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  1. Oh boy! I know you are a youngin, but I think it's a safe bet that you have never read William Congreve's 'The Mourning Bride'? There are plenty of people that you might be sucessful arguing with but ChickyBaby is not one I recommend trying it with. This advice from a guy who never backs down to anyone. Folks around here will tell you that. Don't be a fool and learn the hard way as did I. YOU CAN'T WIN! (Nuthin' but luv CB! Nuthin but luv!)
  2. Fact is, Im the last one who should bitching about anyone's typing skills.
  3. I plead the 5th on the grounds that it might cause more shit than I care to deal with. Of course nothing is stopping you from a search around and find out a few reasons for yourself. And everyone else that does know...please...I beg of you....zip it. If party really wants to know there is plenty of material he can dig up to find out on his own. Thank you.
  4. Probably not. That will be up to someone that buys the games to do so. You are not a marketing genius. Perhaps not but I have a better idea if I can pull it off.
  5. Probably not. That will be up to someone that buys the games to do so.
  6. This is not Mighty Frog. That was always designated as a CD release. Only The Graphics Man can decide otherwise. You wont know what this is till its ready, if its ready.
  7. To think that site resourses are actually being wasted on worrying over the whereabouts of SS4U. What has the world come to?
  8. Dont know yet. Possibly though. Let me get the NTSC working right first. I hope you will be able to fit automatic PAL/NTSC detection in. I think that is neater than a separate PAL and NTSC version. And then I don't have to wait longer than the NTSC guys to play the game Robert I dont think thre is any detection going on. I think you add a few more lines to the top and the bottom of your DLL. Again, I need to get my never the same color version working right first.
  9. Gorf

    EPROM Erasing..

    Leaving them out in the sun all day does work too. but the $30 dollar eraser is the best bet.
  10. Actually the best way is to replace the pot completely and get it the hell over with. Never seeing what they look like on a 5200 stick, Im willing to bet you can find one of similar size and value that will work in it's place. http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/cx52_j.htm is a pretty well detailed page of info on the sticks and it looks like they have the pots too.
  11. People.....Just be thankful someone even botheres to think about supporting our long dead systems. As far as teasers go...you love it and you know it.
  12. The hatters are fine....its the haters I have a problem with... Sorry there Busterm....you left the door open and I had to walk in. But I gotcha! And thanks for the support!
  13. That is quite a ways off, if it even happens.....remember...the title says possible, not definite. Sorry my friend, but all our games are sold via pay pal only.
  14. It already does. WOOHOO!!!!! Here.....this is Gorf we wrote for the Atari Jaguar. It's no longer available but we did make sure it was as arcade perfect as possible. (And unfortunately no, I can't sell or give you a copy.)
  15. The best one is the one you think is the best one. That would be 7800 IMNSHO.
  16. Though I have really not loved the Jag scene much lately......I still love the Jaguar. Once removed, an old freind to gamers with a new look. CD only unless there is big demand for carts(but they wont be cheap in cart form.) More info to come as things progress. That is all for now. .....ribbit....
  17. Dont know yet. Possibly though. Let me get the NTSC working right first.
  18. What's funny is that any of you are suprised about this. It should stand to reason that anyone willing to scrape your wallets dry to sell you something you love is a dog to begin with.
  19. The Jag RISC's are not exactly an easy street to code for. Emulation would have to be done on the J-RISC's and this would be a lot of work. It would all be assembler if you ever hope to get the original speed of the 7800 and 5200. However, thankfully the OPL is a perfect peice of hardware to emulate the DLL/sprites of the MARIA chip or the Display list/player-missile graphics of the A8 hardware(which is what a 5200 is for all practical purposes.) Then of course you would need to make hardware adapters for you to be able to plug in the various carts of each system. But it certainly is doable. I did intend to port my Astrocade emulator to the Jaguar one day.
  20. Thanks, but foot licking is as far as I'd go. If my brain power ever gets increased by aliens, I will learn assembler and use your useful lib to make Atari 7800 games. Thanks. I 'll do my best to make the examples as understandable as possible. I dont think you'll have too much of a hard time using it. I only wish Batari himself would consider a 7800 version of his awsome basic. I'd gladly contribute libs towards his efforts if he did.
  21. If you create something similar to batari Basic and Visual batari Basic for making Atari 7800 games, I will lick your feet (in text form, not real tongue to toe action). A ) It's a lib, not a language. You will still need to know assembler. B ) I admitedly don't have the balls to attempt my own language. C ) The best it will do is give you a 32 sprite engine so all you need to do is write game logic and AI. D ) It will be supplied with a well documented example. E ) I'd be happy enough knowing it was useful to you so please dont lick my feet, text or otherwise. You'll essentially call some subroutines I supply. It will include features like those in the Astrocade vector system. This is a fixed point method of moving sprites smoothly around the screen. It will also include some math stuff and scoring and lives libs. It wont be basic but it should go a long way to help you concentrate on the game and not the technical. Of course I'll help anyone with any questions on how to use the lib. It will include a 32 sprite DLL with a 32 x 16 character display, joy input, math, and some sound stuff(yes with POKEY in mind.) I am essentially going to strip down the source code to WarBirds to a skeleton so it should be pretty complete. Just write game code.
  22. There are no short cuts. If they are to be given away, that will be ultimately up to the authors.
  23. John Carmack was 12 years old once two. And Jeff Minter. And Warren Robinett. And David Crane. Just sayin ... And they were all discovering their pee-pee's instead. You just had to go there didnt you? PacFan.....give it a try but a few of those games are covered already. Gorf and Berzerk are being worked on so those are two less you don't need to be concerned with.
  24. Hang in there ApolloBoy......I know it's been a while since your original post but I am working on a lib to make coding the 7800 a lot simpler for folks like you who have a bit of a rough go trying to get their heads around the 7800. IT will simply allow you to write game logic and AI and not have to worry much about the technical stuff. EDIT: If it makes you feel better, I too had a rough time at first understanding MARIA.
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