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  1. I appologize for coming across in a condesending manner. That was not my intention. I was not in any way trying to but heads with you. However, the 'Dont try this at home kid's! We're experts!' was propbably not the best approach. No comment on that other site. Im trying to live by the 'If you can't say something nice...' thing. though Im still learning. I wont even bring up the 020 thing. The Jag is what it is..either you hate it or you love it. I do a litle of both at times.
  2. No HSC it is then...it will just be a bit much at this point.
  3. This is very true, my grandmother has said that very thing to me several times and often questions some of my actions in trying to save money here or there, because of the consequences that arise in the methods of saving a buck. So Party@Carl's - please do not attempt to solder all those little pins; if you are not up on your soldering skills. I would hate to read a future post of your's sayin: "Dudes! This BJL chip doesn't work! Nothing is happening when I turn it on!, do you think I overheated or shorted something?" lol. Have someone experienced do it for you for a little extra if you need to - there are fewer and fewer Jags left every year. Best of luck, and let us know how the mod turns out. Believe me OB....I dont post things to be confrontational, regardless of popular opinon. I do so out of experience. Im glad you understand the logic behind my reasoning. I dont think Im smarter than you either. I understand why some like to think I am simply starting trouble. But at the same time I dont mind helping even if it means taking a few shots on the chin for it.
  4. It looks like I may have to skip out on the HSC this game...I dont think I have the RAM locations for it...I've used just about every last byte and still need a few more variables for other things. I may have to add outboard RAM to the cart which may increase the game's cost. I was not looking to have to do this.
  5. http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/142139-high-score-cart-source-code/ You are most gracious...thanks WIZ.
  6. The specs and documentation are somewhere on Curt Vendel's website, I think. If you want one to use for development, PM me and I'd be glad to let you borrow mine. It doesn't seem to hold its scores, and I can't figure out why (flaky battery clip, I think), but it would be good enough to use for testing. I know it's very late in the development process to add a major feature like this, so I don't want you to think I'm asking you to do it; I just wanted to make the offer. I appreciate the offer too but I'll have to look a the specs and see if it is worth it. I may just add it on cart somehow.
  7. I just need the code specs to use it. Unfortunately, I know nothing about it's use or its specifications, nor do I have one to try it out during development. I may have to DL ProSystems sources and add an HS cart feature to it, among other things.
  8. I know the smartest way about coding the JAguar, that is for sure. Why take the chance and spend another 80+ on a new Jaguar when all you need is a cart? you at least get a great game to play. Same with the CD player. Not the case with a chip mod which is useless if you never bother to learn to code. Also, modding then prevents you from use of an Alpine or a Skunk in the future without another mod. not to mention game incompatibility. A little common sense here. Im not rich by any means but penny wise and pound foolish is not the way to go. But what do I know? I've only been doing this for over 14 years now.
  9. Why not ? It's the cheapest option by far, and it's harmless if you know what you're doing. That's right! It is THE cheapest way to go for a beginner, since to use Boz's BJL player you still need to buy an $200.00 expensive Jaguar CD Player! However, ProtSE is only $80.00 so that would still be 5 times as expensive as chip modding. It would also be 2000% safer than hacking up your Jag. Not to mention, if you blow up your Jaguar trying to mod it(and that is not hard to do) you just blew at least $80 anyway. .....have you ever... A ) coded the Jag? B ) Hacked your Jag for a BJL mod? C ) Hacked your Jag for a JagServer mod? I've done all three. I know you are trying to help but for goodness sake, unless you know something we dont, let the experienced give the advice for everyone's well being. Moding your Jag is dangerous to your console, unecessary and quite frankly dumb, and as far as Im concerned should not be considered as an option any more....at one time it was THE ONLY OPTION and there was no other choice around it except a $5000 dollar dev kit from Atari who were rather picky about who they sold them to. $80 For a game that allows dev is a very good investment. At least with the PSE cart, you still have a good game left if you dont stay with coding the Jaguar. The CD Player with a 10 cent CD burn and a free download is the best beginner option hands down. Oh and also tht $200 Cd player allows you to play games you cant play on a modded Jaguar. It is a win, win win all around.
  10. No probelm Bob and yes I've seen your replies...I ven wrote back too. Also I intend to help you with Gorf and the other games I talked about. Also, there will always be a coopy of my games for you my good friend even if you are the only one that wants it.
  11. Why? If he can solder or have a good solderer do it, it is the BEST BJL option to have. Yes, Boz's disc is free, quite sufficient, and easiest though, I will give you that. Because it is completely unecessary to mod your Jag anymore. Why take a chance when you can simply plug in a cart(PSE) or a CD pllayer and burn a disc? If these did not exsist I could understand but even then, he said he knows little to nothing about coding the Jaguar. I do not care what kind of homebrewing he may have done in the past, it doe snot come close to the headache you have to deal with coding the Jaguar.
  12. Dont mod your jaguar..this is not necessary anymore.Forget the skunk board. Get a CD player and BJL or a Protector SE cart before you try to invest tons of time and see if you even have the apptitude to deal with coding the Jaguar. Otherwise you will spend a lot of money for something you may not be willing to deal with. At least the Cd will allow you to enjoy games on the Jaguar where a skunk board does'nt really help. Anything out there that is legal to use on a Jaguar will load with a BJL anyway. If you then see that you can handle a five processor system, then you might want to consider a skunk board.
  13. Or multi floors and stairs and mid room objects.
  14. Unless they re-write the engine and drop a ton of 68k and move it over to the GPU, that aint happening. DOOM is a much more cycle intense engine. W3D was a simple ray caster with few objects in the open areas of the floor and one level , where as DOOM uses mid room objects such as pilars, and uses stairs and upper and lower floors. The game logic and AI is also more cycle intensive. Carmack said it is possible but would take a lot of work. I would not count on it unless Belboz and ViMaster intend to port the 68k code over to GPU main RAM and re-write the gfx and sfx RISC engines in assembler.
  15. That's very good to hear. THANK YOU for doing it this way. One of the things that has been so frustrating to me, (to the point that I just plain gave up messing with the Atari community for several years), is that releases almost ALWAYS seemed to be perfectly timed with difficult financial periods of my life. Then when I'd have a decent paying job, items would be sold out. I know how you feel and its one of the reasons I try to accomodate in this manner. Now as long as we dont start having issues like I've had with the Jaguar community, everything should be smooth sailing.
  16. Since we are on the subject of tiny and adorable women....(of topic mind you) Ricci is not bad but I take WR anyday over her...those eyes.... but I still like Linda Cardellini http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://joyhog.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/linda2.jpg&imgrefurl=http://joyhog.com/2008/01/20/say-yes-to-linda-cardellini/&h=331&w=440&sz=47&tbnid=z4zElFGPQUUa0M:&tbnh=96&tbnw=127&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dlinda%2Bcardellini&hl=en&usg=__Ipo_cWq8aJLDgykEl060xpn6C6k=&ei=IBVIS8_sMsbilAeHkqkX&sa=X&oi=image_result&resnum=5&ct=image&ved=0CBEQ9QEwBA Loved her as Velma.... a Freak Geek chick like that is right up my alley. http://jfkaps01.free.fr/Linda_Cardellini_01.jpg
  17. KING! Great to hear from you my old friend! It's much easier to do this on the 7800.....I would have done this with the Jag games but the blasted encryption makes it alot harder(and Jagmod was not into doing it which pissed me off but........)the encryption on the 7800 is not so bad. Well if all goes well with PacManPlus, you may still be able to play Gorf....just not on the Jaguar(as things stand there wont be anymore Jag titles from me until I see a major improvement on the part of certain 'fans' .) I do regret not getting someone as loyal and freindly to me as you have been all these years a copy of Gorf Classic CD for your Jag. My regret for many of you that wanted this game is unable to be put into words. I appreciate the honor but then I'd have to do that for everyone.....though that is not out of the question. But the personalization alone would make it as unique as one could hope for. At very least consider the game my personal autograph to all of you 7800 fans out there. (Why anyone would want my autograph is beyond me, but truly, you honor me by asking.) I thought about doing this but that will only make the cost go up. The game will retail at $40 plus shipping without these as it is. A large portion of the proceeds are going to help someone pay for meds and food. Someone we all know and love. I'll do an online ode to the game perhaps though. I'd love nothing more than to be able to add a Box and manual as I always like to put out a product as professional as I can. What I may do is allow someone to offer them after the fact only if they can do so without breaking their own bank and at a very low cost( or for free as a nice jesture) to those that want it. Well I hope to get it out by summer if all goes well but I never put dates in stone ...it could take much longer than that. Unless God almighty has other plans for me, I want this out the door and in your 7800 cart slots ASAP.
  18. She is adorable....even if she is a little theiving beotch! Every classic game from the 80's updated in 3D....nothing different if game play or sounds...just 3D.....Too bad it wont ever happen now. At least I wont bother anymore.
  19. It's ok if you miss the first run as my policies with Jaguar are here as well...I will supply carts for as long as there is reasonable demand. With the 7800, that can be as low as a few carts at a time since the availability of parts is more robust.
  20. Let's see how this goes. I bring here with me my pricipals and my policies. They dont change just because the console Im coding on does. The only change is the console I code on now. I however never close doors forever. Perhaps some day the Jaguar community will grow the F up and I can finally realize my dreams for that machine....until then, its over.
  21. Sure and very expensive....I bet the cart cost more than $80 easy. Not to mention those without a CD wont be able to play the WAD's.
  22. My good man....Please read the thread topic title. It's a working title. I already have an official name for it too. I dont need any crap from the likes of Infogrames....grames of what? What the F##k is a grame anyway?
  23. Im quite sure she will be more than glad to process your order.
  24. Thanks for your support, everyone!
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