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  1. I just checked and my #7 is in English. Maybe it is an error on the web store or otherwise he is out of stock. You might ask him if he has any in case it is just a web page error.
  2. I have moved a couple of times in my lifetime due to "arsehole" neighbors who never seem to have the self-awareness to understand they are disturbing others. After much reflection, I think it is some genetic fault in them haha. I would surely not disturb others intentionally and would remediate matters if I was. The ones with the crazy dogs seem to think their little pooches can't possibly be bothering anyone since they don't seem to have the sensory facilities to process it. I love dogs and have one now, but I also totally recognize some dogs have mental illness and will never be compatible with human communities. I've seen some that bark non-stop 24/7. Thankfully not around my living space but geez. It is sad, but it is a just reality that some dogs can't be in a neighborhood. No one wants to hear that opinion or talk about it, but it is a sad fact. Dogs can be mentally ill just as much as humans, especially if they are mistreated or have tortuous living conditions. And then some dogs are just born bad and it is in their nature...sound familiar? My advice, if the situation can't be resolved, move and move on. Life is too short.
  3. Yes, Mr. Do was frustrating but I really enjoyed it. I always seemed to go back to it back in the day. Donkey Kong was such a great conversion it was a joy to play but challenging for sure. I get better scores on my mame arcade cabinet to be honest lol. For some reason Atari 8-bit and Atari ST games never induced rage in me. I even finished ST Side Arms which was crazy. Maybe it was because I was younger. The main systems I had bad frustration with games had to be Gamecube and PS2. Other than that it's all good.
  4. Finished Montezuma's revenge and Henry's House back in the day. Never really rage quit back then. Just stopped trying after a while like with Fort Apocalypse and Captain Beeble. Did manage to complete Shamus and The Pharaoh's Curse. Nowadays I play Atari 8-bit games and just enjoy them. Being over 50 years old, if I don't finish them, well that is ok lol. It is still nice to see all the great software for the platform.
  5. Dang! Every time this topic gets bumped I think "could this be it? Is it happening?"
  6. Ordered my copy from retrohax on Feb 8th and received it Feb 23rd. So it only took 16 days from Poland to the USA for me. That's pretty fast.
  7. Glad to hear @SainT. I for one am grateful Albert is sticking by his word and I'll be keeping my order here. Thanks for the update.
  8. Yes, Sebra was what I used back in the day. I was amazed it could display pseudo-high rez.
  9. So what graphics techniques are being used in Albert that are used? I'm always curious to know how the programmer has pushed the boundaries.
  10. Yeah, Quake was the reason I bought a Voodoo board. Good times.
  11. Well, that's why I put a PAL Antic in my 130XE. Maybe that is not the most best way, but it usually works for me. Do I need to buy a PAL 130XE and have it shipped overseas now with all the problems the carriers are having? I hope not lol.
  12. You're on a roll tonight haha. Stay strong my friend.
  13. I agree, the core disk based version should take precedence. Otherwise, who knows how the project would fragment. It would suck if you lost focus and the project stalled.
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