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  1. Great, I hope you will take the time to archive the disks and upload the software here.
  2. Here is a link to the scp disks of Captive I made from my own disks. Maybe they can help? https://www.dropbox.com/s/hejryxy59c8iawe/[SCP-Atari ST] Captive(Mindscape)(1990)(2d)(5r).7z?dl=1
  3. Yeah that is weird. I bought some things from him years ago and paid with money order. They were shipped within a week and arrived in good condition. However, if I encountered what you did, I would surely back away also.
  4. Good to see you back on the topic. This was one of my most anticipated releases so I am glad to hear it may be finished. Good luck!
  5. You're on a roll! Good job and thanks for archiving!
  6. Interested in a cart version also. Looking good.
  7. Thanks for the software archives. It's great to see all efforts at preservation.
  8. Here's version 1.0. Not sure what version you are looking for. Partner_ST.zip
  9. I've been trying these games out under Steem SSE 4.1.0 and most of them are working really well. There are many, many games and a menu of some sort would be nice. There is one over on the atari-forum that might work (it runs from the AUTO folder), but maybe you are making your own menu program in the iTOS ROM? https://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?p=295296#p295296 Also, games that save their progress like Dungeon Master, Captive, Knightmare, etc. - can these be saved to the hard disk or do they need a floppy drive and floppy?
  10. Oh yeah, forgot about the 2-chip boards. Mine is 6-chip so no modifications.
  11. Great work! An amazing achievement to put all the adaptations you have done for 14 years on one image. Btw, iTOS is highly recommended. There are many improvements over regular TOS -like having the TOS 2.06 AES (desktop) in TOS 1.04 ROMs with no hardware adapter needed. You can see it here: http://8bitchip.info/atari/tosimprgu.html
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