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  1. Graphically. Yes. Computationally, you and CA could not be more hopelessly wrong.
  2. I'm going to disagree slightly here in that whilst CRY does have some strengths (its EXTREMELY good for smooth intensity gradients) it has some very annoying limitations - in that because there are only 256 colours (predefined - they can't even be tuned - each with 256 intensities) its ability to do smooth colour gradients is quite poor compared with even a 15bit RGB mode. (Not that that has any bearing on SS of course) Try changing the CLUT lookup table...im pretty sure they can be...at least that is my experience. Even if that is not the case. My point was that the 15 bit color modes KK is talking about does not come close to CRY color.
  3. Um, sorry my friend but no ......It is graphically more powerful in polygans ability. It can not match the Jaguar in computing and voxel landscapes, deal with AI and game logic on the level of BS and still maintain a 60 fps frame rate that only gets more efficient the more units you network together. The PSX stops at 2 units...The Jaguar with BS can do 32. The Jaguars work together and now you have serious multi processing going on. The PSX just does not have the ability on the same level computationally. One MIPS can not out perform two J-RISC's on its best day. Show me just one game on the PSX that even comes close to the AI and game logic of BS. IT never happened and it never will. Without any networking going on the Jaguar will out compute the PSX. I have been told by MANY PSX developers who also coded for the JAguar syaing that the Jaguar is by far more capable in math just on one risc versus the MIPS.
  4. No that is not the reality. The very fact that they lack the networking is why they are too weak to ever be able to match the Jaguar in this respect. It is the multi hook ups of the JAg and the unique means of true parallel processing that not even the Saturn can do with it two SH2's. It would stand a much better chance than the PSx but again, if you had actually read why I stated they can't, instead of once again assuming you know what you are talking about, you'd have known this. The PSX and Saturn are graphically more capable in the polygon arena but not in the computing arena. It aint the case.
  5. The PC version would have suffered based on the same reasons the PSX would have. Single processors. Todays dual core and quad core may be a very different story however. Legrand said it could not be done. I'll take his word over yours. You might get a much more detailed gfx engine but you are'nt going to come close matching the AI. Scott explained to me how and why this is the case( I promised to keep it quiet) and trust me, it aint happening. Im sure Legrand and Engel would have made such a release considering the amount of money they'd have made....the other obvious reason why you are wrong is the PSX does not support more than two consoles networked and this is where the Jaguar has a gigantic advantage over the PSX....BS was written in such a way that the more jags you hook up, the more processing power you have. But if you actually read my post to KK, instead of just out of hand dismissing and disagreeing like you always do, you would have known that. The PSX, not the PC have this ability and this is exactly because of their single processor nature. As far as PZ goes, yeah you'd be able to pull off a less than atractive polygon based height map landscape but you are NOT going to draw voxels like the blitter can. If this were the case, not only would the PSX have done so, the PC would have back then as well. It is not until recently that the PC can do this and that is only because of the ridiculous speed of the processors. Neither the PC or the PSX are geared toward voxel...they are poly engines and the blitter in the Jaguar in that time period will whip both there asses in this respect hands dwon. I dont think you understand the difference in what a polygon and a voxel is, or you would known why the PSX or Saturn(or even the PC's of that day) could not pull them off.
  6. Um no, this is when Doom was VERY popular because of it's networking ability as well as several other games at the time. Quake 1 and 2 followed right behind and it was'nt just hard core gamers. History does not agree with your assesment of networking games. X-Wing is nothing like BattleSphere. You also forget that BS is several very different space shooters in one. For it's time X-Wing was a nice game, but it's no BS. It is a palette clut based 16 bit color mode. You select 256 16 bit base colors and put these in the Jaguar CLUT(color lookup table). You then get 256 gradients of each color. Getting off topic? Not even close. The J-RISC chips can run in parallel even out of main(with some contention of course) but this was not efficient at all in the Saturn. However, the Saturn would have been better suited to coming closer to the ability of BS's AI and game logic. I think it is more out of ignorance about the game than disrespect. You are going by the moronic responses of some around the gaming community that never once lifted a joypad to play BS, only to say "my system has a space shooter too". It's like saying I have a mini-van so who cares about your Targa 911.
  7. BattleSphere for one is a networking game. The first console to ever allow 32 players connected. The only console to actually improve the speed of the game every node you add. Aside fromthe networking, just in single play mode, Shadow Squadron as cool as the game might be does not have the replay value of BS on it's best day. Not then , not now , not ever. It's clear you never played BS, because the high level of insult you commit even comparing it to a game like SS. Graphically, in action, SS does not even come close and that one bit of color the CRY mode of the Jaguar has over the 15 bit mode garbage is not only twice the colors but CRY is a special mode of the Jaguar in that it comes closer to looking like TRUE color because if the way the palette and color logic work. SS is a neat game but the frame rate is a dog. You never see BS drop under 60 unless you have over 256 models on the screen at one time and even then it drops no lower than 30. That is single player mode only. Once you network the game, it never drops below 30. Until you play BS, it is best not to compare it to inferior hacks like SS. It is truly and painfully insulting.....no ...really.Believe me, you have not lived as a gamer until the pilot's with jet packs of BS hand you your ass. SS cant shine BS's shoes. If it were one of the first games out for Jaguar, it would have rocked the gaming world and the PS1 would never be able to generate such a AI and game logic monster. One MIPS can not compete on it's best day against dual J-RISC chips. The best you could hope for on the PS1 is a texture mapped wanna be. PS1 to this day can't network past two consoles that I know of. It would choke painfully trying to use a voxel engine and you'd never see a landscape like that of PZ on PS1. Not on it's best day. Polygons yeah, voxels, not a chance.
  8. Before picking on the SNES port of Doom, consider this: A majority of people give the SNES port of Doom a lot of shit for having 1. such low resolution and slow frame rate, and 2. bitch about no floor textures or monsters always facing forwards, but let me explain this clearly; 1. This is running on an SNES, with NO extra hardware! Just the SNES and a Super FX chip! Not a giant mushroom with an extra power supply! Though the game is a little sluggish, and looks like the Doom marine needs some glasses, this port of Doom is actually the MOST accurate out of ANY console port in existence. They kept all of the original textures, all original architecture and level design, all original secrets, including 3 secret levels, plus managed to keep 22 of the original levels from all three episodes, not to mention the Doom soundtrack sis rockin' on the SNES! 2. No floor textures: Are you really staring at the floor while you play Doom? Not such a big deal, sludge is green, lava is red, water is blue, get over it. Monsters only face forward: Yeah? They only face forward in the 32X version too, but I never hear anyone complain about it. For me, the fact that I can't sneak up on the enemy makes the SNES version more of a challenge, which gives it more replay value imho. The 32X, Saturn, Jag, 3D0 and GBA ports were all abysmal bucherings of Doom. The only other worthy port is the PSX version, which still changed the level design, textures, sounds, music, and ending of the game, and the GBA port of Doom II is noteworthy for being pretty accurate too. Jag version Butchered? It has all the ORIGINAL game play where as the SNES does'nt yet you say it's butchered and the SNES is'nt? No floor textures, enemies face you which right there screws up the game play mechanics and the fun of sneaking up on the enemy and the Jaguar version is butchered? It even needs the assitance of another processor and it still has a horrible frame rate. LOL! This has to be the best chain pulling joke I've heard all year! This is right up there with the two kids in a game store I was in, telling me how much better the gamecube was then the DC. Nintendo fan boy much? Besides, the creator of Doom still says the Jaguar version was the best one for a console so please get over yourself.
  9. The Jag as it is would be powerful enough to do much better games than it has. BS is plenty proof of that and there is a ton of computing going on. Probabl more than most PS1 games by far. Even with all the fancy caching of the PS1, the Jaguar is hardly a slouch..just a lot more of a nightmare to deal with.
  10. What Carmack said is what I've been saying all along. Had he known about the main code work around, Doom would have been 320 x 240 30+ FPS like the PC with HIGH color...it is using the CRY 16 bit mode. You can not get smooth gradient light shading like DOOM is doing in anything less than CRY mode on the Jag or any machine for that matter at that time(not even the PC would handle high color as well as the Jag could.) The PS1 does t-mapping so well,because like it's PC counter part it uses 256 colors in texturing. Sure it can use higer color but you will see half the poly count as it tries to do it. If the Jag coders tried 256 color mode instead of 16 bit CRY texturing, they too would be able to get much smoother and faster texturing on the Jag. Still not as many polies but no doubt a faster frame rate and more polies than they got trying to texture with CRY ..for example HoverStrike. HOWEVER, though the frame rate of HS is half or less what the PS1 did, it is by far superior looking and certainly much more colorful than most of the early PS1 games. Had the HS guys known about main code tricks they too would have doubled the frame rate, both in the cart and CD version of HS. Instead they rely heavily on the 1/2 speed 1/4 bus width 68k all too much. This is why DOOM did not achive 30FPS or more at a high rez. This is not because the Jag can't do it, but because time would not have permited DOOM to be finished in any reasonable time trying to do everything in GPU modules and also because they did not realize(no one did at that time) that you could reliably run J-RISC code from main RAM. When you consider the Jag is only 27 megabytes less across its bus per second than PS1, there is no reason to believe it can't handle much higher frame rates and higher poly counts than it did using main ram GU code. PS1 = 133MB/sec while Jag was 106MB/sec. The PS1 will always do more polies per second hands down but the JAguar could have done much better given the right tools in the developers hands.
  11. Any one that rents Gorf CD will feel my wrath, unreservedly. You'll wish you tried to whore it on e-whore.
  12. Let me be clear folks. It WILL be a CD release IF IT GET RELEASED. If there are enough requests for a cart, then we will consider it. Reason being is was programmed as a CD release to start with.
  13. Well I'm not really too concerned with derailing a thread(God knows I've done my share) but it would be better to discuss it in a new thread as it will only get lost here.
  14. Though we considered that possibility, none of our games will be based around an upload device. Not everyone has those and those are a lot less in number than a CD even. Plus we want to release games that use the original machines media. It 's what most of the fans want too. Might I add that this is not the place to discuss the media type and why one should be used over the other. That would be more appropriate in another thread. Thanks.
  15. Any veteran that chuckles at you ought to hang his head in shame. They were once noobs too and should be a bit more sensitive to what you are dealing with. I use a batch file too. No biggy. Make files are over rated, especially for something like assembler on the 7800. It's not like you are dealing with a trillion C files so the KISS method works fine here. the -l outputs an assembly listing to let you know how the assembler is dealing with the source. you dont really need it but I find them helpful. I have never met anyone that can write bug free code. If they exsist, they certainly are not working for MS. Though I may be a coding veteran, I certainly do not consider myself one concerning the 7800.
  16. As far a cart pricing, Im going to talk to Curt Vendel to see if he has some insight on how to get the current cost down. I really hate charging $80 for a cart. It's a lot of money. Perhaps we'll find a better way.
  17. I'd rather wait until the game is done anyway. I suppose folks will see the vid and be extra suprised when the game is done. Plus Im using an emulator for development ATM and my 7800 does not have a vid mod. But if one of you guys wants to pop a vid of 'Warbirds'(working title), go right ahead.
  18. The point being that Skunk is not longer being sold. And PSE, though slower is the least intrusive, allows for deving and includes a great game with it. Perhaps another run of Skunks might be in order Tursi?
  19. Donkey Kong? I cant wait to see what you've got new for the Jag. No Walter, no Donkey Kong type games.
  20. I've been meaning to do so, but have been a bit busy with other things.. I asssume you are going to use the bin demo.....the game has advanced a bit since that time and may not reflect the final product very well.
  21. Cool. You never know what will happen in the future. That would be great. If I had a decent clue about writing a language, the 7800 would have it and Jaguar would already have one that uses the J-RISCS to there best possible potential. I only wish I could do such a thing. Maybe someday I'll actually try. I have enough on my plate for now though.
  22. Ill bet it has to do with yars revenge Where that came from, Im afraid to guess. You may think that if you wish but you will not find out till when and if its ready. I suggest you read the opening comment I started the thread out with . It just came from the quoted post I thought maybe you were hinting a diffrent game, Thats all. And I rember you talking somthing about wanting yars revenge Yes I did mention that but that is a completely different project altogether.
  23. Ill bet it has to do with yars revenge Where that came from, Im afraid to guess. You may think that if you wish but you will not find out till when and if its ready. I suggest you read the opening comment I started the thread out with .
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