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  1. Actually it is just as useful. The problem lies in the fact that a CD is much more obtainable than an SB . That could be solved by someone investing in a run of skunks, since Tursi already said he ans Kskunk would be willing to allow it. The SB is actually more useful and would solve a big issue with cost of development materials. A developer could then charge a very reasonable download fee or even for free if he so chooses with no cart or disc and packaging/shipping overhead to be concerned with. There is also the beauty of the serialized units allowing personalized copies and less fraud.
  2. BattleMorph, HoverStrikeCD, IS2, VLM, are just a few reasons why the Jaguar CD is NOT horrible nor forgettable. Yes the majority of titles suck but there are a few good reasons besides homebrew to want one.
  3. Well it will be a cold day in Hell when a women decides if I get to play video games or not. Cathy already knows and understands that video games are part of the package now while we are dating and NO BIT DIFFERENT if and when we possibly may get married. I'm finding out just how much better singlehood is to be quite honest.
  4. Well...kinda....the List is the software part of what the logic uses to draw the display. The 'language' of the OPL however is almost irrelevant to the discussion here. The function of it however does apply. It is a language and the OPL is a processor regardless of what some knuckleheads around here wish to believe. The only difference is it needs to be started...but here is a little secret....so do any and all other processors. The difference here is it is started by another processor....but so are the GPU and DSP RISC's which no one argues those as being any less a processor than a 6502 is. a 6502 simply has a boot strap circuit on board where the GPU or the DSP does not. The Blitter is also a processor. Like the OPL, it will 'run code'. The difference here is the Blitter does not have a PC counter like the OPL does( well it actually uses links to point to the next line of code( an object definition actually.) The link is a good way to avoid more silicon for a fetch...the blitter does not have that either. Both the OPL and the Blitter do maths, compares, interrupt handlings and every other thing any other processor will do. They just need to be assited. They are not just some simple support chip like you would find in a A8, Vic-20 or C-64. The blitter and the OPL get set up and started and then go about there own business and can do some very powerful processing all on their own after that. A nice command buffer and command fetch ont he blitter would have been a nice improvement to the system, even with the 68000 but I still say the 020 is by far the most practical and by far the most cost effective, as well as greatly increasing the systems performance. Using a a 020 just for opening up the DSP to 32 bits would have been worth it alone. Actually Im not...just popping in to giggle at the longevity of this thread once in a while.
  5. Heh, that's what I'd actually assumed the "L" stood for in the first place. Oh come now! But I'll give you that if...you finally kill this thread!!!! Sheesh! This makes Beatle mania looks short lived!!!
  6. OPL = Object Processor Logic so no, It's not a typo.
  7. Oh it could handle it...at a low frame rate.
  8. You where thinking of making a totally new system and calling it an add on for the 7800. What you described was nothing like a 7800 at all, figurativly speaking it was pretty much a totally new system using the 7800 for video and audio output. How so? It was an addon of a math unit, pokeys(nothing new there) and some peripheral add-ons. It was and expansion. It's now cancelled as is all my 7800 projects.
  9. Well, dont save you money for it. It is officially cancelled. With all their quirks, at least the Jag fans would not have acted this way about it. At least they would have welcomed is as the welcome anything new for their DEAD system. Amazing....What was I thinking?
  10. Are you a little insecure or something (or maybe a lot)? I didn't bitch and moan, I asked a valid question, I would never in a million years purchase something like this and wanted to know how you justify wasting your time to yourself. Did I say YOU bitched and moaned? You sure you are not the insecure one? Oh and just for the record, your opinion is not that of everyone elses, so if you do not want to purchase one, I promise not to lose any sleep over it...really.
  11. Seems no one reminded poor old deluded Underball Im ignoring him!
  12. Well you have nothing to fear as this essentially does all these things and more and you simply plug it into your cart port. This would be an add as you go board. It will come with almost nothing except the BIOS ROM, a small RAM and the math unit. The rest would be sockets and the user can then expand it as he/she saw fit, simply by plugging in new chips. Of course you'd have a few plugs for key boards and such. Again, the responses here tell me I've wasted my time once again trying to help the homebrew scene.
  13. Yeah right, but after this wall of responses, I might just go back to coding my PC and actually make some money with my talents instead of wasting on people who damn you if you do and damn you if you dont! SHEESH!
  14. I guess its an attempt to break the catch 22 scenario. If you do nothing the user base remains small. If you do something interesting you have the potential to expand the number of users. Even if Gorf only makes one working proto it makes the hobby more interesting to him and thats also a good thing. It's funny how people bitch and moan about people never making anything new and exciting, and then the minute you do, they bitch and moan anyway. Then they wonder why some of us throw our hands up in the air and wish to walk away from the whole pointless mess at times. Damned if you do and damned if you dont.
  15. Um no not even close. It is an expansion chip. A computer add on is just one of many possible uses. It was not because I ran in to an coding wall that a RAM/ROM/POKEY cart cant handle. This chip simply makes it possible to fit a good deal of features inside the small area of a 7800 cart. We have very small versions of very large RAM/ROM chips nowadays and the only big chip would be the pokey. Of course you dont need to add anything you dont really want either. A computer or console would require much more than what I proposed. Plastics, PS, a processor designed into the system along with having to find TIA's, MARIA's and the other things needed to keep it compatible with the 7800. No thank you. This would be a simple enclosure running out of your 7800, via a ribbon cable if you wanted an add-on. The chip is the real beauty here. It will allow for very powerful carts that the current versions cant do. Oh and please...someone remind Underball , I have him on ignore.
  16. For 3D yes, which is not the goal of my endevors. As far as 3D in theory that does not work on real hardware.....need I continue? This is a simple logic chip. That is all it was ever intended to be. The silicon required to do what you are asking is way more work than I am interested in dealing with. Also this chip would be very small and ideal for powerful carts or an addon. You also know well enough that no one would ever make a whole lot of use of any of these over kill featuers, save a few of us. Also for simple algorithms(such as synth sound algs)as the multiplies would be plenty fast(6-8 cycles) with the sqrt function. We are not doing rocket science here. Simply a small inexpensive means of adding a lot of nice and useful extras. What you are asking for is all great and such but completely out of the realm fo the system this chip is intended for. Color depth would require an entirely new gfx and not my intentions for this project. I am simply giving means for easy addition of a few siple functions, comunicattions and RAM/ROM expansion. I still want this to be a 7800 system...not a Jaguar. I have other plans for that and the 7800 is not the system to base them around. All of what you are asking would require very expensive ASIC's or at least me needing to update my lowely Spartan 3E unit for a board I just dont have such money for. It would also cost way more than the average 7800 owner would be willing to pay for. The silicon foot print would be better suited in a next gen system, not the 7800. Remember, this is a 6502 we are talking about. Would you rather take a few hundred cycles for these functions when you can do them in under ten?
  17. What's the point of supporting any homebrew system?
  18. That would be way too much. Also this add-on would not be loaded with everything, but allow the user to add these other features in. If I were to make a new system, that would be a Oberon based unit and fully backward compatible with the current Jaguar. It would have a fixed blitter and a much better register file on the risc's to eliminate any write back stalls from ALU, multiply and divide operations. And this unit would still allow you to plug in normal 7800 carts. IT would indeed have a 7800 cart port.
  19. and... Is what four Pokeys would give you. Also, you would not need to have them all or any on board. So no PCM stuff. Four pokeys would make for a nice music synth. That is the hope since the POKEY's are what handle that in the A8. You are probably right but the connections would be there if someone creative enough can come up with a way to make use of them, like for instance, parameter inputs for a music synth. Just scan a few at a time every so often instead of all of them every frame. No. Yes my bad. Im not planning on doing polygons with the MARIA and DLL generation...nightmare. What you are asking would require a lot of design and silicon. This is an 8 bit machine. I dont intend to turn it into more than that. Simply to expand the 7800. into a nice 8 bit computer. Again, this logic chip I designed can be used for a lot less and a much different config than what I've suggested. Think simpler. Even simpler than that....there is already a 256 entry fixed point SQR. For these suggestions of math additions to be useful, you might as well add a whole new gfx engine....not looking to do that. Yes but it is why I used the term possible and not definitely, since the SIO and such would be fine for handling mose of these fucntions. The Flash Drive would need something dedicated.
  20. Those suggestions are fine for an Atari ST but for the Jaguar? I guess if you must. I suppose the pinball one is not too bad. Now if you are making an arcade perfect clone of a game, yeah. That's never a bad thing. But a Breakout clone would not need such high color nor high resolution. Of course you can make a BreakOut plus like game.
  21. Isn't pure white one of the colors available int he CRY palette? (by the discription, I'd have assumed that there would at least be 256 shades of black/gray/white -which are indeed available in 24-bit RGB) Yeah, a real shame that game never got finished/released (even in as limited distribution as Battlesphere was). And PZ does use normal sprites for enemies? (gorf seemed to give the impression they were voxel models earlier in this thread -I'd assumed they were sprites originally) And, of course, voxel based games shouldn't have been limited to such masterful prgrammers at the time either, others may not have produced as amazign results, but that still doesn't mean it wouldn't have been preferably to plygons for a lot of things. (like the terrain in Cubermorph/battlemorph among other things) A port of Comanche would have been pretty awesome. (apparently that was even planned for the SNES using the Super FX2 coprocessor -can't immagine how cut-down that might have been though) Non polygon based rasterization would be more preferable in general, like raycasting. (Doom seems to be a much better example than AvP, but the added disadvantage to voxels would be greater use of texture mapping) Neat! Doe it still use 16-bit pixels, or 8-bit? (as it is only 8-bit grayscale) And is shading still limited to blending toward black alone, not the reverse? Assuming it uses 8 bit shades and then a seperate intensity value, 16 bit is probably the case.
  22. The fact is, even though a machine might display a high rez with higher color, it is best to use it at it's strength's and get a great app rolling on it then to simply max it out for the sake of saying you did so. Let's face it, though the game may 'look' great, the chances of it playing great when you start to push it that hard become slim to none.
  23. Gorf

    7800 Lite Sixer

    Most interesting indeed.
  24. My guess is they are interpolated from a tru RGB palette.
  25. I have personally done 800 horizontal pixels across but the 240 vertical makes it less than a reasonable ratio. To get a higher vertical res, you need to tricks and the Jaguar at higher resolution will have serious performance problems depending on the amount of action you intened to have in your game. 2D you might have a cold chance in hell, but I would not even think about such a thing trying 3D in that high a resolution. To go even higher than using the tricks for more vertical line, you need additional hardware.
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