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  1. Wow, these went off my radar for a while. Hope they get a final release sometime. The Public betas are great fun!
  2. Nice! Seems to work ok in NTSC mode...just a little faster speed. Hope any finished version if done supports this.
  3. The engine looks really good. Physics are very nice.
  4. Fantastic, the level editor is shaping up nicely. Thanks for all the work you guys are doing!
  5. Oh, I mistakenly thought the wiki had an error, but it turned out the wiki was correct on setting of the jumpers. The jumpers are set depending on the type of eproms that are used. I think there is a mirror of the wiki somewhere, but webarchive also has it here: https://web.archive.org/web/20150608101908/http://www.atari-wiki.com/?title=STE_TOS_Upgrade
  6. I use MagiC in ROM also with Quad-TOS and it works great: http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=27702&p=294569&hilit=magic+in+rom#p294569
  7. Yeah, it just seemed several users piled on so quick...group responses can suppress the individual quickly (echo chambers and such). Eh, cranky and obnoxious for us old-timers (we're all getting there) isn't so much a sin oy vey lol. Maybe there is some history here I'm not aware of...anyway it won't tarnish my opinion of yourself or phaeron..you are class acts. Maybe he should have provided more detailed info...I'm guilty of that also in some of my help requests or bug reports..my brain is slowly turning to mush being over 50 haha.
  8. Uh, what am I reading here? So he had a question and was rebuffed then everything fell apart. I don't know Alfred, but why dump on the guy? I didn't see his attitude as particularly "shitty". Agreed, the one post he made was pissy, but so what? Are we becoming so milksop we can't tolerate someone frustrated with a little bad attitude? Yes, defense force and piling one chased him away and that's not a good thing. And I say that with great respect for Jon and Phaeron! Free speech doesn't mean we always agree with what is said, but the person is still a human being.
  9. Yes, it would be good to get this driver on https://www.dev-docs.org/docs/ Right now Lonny has 1.7a version up.
  10. This was one of my favorite games back in the day. I really hope they put the sequel on Atari.
  11. I am using 1.04i and the floppy drive works fine. I still use floppies sometimes so this is important to me. Btw, your idea for fluorescent boot colors is hideous.
  12. Thanks to Peter I received the image files and have burned my new TOSi ROMS. No problem booting up and I like the boot screen: And it works with my VoFa adapter in high resolution: Looking forward to trying some of the advanced features. Nice work by a great Atarian!
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