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  1. Nick closed his store some time ago. There are no docs for this program other than the CD with everything on it. I know because I bought the CD from Nick when he was in business. Check the abandonware thread on the other forum for the program.
  2. I forgot my subscription fees. How do you pay them again?
  3. Nah, looks not so good. Needs to clearly delineate that it is side 3. Whatever though, as long as the final product is solid.
  4. Got in on the new gcloader batch and snagged one. The last system I have that needs a flash system is the Jaguar.
  5. Any hope for this project? Really miss the updates.
  6. ACSPro (Application Construction Set) is a visual programming environment similar to Visual C or Delphi for Ataris. The latest version 3.0.0 does have an English version of the application available, but until now, the documentation has only been available in German which limits the use of the program for English speaking users. I have translated the ACSPro hypertext to English. It is fully translated minus the changelogs (history) section which doesn't affect use of the program and I can't be bothered to do. The translated English hypertext is attached. I made a thread in the coding section over at the other forum discussing ACSPro and the examples included in the hypertext. It has links to the software needed to get ACSPro up and running. It can be found here if you want a closer look: https://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=39030 I hope you find the documentation useful and please let me know if you find any typos or errors. ACS3HYP.zip
  7. 200 in front of me. @Albert? You are my only hope (sorry Star Wars reference).
  8. Ya know, "Hey guys production proceeding....distribution to follow"...Albert "anticipating product soon...looking good" I don't know, whatever...look at updates for products like gcloader, psio, etc....even krikzz's products. It would be nice to keep us informed and in the loop. I get it, it's up to the ppl involved. Guess I'm just used to the information stream from other developers and distributors.
  9. Uh, yeah, I get it with the pandemic, but why not say that? And no money changing hands doesn't preclude information. No, not complaining @Sauron. Just some communication would be appreciated. Silence and crickets other than UK orders.
  10. eh and lol, I get it but not exactly what I was looking for. Ya know, maybe some more transparency from the developer and/or Albert? Manufacturing update...distributor roadmap, time frames. I mean, where are we at with usa distribution? Not pushing, but man this is like a black box....nothing coming out information-wise.
  11. Down over 3 weeks now. Wow, I hope it is up soon.
  12. @rensoup Yeah this project is doing awesome. Can't wait for the final result. This is going to be a milestone for the Atari 8-bit platform.
  13. Any news/updates on GD availability for us USA customers?
  14. I'm interested in the 4MByte expansion. My current one is the Marpet and it has that long cable piggy-backed to the mmu. Your design is cleaner, but the manual says the existing ram must not be removed. My 520ST has the ram removed and the Marpet works fine. Yours works differently?
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