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  1. For me this is hanging at the credit screen on real hardware. On Steem it moves past the screen after about 10 seconds. Here is the screen is stops at on the real STE. Hardware is 8Mhz TOS 1.62, 4MB STE and Steem is set to the same.
  2. Tested these releases also. They all are from the 1991 version. Elite Replicants release Replicants release v2 They all work the same basically and can get to level 2. Did you collect all the bombs before trying to exit the level? Also, after the bombs are collected, just walk to the edge of the screen at the exit and it should load the next level.
  3. Playing the vmax release and yes when the player dies it goes back to the start of level. With the trainer on, I got to the end of level 1 (all the bombs have to be picked up to access the exit). When all the bombs are picked up, the top left will say "Go to next stage". Then level 2 loaded fine.
  4. Thanks Peter, hopefully there is a good release out there. From the GameDVD, Shadow Dancer had the following cracks. Shadow Dancer English X Patched CJ 2009 1 D-Bug Shadow Dancer English X Trainer The Light 1 Elite Shadow Dancer English Trainer Snake 1 Replicants Shadow Dancer English Trainer Snake & Cameo 1 Replicants Shadow Dancer English X Trainer Ice 1 Vmax The cracks are attached here in case one is working properly. I'm going to try them out also. Shadow Dancer cracks.zip
  5. Thanks Peter, if you need any testing help I'd be happy to assist with it.
  6. Awesome, thanks, #45 was the last one that hadn't been scanned. Much appreciated!
  7. Hi Peter, were you able to look at this game any further? P.S. and maybe Shadow Dancer as well?
  8. Oh, thanks, I haven't logged in there for a long time. I guess it is time to register again.
  9. Ok, thanks, I found it now. However, when I enter my username and password is says it is a bad username. Did something happen where I have to re-register?
  10. How do I log in to the website to access the member's download area? I don't see a login button anywhere.
  11. Issue 148 showed up Friday which was a nice surprise. Thanks guys!
  12. Fun game. Has that "one more try" feel to it.
  13. Nice work on completing the Sierra games! I had not heard of the other two, but Bubble+ looks interesting. Thanks again.
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