jerry needs 24 cycles with a 68k, and only 12 with an 020, I think It sound exactly like what I said. Since the Jerry is a 16 bit processor to the bus is needs 6 cycles per word. With an 020 that means it's a 32 bit to the bus which means 3 cycles....so what is the problem?
  11. The 68k is why. The 020 would have improved this to a 3 cycle delay if I am not mistaken. As far as games needed.....at launch they should have had the classic updates ready. Asteroids 3D Major Havoc 3D Missile command 3D Battlezone 3D( not bloody Hoverstrike(which could have been a great sequel)) Combat Multiplayer 3D(with a fixed uart) Centipede 3D(not that awful mess Atari released after the Jag...to much and it took away the simple charm) A multi cart with the following: Circus Atari 3D. Breakout 3D(not 2000 which I was kinda of disappointed by.) Pong 3D Air sea Battle 3D And a few licenses like PacMan 3D Sinistar 3D Robotron 3D Berzerk 3D Joust 3D All very simple games. This would have attracted a lot more people who remembered Atari for their old classic games that made them famous. So much for legacy. RPG, JRPG or what have you could have come later.
  12. 020!020!020!020!020!020!020!020!020!020!020!020!020!020!020!020!020!020!020!020!020!020!020!020!020!020!020!020! So Beck, I tell you....those games would have been able to have been ported in no time with an 020 in the Jaguar. As the hardware stands it can do it but the work involved would have taken a long time....it would have required all assembly on the riscs and a lot of cumbersome coding and local RAM module flipping.
  13. Kernal, I think you might have me confused with another Gorf. I am not sure what Neon is... unless you mean Nuon. The only thing I did on that was convert the first level of Gorf 3D. Also, If I can find the ColorSpace disk I'll sell it to you. I would not hold my breath as I've not seen my St stuff in quite some time...burried in the garage somewhere. Not sure when I will get to it. I will sell all my ST stuff as one huge package so if you are interested let me know...then I would have reason to dig it all out.
  14. Gorf, are we too far away from seeing some media of your stuff? Owls project video has me wanting to see more Jaguar awesome incredibleness!!!! No, because we will not release any such media until the product is ready for release (proividing we bother to release anything.) Burned once, shame on them. Burned twice, shame on us.
  15. Hey Mr D. I hopeyou are doing well.

    If you have some time, send me a PM....

    I have a few proposals concerning 7800 titles of mine I'd like you to help me with.

  16. Im simply blown away but not at all suprised. Fantastic job as expected and even more than expected. Owl Rules!
  17. Well that just blows. Pirating has always been around and it's not leaving any time soon. I think one of the reasons pirating is so prevalent here is because of perceived value. I do not want to get into the economics of how much people need to make in order to break even, in order for it to be "worth it" or whatever. $90+ in any economy, especially this one, is going to be a tough sell. Historically, there have been tons and continues to be, all sorts of great authors that release things to the public domain, shareware or have contributed ala open source. Quality programs that meet and often exceed peoples expectations. The Jag and its users always just seem to be getting the short end of the stick here. I can't blame people for not wanting to spend $90 on a puzzle game. What I would blame them for is pirating AND then enjoying said game. This is where a culture of shareware becomes relevant. A community centered around shareware is much tighter and close knit. It's an opportunity to turn guilt into money. It works and it would be just. Try before you buy sort of thing. You could implement a limited gaming session of sorts and then users would have to purchase a key or password in order to fully unlock the game. Since you can't change what's around you (a lot of perceived pirating, etc), I guess you've already made your choice. Either stop making games OR change the way you think about your time & effort and MAKE the business work for you. There's alternatives here and I highly doubt MOST of the serious Jag users are really pirating as much as you think. If that was the case, how do you explain the ridiculous prices this stuff often fetches? Sorry to sound optimistic, but people who are likely to pirate were never your customer to begin with is what I say. They're such cheap bastards in the first place and/or consider it a challenge to try to crack something. On the flipside, realistic price<>value prices need to be realized if anyone wants to continue making a buck. History has shown this time and time again with other electronic products. The Jaguar should be no exception. Not trying to start a flame war, lecture, preach or tell anyone anything they might not have heard or felt. Just talking out loud here because I think more people should step up to the plate and confess that they'd be more likely to buy and less likely to pirate if the prices were more down to earth. And no, I am not projecting either. I am not interested in playing just any old game on a Jaguar. Especially a puzzle game. They're not my thing. Be nice to see some real 'fun' non-puzzle type games that show off the machines hardware to tell you the truth. And not at an 'expense' that's obviously funding someone's programming learning curve - which better quality games that were promised NEVER stood a chance from said revenue to see the light of day anyway :-( Not the place to discuss this. I've made my case all over the place and I will not repeat it anymore. It is plain and simply not worth it for us to bother. Now...where were we....oh yeah.....skunk board rules!
  18. It would require much more than that. Unfortunately Gorf 2000 wont ever be released. I am certainly not going to shell out a 'little cash' as you say to obtain rights from Warner(Midway's new owners) just to see pirates dump it as they did with Mad Bodies before we ever got our cost back. The homebrew world has become much less interesting to us. We might at best release another game or two but outside of that I see very little future for our games to see light of day on Jaguar. The risk and the time involved are simply no longer worth it.
  19. When you gonna let those of us with the Skunks play your awesome Gorf conversion Steve?!? Seriously... I know a guy with a Gorf UR. Has a blown power supply that I could fix easily. Thing is, he's not the fastest person in the world when it comes to making a decision to let things go. To say he's a packrat would be an understatement. lol Besides, I rather like the idea of playing Gorf on my Jaguar As much as I 'd love to do so, as I have explained....I can't without getting in trouble.
  20. Why is that...so the kiddies dont hear you cussing up a storm? Sweet score....I can promise you, you have made Scott and Terance very 'Mad'!
  21. To avoid your wrath? A looong time!
  22. Real gamers use the 2 ship option... ...yes there is such an option in both Jag Gorf and the Arcade dip switch setting.
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